Inuaddict (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Sep 2020

I love this already. More please!!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

That was such asn unique plot line of the story which I enjoyed reading.  What it must be like to have your senses overwhelmed shaken to a point that you lose yourself.  I feel for the sentinals, a question though.  They are yokai? or just something else?  This has me piqued and trying to come up with other ways of distraction is killing me to the point of I need to know... LOL  Anyways I would like to read more of your story.  Loved it update soon.

Amelia (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Ahhhhh you're back! I need more!

susie (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

i reviewed on the other site, but i just want to say here how much i like how you've built the characters so far.  I'm not familiar with this type of AU, but it is very compelling.  I can't wait to see how those two react to one another.  Thanks for writing!

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