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Valasaurus (Chapter 6) - Fri 20 Nov 2020

im loving and hating the mystery haze on the detail. >w< I know it'll all swim together as the story goes on but it leaves me craving morrreeeeeeee

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Thu 19 Nov 2020

Oh man that was a great chapter.... I can't believe Sesshomaru never told Kagome and I can't believe Sango thinks less of Kagome for ditching Inu Yasha of course she would he oh right can't say that...  Now she has to deal with all three of them trying to get her to go back...  I'd say hell no and kick them to the curb.  Thanks to Shippo they'll be delayed and Miroku for giving her the answer to what Sesshomaru needs.  If she believes it...  Update soon can't wait to read more

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 6) - Thu 19 Nov 2020

Awww... This was so cute. I loved how Kagome is taking care of Sesshomaru. Mmm... I'm curious about this other miko.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 5) - Wed 18 Nov 2020

Oh, Lord! Come on Sesshomaru, this isn't the best moments to have a medical crisis.

Sora-chan (Chapter 5) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

Ooh this is so good!

YES why WAS she gifted with the gazebo? isn't that also the ten months she spent in the south with the smoke lillies and lust thing? 

Also, how comes he didn't cough up a flower this time? is it cause his strain didn't have anything to do with Kags?

I need to knnooow

And of course Sango would have these super regressive ideals, it was the 'common knowlege' of the time afterall. We do forget that a lot of the time, it just makes sense that Sango would just be this badass feminist before knowing what feminism was, but alas.

My mind is going fifteen miles a minute, i can't wait for your next update.

Valasaurus (Chapter 5) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

I wonder when she'll truly figure out what is ailing him, and even how she'll react knowing it's her?

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 5) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

This is a fascinating story. A little OOC at times but not in an unenjoyable way. Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 4) - Sat 07 Nov 2020

At least someone dares to talk about what's wrong with Sesshomaru. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Wed 04 Nov 2020

Oh wow so sad everyone is keeping his illness a secret....  I hope Kagome finds out in time...  And truly kicks Inu Yasha to the curb for trying to marry her because of her relationship to Sesshomaru was growing.....  Such a stubbon mule that one...  At least Miroku will shed some light hopefully.



Valasaurus (Chapter 4) - Wed 04 Nov 2020

Secret poetry meh? >u> im already liking his approach  

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 3) - Tue 27 Oct 2020

So... Ichiro’s mother is there! Well, that was a surprise but I'm ok with that cuz she didn't look like some crazy bitch. 

Valasaurus (Chapter 3) - Tue 27 Oct 2020

Hmmm I wonder now that you bring it up how ichiro's mother feels about kagome's coddling

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 2) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

Hanahaki? Oh! I didn't know about that. I'm very curious about that sickness. I can't wait to see more.

Shereise (Chapter 2) - Sun 18 Oct 2020

Yes! I love the set-up for this one! This is already a great read!

Mecca (Chapter 2) - Sun 18 Oct 2020

I'm so curious as to how Sess got to be a dad to that cute little moonbeam. I'm totally going to call my baby daughter that now haha! I'm dying to know what happens next! Is this gonna be a slow burn or a wildfire? <3

Valasaurus (Chapter 2) - Sun 18 Oct 2020

i has to look up hanahaki - and now I'm thrice as interested to see how this story plays out!!

Rene Pope (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Oct 2020

Interesting opening, looking forward to seeing more. -Rene

Nilee1 (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Oct 2020

I'm hooked. Update soon, please.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Oct 2020

It was a very interesting first chapter. I can't imagine what kind of health problem has Sesshomaru. 

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Oct 2020

Lovi Nd this first chapter! I think I'm going to love your OC as well! 

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