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Alashia (Chapter 9) - Wed 16 Sep 2020

I'm definitely intrigued. I can't wait for the next update.

Libitinaluna (Chapter 9) - Mon 14 Sep 2020

Omg!!! There has to be a way back!!! Thats soo crazy!!!  Nniiooo!! I jope she finds the jewel again!!

Shastuhh (Chapter 9) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Awwh.. that was heart breaking. 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 9) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Oh yikes. Well... you reap what you sow. I hope they can get through this. I'm curious how Shippo reacts to this. He saw what Inuyasha and Kagome dealt with in the past.

Great update. 

Libitinaluna (Chapter 8) - Fri 04 Sep 2020

Omg omg omg!!! Amazing!! Ive been wanting for them to get together!!! Please write  more soon!!!

Shiro (Chapter 8) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

mcfuken adorible my dude great chapter 

Shastuhh (Chapter 8) - Wed 02 Sep 2020

Awwwhh!! Yassssss!! Of course its suitable! God I loved this chapter! soo happy they told/ got that out of the way!

bookgirl813 (Chapter 8) - Wed 02 Sep 2020

Yay!  Smoothe moves...

Shastuhh (Chapter 7) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Spectacular once again. So it is possible they will not go back.. Sesshomaru seems the think so and Shippou did kinda mention they didn't back.. I love the soft tender moments they have right now. 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 7) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Jealousy sure makes people irrational. LOL, but they're both acting a little out of character because they don't quite know what to do with their feelings. I love the interaction in the archives. 

Libitinaluna (Chapter 7) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Omg!!! Thats soo sweet!!! I love how their soo cutr to eachother!! Its adorable!! Eri def ddnt see that one coming!! Please write more! Cant wait!!

Shiro (Chapter 7) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

outstanding chapter my dude love me some jelly sesshy 

also i think i can guess where they going and i cannot wait >:3c

bookgirl813 (Chapter 6) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Ah hahaha, I knew it. Nice work here. Whatever plan they cook up is going to embarrass Sesshomaru more than anything, isn't it?  Poor dog doesn't realize just how bad he has it for the little Miko. 
I look forward to the next chapter! 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 5) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Aww, sweet chapter. For some reaso, "A whole New World" sprang up in my head. Lol. 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 4) - Mon 31 Aug 2020

Poor Sesshomaru. So many accommodations he has to make in order to blend in with humanity. 
I'm curious if Shippo is Souten's mate (rhetorically asking!).  


Shastuhh (Chapter 6) - Fri 28 Aug 2020

I knew it!!! I just had a feeling Shippou would  be here!! I was hoping we would see him soon!! I cannot waitttt to seee how this goes!!

Libitinaluna (Chapter 6) - Thu 27 Aug 2020

Omg omg omg!!! I cant believe hes gonna wwoooo kagome!! Please write more!! Tis addicting!!! 

Silver Moon Inuyoukai (Chapter 6) - Thu 27 Aug 2020

I like this story mainly because it doesn't have so much lemon scenes in the story. Intead, I like the sexual tension between these two it makes it more exciting. 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 3) - Mon 10 Aug 2020

The cat's outta the bag with that comment about Kagome' unifor, but it only serves to confuse Kagome. Probably very confusing for Sesshomaru too.  
I loved the interaction with Kagome's friends and Sesshomaru's reaction to Hojo.  Will Sesshomaru crash the date, too?  Will we get to see him fight in the underground? 

Shastuhh (Chapter 3) - Sun 09 Aug 2020

Lol, they are distracting to each other. Great chapter thanks for the update! Cant wait for the next 

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