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Lauren (Chapter 65) - Mon 22 Feb 2021

I've finally caught up. I don't know why, but this reads as a last chapter. They've resolved almost everything, new friends have been introduced, and Kagome has finally come forward to tell Sesshomaru about what happened during her imprisonment. The PTSD won't fade quite as quickly, but they have centuries to work through that.


Is it really just an epilogue that's left? I wonder if you'll have Sesshomaru be kind in his punishment? And what about Run and Shippo? There's so much and yet so little to cover. 


Hope you're doing well and having a peaceful new year.

Lauren (Chapter 65) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Great chapter. I'm glad that Kagome finally shared what happened with Soon. Holding onto that wasn't helping her at all. Maybe now it'll be easier for her to cope. 


I don't know why but that chapter felt like an of all that was left was an epilogue to tie everything off. Bit we still have the trial and to find out Aion's fate, don't we? Plus Inuyasha, Milky, and Sango have kind of been placed on the back burner. They haven't even finished their search, meaning there is still an active threat.


Hoping you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and New Years. 

Lauren (Chapter 64) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

This was a sweet chapter. Kagome made new friends and Aliro was able to show his appreciation despite the time they've been apart. It's great that Kagome is going to put the effort in to speak to Sesshomaru about the dragons.

Hello.Sinner (Chapter 51) - Sat 28 Nov 2020

I love this story so much, and honestly I'm a die hard Sessh kag fan, but I fell in love with akito and honestly I coukd see akito kag being a whole thing like his character is amazing and they get a long so beautifully, I love him ????

Mecca (Chapter 17) - Fri 25 Sep 2020

I'm slowly making it through this story and wanted to let you know I'm enjoying it immensely so far! Please finish it! it's a work of wonderful art and I'm sure I won't be the only one glad for it. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome tale!

SmilingFool (Chapter 65) - Mon 21 Sep 2020

Wow that was so tense.....  At first I had believed Aion came to Kagome's dream like how Naraku would do....  You had me going there for a minute until it switched to Sesshomaru trying to stop Kagome from thrashing about.  That was a great chapter filler....  The wonders of a stressful mind can do to you....  Love the chapter I will be awaiting the next one.

SmilingFool (Chapter 64) - Tue 15 Sep 2020

OOOooo........ you outdid yourself again.....  How do you keep doing that... LOL  I enjoyed reading this chapter it was fun and very entertaining.  The mock battles and mating dance were top notch.  I loved the the firebirds/phoenix awesome show of power.  This chapter was well written.  I loved reading it.  At least Kagome had no fear of anything happening on her presentation and enjoyed it.  Now she can deal with the aftermath and the tale of the dragon general.   Can't wait to read about that...  Well done again thank you for writing a great chapter once again.   Update soon.

Shastuhh (Chapter 55) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Lol! That sly fox! Poor Sesshomaru being tempted like that! 

Shastuhh (Chapter 52) - Fri 11 Sep 2020

Ohhh the fluff in these last 2 chapters!! Sweet sweet cavity ensuring fluff! They are soo cute and Ahh the Kitsune!! I still love them!

SmilingFool (Chapter 63) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

That wasn't too bad, at least Kagome enjoyed herself and made two new friends pretty soon she'll have the north ice skating with them....  LOL  This was a fun filled chapter poor Sesshomaru doesn't want to believe his Kagome would ever be like the others mates like they say time will tell... lol....  Well done... I really enjoyed the chapter.

krynn (Chapter 63) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

So I've been reading this story for about a week now and I have to say I'm in love. I put all other stories on hold my email filling up with story updates cause I can't seem to put this one down. I'm saddened that its getting close to coming to an end, I wish I could continue to read chapter after chapter of this wonderful story. I look forward to the newest chapter. 

Shastuhh (Chapter 41) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

Can I just say.. I LOVEEE THE ARTIC KITSUNE BROTHERS they are by far the best original characters I have ever read. Great job! 

Orotami (Chapter 62) - Tue 08 Sep 2020

Gah!!! As always your writing makes me incredibly impatient for the next chapter. Its a buffet feast for my eyes and mind. Once again just beautifully written. I'm super excited for Kagome and the southern lady to bond. I have a feeling we have new best friends in the making. I also am curious about a lot. First Sesshoumaru's real discussion with the southern lord, handling the dragons and their son and can never forget the southern lords earnest thoughts to the connection when Kagome touched him. 


Never worry, I'm making a list and checking it twice of all things I'm catching on too. I can't wait for more. You've made plenty of us oldie moldies so happy at your return! Till next time 

SmilingFool (Chapter 62) - Tue 08 Sep 2020

Wow that was a cool chapter loved the interactions with the other lords and ladies.  You wrote this chapter well.  I could understand the dragons anger, if Kagome had not said what she did then there would have been no need to give notice to the anger.  However, Kagome finally saw what was leading them.  The pain of missing their son....  Yeah that would do it I'm just glad Kagome saw the real reason behind the anger and gave compassion where it was due.  As for Koga yeah I understand his frustration and know in time he'd be back to his old self.  The presentaton was cool well done on that.  I can't wait to read the next chapter update soon.

Shastuhh (Chapter 28) - Tue 08 Sep 2020

Im truly loving this fic! I love how Kagome is pretty much turning Sesshomarus life and castle upside down and how the connection between them is being fed and how stubborn they both are to ignore it. Kagome is like a magnet for the canine type lol

bookgirl813 (Chapter 61) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

Loved all of the interactions here. Too bad the griffin couldn't be gifted to Kagome. His owner seems to like it very much. Unless there are babies that could be gifted?  AhUn might have a tizzy!  
I have really enjoyed reading this epic tale and so glad to see you working on its completion. Thank you so much for sharing your gift!



docsgirl4 (Chapter 61) - Wed 02 Sep 2020

This chapter is so funny. I love love love the banter between Sesshomaru and Kagome :)

Orotami (Chapter 61) - Wed 02 Sep 2020

Love this chapter! Lots of really great information and Kagome as always breaks down all the walls. I have a feeling Kagome and the Southern Lady are going to be a royal hoot together! I'm also very curious what the Southern Lord felt when he was holding Kagome's scarred hand. Hopefully we find out more about that!

amoanime (Chapter 50) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

I was super excited to see you had updated this fanfiction! I have been checking every so often and I'm sure the fandom is as excited as I am! I starred re-reading and am back at the last chapter I read when the uodatws ended. Looking forward to the new chapters and thank you for continuing this story!! x

SmilingFool (Chapter 60) - Sun 30 Aug 2020

So intense.....  Love the story I give you two thumps up....  Update soon...

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