Reviews for In the Details by SunsetMiko

Indie (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 Apr 2010

*giggles* Yep.. So typical of InuYasha. But I love how you turned it all around. One really should pay attention to details. I always enjoy your works, and this one had me laughing at the end.

Angelicatt (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Mar 2010

Ahh Sunset, why do you love to torture the hanyou so? I guess he does deserve it for all his boneheaded ways. As for Kagome & Sess...well, the way you always write those two, it begs to wonder why RT didn't do that in the first place. It's obvious they are way better together. ;)

Akay (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Mar 2010

This was sent to me as a 'pick-me-up' and it absolutely worked.  I loved it. That was so funny. Sesshoumaru and Kagome telling him they didn't only to say that they were indeed about to had me dying laughing. Thank you for a good read.

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

This was total awsomeness, Inuyasha was just so clueless:D, im still holding my sides from laughing so hard at the conclusion...I love your work, and while this stands on its own just fine, I would love it if you ever found time to write a continuation. I can't wait to read more of your work in the future:D

Scherherazade (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

A very funny little one-shot.  Yasha can be so dense sometimes.

Sessylove219 (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

This is a very cute little scene, as always. I am always excited to see your work. I love your style. Poor Inuyasha. Thise is just great. I hope to see more of your stuff in the future. You have some really great stuff out there, and I really love your short stories (drabbles, oneshots, etc) as much as I love your larger stuff (The Syndrome, She Whom the Prophecy Fortold, etc). Keep up the good work!

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Sat 27 Mar 2010

Very nice drabble, though I doubt it will happen with as much as you've got on your plate, I would love to see this continued.  Either way, it was another great read from you :).

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