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Molly Hooper Holmes (Chapter 15) - Tue 20 Oct 2020

Dare I hope we get a peek at the new future? Like in an epilogue? I would love to see what Shipp? & Soten are up to now they won't have to hide. And hopefully Inuyasha and his family survived? 

Misha (Chapter 15) - Sun 18 Oct 2020

Is this the end?  great fic loved it.

Misha (Chapter 14) - Wed 14 Oct 2020

Love this story please update.

Shaish (Chapter 14) - Tue 13 Oct 2020

Heeheee exciting 

Shaish (Chapter 11) - Tue 13 Oct 2020

The artwork is adorable and lovely. <3 And I love that Kagome has kind of found a new group of Home even though she lost her old one. It was bittersweet.

Shaish (Chapter 10) - Mon 12 Oct 2020


Shaish (Chapter 4) - Mon 12 Oct 2020

I'm already lamenting his hair and markings ;-;

Shaish (Chapter 3) - Mon 12 Oct 2020

Hello I love this omg.

SmilingFool (Chapter 14) - Mon 12 Oct 2020

Wow they're mated now and soon to head back hopefully they can end the monks before it even begins.....  I can't wait to read more this was amazing.....


update soon.

zodiak023 (Chapter 13) - Thu 08 Oct 2020

Wow I cant wait for the next chappy really interesting story plot so far

SmilingFool (Chapter 13) - Wed 07 Oct 2020

Wow that was intense, and so worthy of virtual cookies and two thumbs up....  

Well done....  loved it.


Update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Mon 05 Oct 2020

Wow that was some chapter.....  Demon hunters need to get a grip...  I bet that guy Gaku is watching the nearby schools waiting to attack Kagome again or kidnap her anything to get at the demons...  Boy wouldn't that make for a puddle of human goo....  lol  Loved the chapter update soon.

Elizabeth (Chapter 11) - Mon 28 Sep 2020


Sigue por favor!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Sep 2020

Wow that was an amazing chapter I loved it....  So the mother knows they are a couple now good for them.  Now all Kagome needs is too stop thinking she's possession and property when its clear she's not.  A unified front so cool...  I can't wait to read more....


Update soon...

Shastuhh (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Sep 2020

Sage another beautiful chapter! Thank you for the update! 

Libitinaluna (Chapter 11) - Sun 27 Sep 2020

Love the art and im loving the suspense in the storyline!! They will always make a great couple!! Keep up the great work!!

Jade (Chapter 10) - Mon 21 Sep 2020

He agreed way too easy! She should know he's upto something! 

Libitinaluna (Chapter 10) - Sun 20 Sep 2020

Omg!!! I cant believe her house got burned!!! Cant wait to see what happens and if he actually tracks them down!! And the cousin thing! Wwuutt??!! Is the family gonna meet soten and shippo.?! 

Alashia (Chapter 9) - Wed 16 Sep 2020

I'm definitely intrigued. I can't wait for the next update.

Libitinaluna (Chapter 9) - Mon 14 Sep 2020

Omg!!! There has to be a way back!!! Thats soo crazy!!!  Nniiooo!! I jope she finds the jewel again!!

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