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Shastuhh (Chapter 6) - Wed 03 Mar 2021

Awwhh, it was beautiful!! Im sad it is ending but its another great story you have written. Its so wholesome and full of feeling

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Wed 03 Mar 2021

That was a nice chapter although I wished Sesshomaru would have done more harm than good to Hiten cutting off air supply doesn't count.  Can't wait for an update....

Jelena Lee (Chapter 5) - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Asdfghjkl what a treasure. Amazing, spectacular, what a treat. The characterizations, the plot, JINEJI'S, I love everything. Just wanted to leave a comment saying that I think you're great and your story's neat!!

hw (Chapter 5) - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Omg! This is so good! Love the battle with Naraku and how it plays out. And love how forthright Sesshoumaru is when declaring his intentions with Kagome. it's great to read more about the relationship between Kagome, Kagura, and Koga (and his pack). Such a nice loyal crew! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Wed 24 Feb 2021

Wow that was some little steam going on there....  lol Loved how Kagura and Koga are protrayed in this story along with the twins.  Now thqt fight scene was spectacular loved it....  I can't wait to read more update soon.

ChillinVillin (Chapter 5) - Wed 24 Feb 2021

ohh you and your cliff hangers! That was an excellent chapter. I love the way you've depicted Kagura and Kagome's relationship. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Shastuhh (Chapter 5) - Wed 24 Feb 2021

Sageeee!! Whyyy??? Lol, ngl I loved the club part Sesshomaru is all like we should leave then when she finally deems it he is like nopee sorryyy lol

Shastuhh (Chapter 4) - Thu 18 Feb 2021

Children always know. Lol goodness i can't wait fir the next update 

ChillinVillin (Chapter 4) - Wed 17 Feb 2021

Rin being convinced that Kagome is her mother is so sweet that I could die.
I love that you've included the Thunder Brothers as well! I can't wait fir The "things" in the next chapter. Hehe.



hw (Chapter 4) - Wed 17 Feb 2021

Soooo close! Argh! ;) Maybe next time Sesshoumaru! 


Rin and Souten being friends is a cute development. Looking forward to seeing how their playdates go. But mostly, I dying to find out how Kagome and Sesshoumaru's Friday night goes! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Thu 11 Feb 2021

Oh that was a wonderful chapter, I like how Sesshomaru slowly keeps putting himself in Kagome's life and when it hits them boy how close they've become they'll deny it...  LOL boy Rin has her hands full....  Heeheehe  Love the story.  Update soon.

hw (Chapter 3) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Yay! Another wonderful story by a wonderful author. I really appreciate the attention you put on character development and how you let the readers discover details about the characters as the characters themselves do in the story. Loving Kagura here and of course Rin. And love how the trust is building between Kags and Sess. 

As usual, can't wait for more chapters! Will Sesshoumaru actually go out and brave the clubs with Kagome, Kagura, and Kouga? Or will he convince Kagome to chill at home? Has Rin made friends at school? Will shippo make an appearance? Inquiring minds want to know! lol!

ChillinVillin (Chapter 3) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Oh man I love this! I can't wait to see them interact in a club scenario. Please update soon!

Mecca (Chapter 3) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

I'm so enjoying the soft development of their relationship, although it is hard for me to picture either Kagome or Sesshoumaru going to the club lol Spending time with the nanny gettin tipsyyy hehe I'm joking but that would be funny...... ;) 

Shastuhh (Chapter 3) - Tue 09 Feb 2021

What is one more line inteed, thanks again for the update. I love how you are able to translate the uneasiness and the feelings through your words. I love the story but at this point I love everything you do. 

Neelixonee (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Feb 2021

Absolutely love this story.  Sesshoumaru seems like such a good dude.

Nilee1 (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Feb 2021

I love your storytelling so much. I get so wrapped up that I forget it's a chapter FanFiction and not a novel. Imagine my disappointment when I cannot turn to the next metaphoric page :-)

Mel (Chapter 2) - Tue 02 Feb 2021

Absolutely awesome! Love their dynamic

Dark Farie (Chapter 2) - Tue 02 Feb 2021

So bloody cute!!!!!!!???? I can't wait for the next chapter!????????

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 Jan 2021

Hoy me hooked <3 I need fluffiness in my life with these three xDD Thank you for sharing your work~ Hope to see more soon!! 


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