Reviews for Thanks Nobo! by Sora-chan

MontiK (Chapter 1) - Fri 10 Apr 2009

Aww! This is so sweet for Nobo! I loved it! *click to put on her favs* The fit she throws when the server fails is hilarious! and all the smut being a dream was totally unexpected o.o Awesome oneshot! *huggles*


NOBO! (Chapter 1) - Fri 10 Apr 2009
Sora that was wonderful! I wish my escapades in server fixing resembled that! IT was funny and so great. HOW DID YOU KNOW I DREAMED ABOUTH THE SERVER GOING DOWN BEFORE IT DID?????? ANd i do have spliy ends! I lvoe it great job!

Tana_san (Chapter 1) - Fri 10 Apr 2009
How often can one say that they can actually make their dream come true? My dreams are uusually in places unknown but oh so perfect to have such an encounter. Great little thank you fic and yes, we all were going through a panic and as the action to fix the server was so quickly attained, we didn't have to go through Dokuga withdrawals. Believe me, I live my life entirely around this world of fanfiction and I am no stranger to withdrawals of any kind and they are not pleasant in the least. Thank you Nobody for your dedication to keep us entertained. JEN

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