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bookgirl813 (Chapter 4) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

Ooo, good chapter. It's nice to see that Kagome realized she's partly to blame and apologizing to Sesshomaru.  Nice touch with the inner beast - possessive much?

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 3) - Wed 05 Aug 2020

Oh I love this story, it's so promising and full of fluffiness and plot that really got me hooked. I beg for this one to be a long journey!! Pls pls plssssss!!!

Ashley (Chapter 2) - Fri 31 Jul 2020

So happy you decided to continue this fix.  It's a wonderful idea and I can't wait to read more!!!  Love baby rin. 

Tisha (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

Love the twist. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Mecca (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

There is just something about a very instinctual Sesshomaru who is at the mercy of his beast... especially when his beast is "howling" in approval over something that involves Kagome <3 They're gonna be the best parents! Once Rin stops crying that is.... 

Mina (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

YES! The second chapter, it keeps getting better.

Mina (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Jul 2020

Oh, I hope you keep writing on this one, it has such a good plot and tone to it already! I wait with bated breath ah the potential humour is endless!

hw (Chapter 1) - Fri 24 Jul 2020

I hope this will be a chapter story and not just a one-shot! I really need more of this story, it's so good and I wanna know what happens!

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Fri 24 Jul 2020

Oooh, I am officially hooked! So Sess and Kags are going to play house now? I'm most intrigued! I can't wait to see where this goes!

Kris (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

I like this idea of an infant Rin. I just hope Kagome gets smarter sooner rather than later. I remember being 15 and doing stupid things but her conversation with sesshoumaru comes off really unthinking and making assumptions and treating him like a liar. Maybe I've just read too many older Kagome stories where she thinks before she talks. Anyway  do like your story and look forward to more chapter. 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

Strong start to what looks like a crazy tale!  Will they come to an agreement?  Will Sesshomaru end up traveling with the group?  How will Inuyasha deal?  I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Sora-chan (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

She does know that hes like super fast, right? Lol

I love this idea and I love that its taking place earlier in the canon. You've set this up nicely, this is a great first chapter. I'm already hooked.

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

The fight of the century!

Well, there is a chance that when Sesshoumaru makes her mad, Kagome  may throw a dirty diaper at him.

Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

Lmfaaoooooooo.  She ran?  Ok Kagome.  I love it though!  Please do continue this one.  All the bickering, I can just imagine it!

Redleopord (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

Run fast! Aint the gingerbread man behind you!!!  :'D

Haven Himori (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

!!! Omg! I love this! Can't wait for more!!

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