susie (Chapter 13) - Tue 15 Sep 2020

this fic is my guilty pleasure lol.  please make more.

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 12) - Mon 14 Sep 2020

dunDunDUN! Izayoi is really observant. 


But I couldn't stop laughing at imagining Sesshomaru flatly saying ' ho-ho-ho' XD

Shastuhh (Chapter 12) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Yey! Its always nice to see a update to this fic! Why Kagome choose to marry Inuyasha instead that handsome now brother-in-law we will blame it on a lack of judgment. On the other hand she still gets them both in the end anyway! 

Shastuhh (Chapter 11) - Sat 18 Jul 2020

Hahaha, dannngggg Kagome forgetting her husband that surely says something. Sesshomaru is her guilty pleasure and I love it 

Redleopord (Chapter 9) - Fri 10 Jul 2020

Slutty Kagome!! LMAO! I've been wanting  to say 'poor InuYasha', but was afraid you might stop writing! ;)

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 9) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Note to self: Take up yoga XD

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 7) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

Buahahah! Hopefully her neighbors can't see that well XD And I can't believe he had the nerve to give Inuyasha a print of that!  ROFL

susie (Chapter 5) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

lol!  toto and kaede haha.

im all about some scandalous sesskag ish.  keep it coming XD

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 4) - Sat 04 Jul 2020

Omfg XD this is like..a fun taboo? I really thought she was doomed in chapter 4. 

Mecca (Chapter 4) - Sat 04 Jul 2020

Bahahaha *facepalm* this one made me giggle. 

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