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Is the spell really going to work?

Maybe it won't work for some reason and sesshomaru and her will continue?


Esus (Chapter 4) - Mon 01 Nov 2010

Surprising twist at the end, good job catching your readers off-guard. Doesn't mean I liked it, since the spell that canceled their bond placed his heart (love?) with another. So it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for him to ever return to Kagome through a gradual, more logical/realistic relationship. Even though I didn't really enjoy where you took it at the end, the story itself was well-done and I offer my congrats on a nice job.

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WHA?!?!? That damn well better not be the end there, girl. Or I'll be coming after you!!!

InuYoukai_Goddess (Chapter 3) - Wed 18 Feb 2009
story is awesome. enough said

TruGemini (Chapter 3) - Fri 30 Jan 2009
Ahhh...If only spells actually worked that way. Love the story though, especially Sess appearing in dog form first. I really liked how you entwined that in there.

Fluffy Lady (Chapter 3) - Fri 30 Jan 2009

Soo.... the end leads me to think she's accepted the idea and is going to have some fun with it? lol. cute.

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Rrrr!  Excellent fic.  I sort of hope the rating goes up, but even if it doesn't, I hope you update with the next chapter soon!

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Oh!! I can't wait to read more of your amazing story!!! Plz update soon!! =^.^=

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That was so good! Can't wait for the next chapters! ;)

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ooh.. what's going to happen next??

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*squees in delight* FLUFFY-SAMA. Seriously, you just made my day. That was adorably cheesy (in such a good way), and definitely put a smile on my face. 

Thanks for sharing!

I'm off to go find out if that spell works for me. ;)


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