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SmilingFool (Chapter 50) - Thu 17 Sep 2020

OMG what a wake up call...  lol wonder what he will think let alone Kagome adventure time... 

Sora-chan (Chapter 46) - Wed 16 Sep 2020

Oh my God

I am so so so SO ready for an update. I have so many questions. What are their necklaces, did they get them at the same time (did I miss this in earlier chapters XD)

I'm completely captivated, I like that they didn't just go to the past, i really appreciate how you set this up. Please please please I hope you update soon lol


Irish Lass (Chapter 46) - Thu 10 Sep 2020

Love the update.  can't wait for the next installment.  I am definitely hooked.

SmilingFool (Chapter 46) - Wed 09 Sep 2020

OMG  I thought the well would take him and leave Kagome behind.... Low and behold they both end up back in time....  Ha ha ha wonder what they will think now...  What will happen and what will they learn.  Can't wait to see what happens next.

Irish Lass (Chapter 42) - Mon 07 Sep 2020

I have really enjoyed your story so far.  I hope you update soon. 

VS (Chapter 32) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

No way!!!! HAHAHA I will reread this chapter a dozen times, epuc! Grandpa is best so far! Haha, I just can't! XD Thank you so much for the laugh! <3

I'm glad to hear things are looking up in RL, wishing you all the best for your graduation.

VS (Chapter 31) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

YES!!! I got my Buyo moment, thank you so much! XD There is no better way to show that he isn't the better of everyone than letting a cat use him that way. LOL

I love how Kagome's family speak what's on their mind without using a filter! Handsome? Weird name? Haha! Honestly I would feel a bit uncomfortable in bis position too, but he deserves it! Can't wait to see a chapter where they go to his house and she meets his family. It would be interesting to see the differences and similarities to their reaction/behaviour!

VS (Chapter 28) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

There is nothing better than awkward Kagome, LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Eye candy indeed, it's so Kagome-like to pay notice to his looks now -after they know each other for years! XD And yes, his personality can be a turn off, at least at the beginning! :P

I need a chapter where Buyo is really rubbing against him, don't let me hanging! And can't wait to read abour an embarrassing grandfather!

Take care!

VS (Chapter 24) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Ugh, finally!!! I don't know how Kagome is able to handle him and Sesshoumaru has a lot of growing up to do, someday he will have to learn that it's not always about him. But teenies be like that.

At least they can start on their project now although I see a lot of fighting in tge near future! LOL

You know I would love to see the situation reversed. Let Sesshoumaru be the one begging for once! XD

Nice update!

VS (Chapter 22) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

The bickering between those two always amused me but I think this time Sesshoumaru crossed a line. He is being disrespectful towards Kagome's family and I hope he will realise that... :(

Kagome's request is more than reasonable and I can't wait to read about her jijan's stories. And I do hope he will show that arrogant teeny his place! ;)

spunkyphresh (Chapter 20) - Sat 20 Jun 2020

I absolutely loved this!! Great job!

Thanks for updating! 

spunkyphresh (Chapter 19) - Sat 20 Jun 2020

Preach, Inuyasha!!! 

spunkyphresh (Chapter 17) - Sat 20 Jun 2020

It's such a refresher to see Sesshoumaru being on the lookout for Inuyasha like training him well enough that Inuyasha becomes team captain after him. And letting Inu lose it at his expense??? This is positive sibling goals! Reminds me of my relationship with my brother. We tease some and laugh at each other's misery, but at the end of the day I'd take a bullet for him. 

spunkyphresh (Chapter 16) - Sat 20 Jun 2020

How did I miss this???? Dying here. 

VS (Chapter 20) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

I really liked this drop! <3

Sesshoumaru would do good to listen to his brother's advice. But then again it would be no fun,  right? XD

Looking forward to your next updates!

VS (Chapter 19) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

OMG Inuyasha is so good with words! He described her character perfectly! The mind part was hilarious, had me laughing!!!


VS (Chapter 18) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

No way did Sesshoumaru just call her an "abdomination"!!!!!! O.O Jerk! It's not lije we all now how much she fascinates you! ;)

It's interesting to see how open Sesshoumaru can talk with his brother even though Inuyasha's reaction bothered him a bit.

VS (Chapter 16) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

Another take on their relationship sounds nice and is much appreciated!!!

VS (Chapter 15) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

Haha, Sesshoumaru sounds like a broken record! XD

He doesn't even care about Inuyasha's excuse, all he focus on is that he's late! 

Curious to find about their relationship!!! Or why they even wanted to meet!

CC (Chapter 20) - Tue 16 Jun 2020

one word: aww!
i love their talks too! I think it's adorable that Inuyasha's trying to help Sess out, and big bro Sess is proud of him!!! 
lovely read.  

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