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Rowdys girl (Chapter 25) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Tenchi!!!!!! I love it! I was remembering your story recently and thinking how much I missed reading your work. I love that you're still writing, and very good writing it is, too.

bookgirl813 (Chapter 24) - Sat 13 Jun 2015

I really love your writing style and the beautiful character of Shun you created.  The write their relationship so well including all of the stops and starts of typcial marriages.  Things aren't' always going to be perfect, and you capture that in your tales involving these three.

I miss your stories and hope that some time you might find the time or the inclination to write again.  I know that real life gets in the way as well as different pasttimes and understand that Inuyasha Fanfiction is probably not your priority.

Thank you for sharing your writing.

lara (Chapter 24) - Sun 06 Mar 2011

I just finished reading this  & now I have so many questions about stuff that I'm confused about. I know in your story as soon as they defeated Naraku & the Jewel was completed/restored & purified  Kagome was sent back to the modern era but you never mentioned what happened to the jewel. Did it vanish?? Did it return to Kagome's body??

I always wondered about the Jewel itself because the jewel had a will of it's own. From the the time the Jewel was created it was  constantly cared for by Miko's or taken by demons or humans for the power it gave them but because of the immense Power & Will of the Jewel of 4 soul (or within the jewel) unless the being that possessed it was more powerful than the Jewel itself & could keep it untainted ,subdued .....basically they needed to be strong enough so that their own power overshadowed the power & turmoil within the jewel & the only one who had that much inner power  was Kagome but somehow the evil within the Jewel must have sensed the immense smothering power of Kagome & the evil  spirit within the Jewel sealed Kagome's true power until Sessh defeated it & unleashed all of her innate power & abilities..

 When Kikyo was given the Jewel to guard the Shikon had already been around for over 500 yrs & appeared as a powerful jewel but within the jewel was a constant battle of good vs evil...Kikyo may have appeared as a powerful priestess on the outside because she was well trained & she killed every youkai on sight until but when she was given the task of Guardian of the Shikon & every power hungry being(human,youkai,dark miko,etc) was after the Jewel,her,her village, her family it seems started thinking...'is this all my life will be from now on...just fighting,killing,protecting always looking over her shoulder & then she met Inuyasha a hanyou & when they spoke she found he wanted the Shikon because being half human & half demon he  didn't belong anywhere...demons & humans hated him & as she got to know him she saw him as someone lonely & in him she found her own  selfish desire to use the Jewel,she gave him a choice..if he was willing to become full human instead full demon. She only saw her own freedom with a different future.

I don't know why I went on that little tangent sorry about that but it always annoyed me that they never showed that kikyo undead had power but that was from Kagome's soul fragment & only represented a miniscule amount.

did Kagome have to make a wish on the jewel to release Mikdoriko's soul & free her,an unselfish/pure wish ?? could Midoriko have been wished free & then the powerful  'Jewel of the 4 Souls ' still exists & need a  guardian & return to her body ???

how are Miroko & Sango still alive 500 years later???

& Rin is still alive also but is she Mated to Shippo????

I was also thinking that if Kagome,being a powerful miko or the Shikon Miko could birth full blooded youkai pups/kits of the father & they would have her Miko power also making them extremely powerful then it would be perfect for Sessh as they were in love it's just an added bonus....I don't know if he's the last pure bred Inu Youkai/Tai Youkai but when you consider that Shun is the last  of ??snow leopard youkai??    I'd love to see her have some pups or kits from both of them...I hope you do more with these characters cause I love them & I'm looking forward to more. I only wish I would have found your writing sooner.

I hope you haven't stopped I'll be hopeful & look forward to more 

Rowdys girl (Chapter 24) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

Tenchi, you know I love this series. Your characters are so warm and caring and real. It's hard not to believe that somewhere there's a compound where youkai actually live.

TruGemini (Chapter 24) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

Awwww, so she lost the baby. I know she was looking forward to it and so were they. Hopefully it will eventually work out for her.


kori (Chapter 23) - Thu 04 Mar 2010

I completly understand, my 10 yr old loves that song, she has found nearly every youtube video with it, from halo to these dancing doll things. I have nightmares with this song in it, that and the stupid Gummy Bear song, that one makes me lose it just like Sesshoumaru




Time on my hands (Chapter 23) - Thu 04 Mar 2010

This was absolutely hilarious. Poor Sess. But if you really wanted to torture him, you should have given everyone this link:


Embarrassment factor alone equals a 10.

Love your story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

TruGemini (Chapter 23) - Wed 03 Mar 2010

ROFLMAO!!! Oh that was completely hilarious! I can't wait to see what will haappen next!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 22) - Mon 04 Jan 2010

Tenchi, this series is wonderful. Every vignette was...enthralling. I had to read all 21 chapters, interupted only by the time I spent reading Super Bowl. Both of these stories MUST be continued. You have to keep writing these for the rest of your life! LOL! Not too stalkerish, am I. Really, you have an amazing ability to create characters that are all too real in their foibles and follies, as well as their nobility. They are characters who are easy to believe in and love. Such a wonderful gift to share with all of us.

TruGemini (Chapter 22) - Sun 03 Jan 2010

Ha ha!! So we will be having a little Sesshomaru soon. I remember from three chapters back that Sess was determined to get her pregnant. As first mate, he gets first heir. Love it!

autumngold (Chapter 21) - Fri 04 Dec 2009

Nice update to your story!  I'm glad that Kagome and Sesshoumaru are so close that they can use each other's powers.  Does this mean that Kagome can use Sesshoumaru's too?  That could be fun!  Thank you for the new post!

knifethrower (Chapter 21) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

I love this reality you have created.  I was so happy to see a new chapter.  Then I was really happy while I was reading it.  But I'm already desperate for the next update...  It would make me really happy if you just sat around and worked on this ALL THE TIME. 

TruGemini (Chapter 21) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

Wow! that was cool...a fusion of Sess and Kag's powers. They are right though, Inuyasha is more trouble than he is worth. Whatever is causing the problem, he needs to snap out of it.

TruGemini (Chapter 20) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

why does he keep seeing Kikyo? what memory is being triggered? I think Inuyasha may stay locked up for a while. I must say tenchi, that one pulled at me.

autumngold (Chapter 20) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

What a sad update!  I wish that Kagome could understand why Sesshoumaru didn't want her to go.  Please let her apologize to Sesshoumaru for what she said and for doubting his knowledge.  He deserves to know she didn't mean it!  Hope you post again soon.

knifethrower (Chapter 19) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

How did I miss this chapter?  It must have slipped right by me...  Beautiful writing.  I read a fanfic a long time ago, I think it was a Miroku/Kagome, that went into a lot of detail about the way they made ink in the feudal era, and I was fascinated to read your lovely description of Kagome buying such a unique present for her mates.  That was very imaginative and beautiful.  The description (which was sparse, but contained just enough detail to draw a picture in my mind) of the shrine, the pine trees and the deer was very evocative.  And the musical road as well.  Now I also want to try to make black squid ink noodles.  That was just such a beautiful, evocative chapter.

knifethrower (Chapter 20) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

Powerful!  So easy to think of InuYasha as a puppy!  But in those first episodes of the anime he was really scary. 

Honey00 (Chapter 20) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

I think miss know-it-all Kagome owes her mate an apology. Mabye next chapter?

I thought she was going to get knocked up a few chapters back.

autumngold (Chapter 19) - Mon 23 Nov 2009

Yet again Sesshoumaru proves to be the better mate.  While it was probably easier for him to trust Kagome because Shin was following her, he still trusted her.  Shin was busy getting jealous of older males, this after he didn't believe Kagome about what was going on with one of his friends, and getting beat up by his bike.  He really doesn't deserve the backrub.  Thanks for the new story!

TruGemini (Chapter 19) - Mon 23 Nov 2009

Hahahahaha! Poor Shun! Kagome always knows. This was a really cute chapter.

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