Reviews for A Real Man by Saholia

Aimee Blue (Chapter 3) - Mon 28 Dec 2009

Love it, what a way to steal gummy bears! I need to find something he wants and hold it ransom, see if he employs the same technique *evil giggle*

black moon inu (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Jan 2009
LMAO Well poor Kagome she can't keep a hold of her food it seems. -wave bye to the gummy bears- Wow seshoumaru is sneaky I like. lol Now Kagome just has to get him back for that. Oh the naughty things that run through my head it's sad really. OH I just got a great idea for you if you want to hear it you can message me here or on ff. I'm evil. Ok I lied I can't keep it to myself. tease him with a sweet candy then pop it in her mouth and smirk. oh the I'm a little crazy. hugs and puppies

Priestess Skye (Chapter 3) - Thu 25 Dec 2008

These stories are sweet and seductive. awesome work!

Cheebers McGee (Chapter 3) - Thu 25 Dec 2008


black moon inu (Chapter 2) - Wed 19 Nov 2008
oh what a naughty naughty sesshoumaru I LOVE IT! lol sorry but i really do like this the whole can i try your shake and then turns it into trying it right from her mouth lol im in heaven whith this. I hope you post more soon. hugs and puppies

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