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SmilingFool (Chapter 35) - Sat 06 Mar 2021

That was awesome....   Loved it Kaze is one thunderous God...  lol pun intended..  I enjoyed the look of horror upon Kagome's face...  Update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 34) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

i didn't care for this chapter, much too far back before Kagome's time but still a good chapter.

SmilingFool (Chapter 33) - Tue 02 Feb 2021

Oh damn poor Kagome always getting caught in situations she cannot control just yet....  Hopefully someone will train her.  So the dragons were lording over the west before the dogs took over...  Wonder what Sesshomaru will think about that.  OMG Izayoi actually appeared to help Kagome does this mean that she cannnot be saved by Tensaiga if she should perish a second time?  Update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 32) - Tue 26 Jan 2021

Ah man just when you think he's being nice he does a 360 showing how much of an ass he is....  LoL can't be mad at someone for not knowing about their anatomy how is she to learn if he doesn't teach her...  lol   I like Kaze he's straight forward and love's to pick on Sesshomaru.

kurapika_stan (Chapter 31) - Mon 11 Jan 2021

Wow! Another amazing chapter!! I haven't even realized I got to chapter 31 so quickly. I enjoy the way you manage to really bring the story together theoug the flashback scenes and having the Gods talk to their reincarnations. I wonder if Yama will ever discover the truth and if this new development will affect the new Sesshomaru and Kagome friendship/allyship. Once again, great story and keep up the great work.

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 30) - Wed 06 Jan 2021

Holy Cow! Hooked. I did t even realize I made it to chapter 30 so quickly ! I suspected that Kaze had not so pure intentions but the jealousy of a woman who has been reincarnated abandoned multiple times sounds  straight ludicrous! He needs to let her go lol butfor the purpose of this story omg what will Kagome do with this information. What will Yama do if/when she is no longer "asleep". I'm eager to find out. Thank you for an incredible read! Happy New Year!

kanie (Chapter 30) - Mon 04 Jan 2021

Man your story is really good. If my writing skills were as good as yours, I would be so happy. My English and grammar not good so I can't go into lots of detail like yours. anyway, midoriko I think is misinformed about Kazu. I mean someone who is going out of his way for his lover can't just betray her. Theirs a third party behind this misconception, plus I can't see Yama betraying her lover either to sleep with a human and get pregnant. That attack she dreamt while running seems like Inuyasha. But great update, can't wait to read more.



Esso Bluebear (Chapter 28) - Wed 23 Dec 2020

seriously.... girlfriend ur writing skills, thought process on this story is absolutely brilliant!!!! each moment just takes my breath away. i cannot wait for next update please.

Esso Bluebear (Chapter 22) - Wed 23 Dec 2020

Fucking A Brittany!!! My heart is cyring.... these love stories across time always seems to be the saddest. "clutching the missing string"... seriously dude.... ughhh my gods, its like how can one be in love with the moon when you cannot even reach it. 

So glad that i waited until there are more chapters to read. well done girlfriend. i love it!!! thank you and merry christmas!!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 27) - Wed 16 Dec 2020

Wow great chapter they are coming up with clues but not putting them together yet.....  I have a feeling things will be tense in the coming chapters which is a good sign.....   lol  update soon

SmilingFool (Chapter 25) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

That was a great chapter I can't believe Inu Yasha saved him...  Now what about the clues and hints both found out...   update soon

Tilayha (Chapter 24) - Mon 02 Nov 2020

Yay InuYasha!! I do so prefer him being a good guy

SmilingFool (Chapter 23) - Thu 29 Oct 2020

Hahaha  She got what she deserves, I knew it, she was helping him take down the Higurashi's why I don't know but he wanted what they had and that included Kagome.  Hopefully Sango gets to Sota before the men harm him...  

SmilingFool (Chapter 22) - Tue 27 Oct 2020

Poor Sesshomaru's beast he Knows Kagome is his lost loves reincarnation but the logical side refuses to believe it....  Love the firefly...  great chapter....

SmilingFool (Chapter 21) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

Wow that was a great chapter.... Too bad kagome's afraid of the jewel....  such a privledged brat lol... Anyways why is Hana friends with onigumo?  He's not Naraku yet...  oh boy ol'boy...  can't wait to read the next chatper...   update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 20) - Fri 25 Sep 2020

Wow that was an exciting chapter.....  Sota was found by Hana, things should be okay on his end Sesshomaru well he's not happy having a God as himself and to be neutral towards Kagome seeing how she was his former love.  boy could this get any better.....  lol loved it.  Oh and Jakken's authority over the servants that's a kicker....  lol...


Update soon.

Esso Bluebear (Chapter 19) - Sun 20 Sep 2020

Brittany!!!! Girlfriend! This is amazing. I am so wrapped up in this intense storyline. I cannot wait for next updates! Thank You for sharing this amazbig piece with us!

Walter205 (Chapter 19) - Thu 17 Sep 2020

 I'm liking the story so far, an interesting take with the characters and setting. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 19) - Thu 17 Sep 2020

Oh wow how sad....  now Kagome must find a way to her past self at least its not kikyo....  Which leaves us back to Sota and what he will do to get his parents back...


SmilingFool (Chapter 17) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

Oh my poor Sota sad to know he lost his sister and now his parents.  Were they pirates or was it Naraku's doing?  Can't wait to read more..  Update soon.

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