Reviews for Malefactions by Sora-chan

Starlyte (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Apr 2009

And the winner for the stupidist tantrum ever....Sesshomaru!!

Spray painting a house, because she cancelled lunch? I thought that was hillarious!!!! I started reading this and i couldn't wait to get to the end, just to see what he did, never actually thought of spray painting!LoL

Really liked it, short, to the point, and light hearted!! Well Done!!

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Apr 2009
*imagines Sesshoumaru spray painting a house* that is funny...kudos for the idea....i really liked it!!!

Smittee (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Apr 2009

Tres, tres bien!  I was very amused. I liked it. ^.^ Thanks for taking up the challenge too. Good to know someone did.  Good Job!

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