Reviews for Iris in Bloom by thetroll

bookgirl813 (Chapter 2) - Mon 03 Aug 2020

Awww, so adorable.  Nice twist on how Inu wasn't able to get Kagome pregnant. 
No problem.  Sesshomaru has it covered, LOL.   

SmilingFool (Chapter 2) - Tue 28 Jul 2020

The story is great, I enjoyed reading it.  I'm not sure if its complete but we'll see.  Wow what a turn of events......  Poor Kagome but at least she has her fond memories of her friends.  Inu Yasha well he gets his just deserts in the end.  Shippo and Sotan totally fit each other.  I remember the anime when Sotan had hearts in her eyes for Shippo....  That was too cute.  I'm just glad Kagome got the closure she needed along with showing her ex her full blooded yokai son....  Bet that pissed Inu Yasha off...  

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