thelittlegerman (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 Mar 2021

I had trouble for a little while finding something worthwhile to read. See, I have been on this site for probably close to 5 years (maybe more) and thought I have read all the greats this site has to offer. So after going through so many of my previously read favorites, I decided to try my luck with some new stories. And boy am I glad I stumbled upon this one. Seriously - I devoured this story. I love it. For me, It`s up there with classics from Demonlordlover or Rinseternalsoul. Your storytelling and pacing are great, you character development well thought out and I personally really enjoyed the romance. I am a sucker for it, you see. :D After reading it, I actually binged every story you have on here. And I really like them all. I especially enjoy that while some aspects (e.g. the romance, soulmates and in some cases gods) are similar, all your stories are fundamentally different in plot. As it should be, of course. But it seems like you like challenging yourself and never doing the exact same thing twice. Which I certainly appreciate! Long story short - loved it. All of it. Keep it coming, please!

Orchidaceae (Chapter 1) - Mon 22 Feb 2021

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