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Valasaurus (Chapter 15) - Wed 03 Mar 2021

Drat, I was hoping one of them would wisen up and confess! the shyness is killing me!

Young Kagome (Chapter 15) - Mon 01 Mar 2021

Thank you for clearing that up lmao my goofy ass still thought it was someone else. I'm so happy to see you update! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 15) - Mon 01 Mar 2021

That was a great chapter....  Sesshomaru needs to hear Kagome fighting with Inu Yasha to know and understand just how much Kagome loves him that she feels her love is unrequited because he loves someone else.  Right there would be the declaration he needed to hear.  But you're the author so I'll let you write what you need to.  Update soon.

Mecca (Chapter 14) - Mon 15 Feb 2021

Noooo please, I hope Kags figured out how to help Sess before it's too late! >.<

SmilingFool (Chapter 14) - Fri 12 Feb 2021

Ah no, why did he have to flee why didn't he tell Kagome....  Ichika could have held on for a while longer without  Kagome because she needed to get to Sesshomaru.  Now you say angst it makes me sad you want to kill him off damn this is killing me....  I hope Kagome goes and finds him.

Valasaurus (Chapter 14) - Fri 12 Feb 2021

Thank you for the early valentines gift!

I truly hope in the end he doesn't die just because he didn't speak up

Nilee1 (Chapter 14) - Fri 12 Feb 2021

You mean more angst don't you? 
What am I missing about the color scheme of the ogi bira kanzashi?

I do love this story!

Young Kagome (Chapter 14) - Thu 11 Feb 2021

Aww poor thing. I was expecting an attack or something you scared me!! I loved it! 

Momoro (Chapter 14) - Thu 11 Feb 2021

You make me feel so much emotionally!!! I love it though lol can't wait for the angst. Hopefully a happy ending though!!! I'm addicted lol

Reverent Moonlight (Chapter 14) - Thu 11 Feb 2021

This story hurts in the most beautiful way possible. 

Jade (Chapter 13) - Sun 07 Feb 2021

This is SOOOOO GOOD! This is the first hanahaki I've come across in this pairing and it's SO well written  I'm in love with it! Keep up the excellent work! 

April (Chapter 13) - Fri 05 Feb 2021

Next chapter please

SmilingFool (Chapter 13) - Fri 05 Feb 2021

Oh wow she kicked but and showed her friends she is not a wilted flower but a bloom of deadly petals.  I'm glad Kagome tore into Inu Yasha he deserves everything dishes out.  I hope Kagome understands now that her heart is free to love Sesshomaru fully if only he'd tell her how he fills so she knew his love wasn't for someone else.  I admit Kagome can be nieve.  I can't wait for the next chapter this story rocks.

Valasaurus (Chapter 13) - Fri 05 Feb 2021

This chapter has left me feeling mighty daft. Does she know that she's the one he longs for?


also exc to see what Sess gift to her is.

Iris (Chapter 12) - Tue 26 Jan 2021

Yay! Finally got an explanation about Kagome's part in the birth of the heir! Also, love the story pacing so far.

Young Kagome (Chapter 12) - Mon 25 Jan 2021

I'm getting major Virgin Mary vibes lol. So does Ichiro have any of Ichika in him? Was Kagome just the surrogate? Sango is out of pocket. What made Inuyasha think she was sleeping with Sesshomaru? Did he know how much time she spent with him or was he off doing his thing barely noticing? Why did he let her stay so long with Sesshomaru in the first place? I guess I'll find out as the story progresses! Please update soon! 

Valasaurus (Chapter 12) - Mon 25 Jan 2021

Kagome is more oblivious than anything. I alwa look forward to a new chapter!

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Mon 25 Jan 2021

Oh that was a fun chapter loved it....  I knew I was right but the how of it I didn't know until now....  I'm glad Kagome's the technicasl mother makes more sense.  As for Sango I wish I could pop her in the mouth such a dear friend that one always ready to accuse who needs an enemy oh yeah Inu Yasha should be one with his actions and hope to take Kagome as a mate.  Hope she's smart enought to smack him and anyone else that roots for it to happen.  Poor Shippo always getting caught up in these kinds of things hopefully he'll understand.  I do hope Kagome figures out that Sesshomaru love's her and not someone else before he fall ill further.  Update soon.

April (Chapter 11) - Fri 22 Jan 2021

This is really good, love it. Please update soon.

nicole (Chapter 11) - Sat 09 Jan 2021

I'm lost

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