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Mynameishuman (Chapter 9) - Sun 29 Nov 2020

Another great chapter!! It's getting really good. Excited for the next update. 

Lorena (Chapter 8) - Sat 21 Nov 2020

Wow- I had to binge read this... I had seen this before, but i glossed over it, unsure if it would be my style {Kagome+betrayal/tragedy usually wrecks me} but now I'm so glad i did! I am still totally devastated,  but your writing style is pretty fun. My main issue with this last chapter is that you have me hoping Kikyo is dead, but even if she is i worry she'd be brought to life;  Plus the sheer dipshit-ness of putting ppl in danger (i refuse to believe this possibility was lost to Kikyo, even if Inuyasha claims the army wasn't meant to enter) makes me question how she can go on being the monster she is but now with life while Kagome is suffering so much while trying to maintain control for the betterment of... Is she alive only because she's not dead? Like, she'd rather do this with conciousness than be a mindless resentment puppet? What a sad fate for Kagome, it breaks my heart that while even if im semi-indifferent to Inuyasha's dismemberment because of events, this will cause new pain to Kagome

Lia (Chapter 8) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

Yes!! It's beautifully symbolic that he literally had his heart ripped out just like he metaphorically did to Kagome over and over again by defending that horrid witch Kikyo. It's poetic justice. How like him to think Kagome's bad when he constantly fawned over Kikyo the undead soul thieving, soul eater that only existed because of part of Kagome's stolen soul. He so deserved this. Maybe he'll finally be loyal as an undead servant. I'd love to see Kagome use him to destroy Kikyo!

Now they just need to take out Kikyo. I feel some sympathy for the original living Kikyo's fate, but I have always despised the clay Kikyo. She may have gotten better towards the end of the series, but she never should have been allowed to exist that long in the first place. Maybe there is some reason to keep her around in this, like keeping her spiritual power around until Kagome can take it back? Haven't read MDZS other than a brief description so I don't know how it works into this fic other than the demonic path stuff. 

Thanks for the update. I'm excited to see what happens next. 

Mecca (Chapter 8) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

!!! What theeeee fuuuuuuuck :o dude, really, a cliffhanger though??! Ah my goddess, oh but the dark part of me says Inuyasha deserved that for even siding with Kikyo! A "pure Shikon Priestess" my ass! Oh dear, where is Sesshoumaru?? I am surprised he wasn't there to stop or help or something. I truly can't wait until the next chapter, you're killin' me smalls! Maybe he can revive Inuyasha using Tenseiga.... or just be uber dark about it and take Tetsusaiga off his cold, dead body... two birds, one stone, amirite? ;) 

Mynameishuman (Chapter 8) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

Holy shit. Intense writing. Immensely excited for the next chapter!!

Mynameishuman (Chapter 2) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

It's so...edge of the seat interesting. Eager to continue!

Mynameishuman (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

Very poetic start. I'm really enjoying it. Excited to see where this goes. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Sun 15 Nov 2020

Wow that was some chapter go figure he'd choose Kikyo to hurt her once qgain even if they believed they were helping....  Hell Kikyo probably just wanted her soul it wasn't as if Kagome was evil she was juat her.  Too bad Inu Yasha lost his heart for harming Kagome.  Didn't see that one coming.

Mecca (Chapter 7) - Mon 26 Oct 2020

Aw, it sounds like it physically as well as mentally hurts him knowing our girl Kagome was dealt such shitty cards like that. Like it breaks his heart that she's missing a huge part of what made her who she was, and that fact doesn't sit well with him. Wonder if he will demand justice on her behalf? Once again, I very much enjoy your writing! It packs a weight and hefty punch right in the feels! 

Neelixonee (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Oct 2020

O.O this story is definitely dark and twisty! Love it

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 5) - Sat 03 Oct 2020

Oh. Oh, my. Oh, my GOSH. Wow. I think Kags is a bit over her head, eh? I can't wait to see what Sess does now. Love the way the story is unfolding and I'm looking forward to seeing more!



Mecca (Chapter 5) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

Oh boy, sounds like shit is getting out of hand and Kags has her hands full. I'm loving how in character Sess is in this chapter, despite the obvious draw he feels toward Kags. Please update soon!

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Sun 27 Sep 2020

Wow I wondered what happened to this story....  This was a great chapter loved it...  I'm glad Sesshomaru is concerned about Kagome's well being.  Wonder what will happen next.

Mecca (Chapter 4) - Tue 07 Jul 2020

Very curious to see what's behind Kagome's secretive facade. Enjoying your writing quite a bit, I hope you'll be able to make this into some multi-chapter epic saga ;) 

KEdakumi (Chapter 3) - Mon 29 Jun 2020

Such interesting twists and turns... can't wait to see where this goes

VS (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jun 2020


you spin a really interesting tale Jaf! <3 Two chapters into the story and I still can't say what is going on. XD The element of confusion is adding to the appeal though.

I love to read an independent and somewhat badass Kagome, she is more than just a jewel detector. The question remains wherever the darkness inside of her is something that controls her or if it can coexist with her purity and is a part of her just like the concept of yin and yang.

I liked how you dig deeper into Sesshoumaru's character in the 2nd chapter! The way he reacted to the un-Inuyasha-like behaviour says a lot of about the way he sees his half-brother. Inuyasha has no need to grovel when asking him for help.

That he was instantly worried about Kagome's wellbeing said a lot about him too, especially the what-if's that followed. What if he had told her about the darkness he felt? Sesshoumaru is not one to second guess his decision, by doing it now he shows how much he can care about others. I liked that. I also liked how he didn't promise Rin to find Kagome. More like he would do whatever he can, but he can't promise; a very nice detail.

Good job!

I'm looking forward to your next update.

KEdakumi (Chapter 2) - Mon 01 Jun 2020

I wonder what has happened.... can't wait to find out.

 Question though, what is with the "outragers drive me nuts"?

S4toonee (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 May 2020

This is a fantastic start. I'm already hooked.

Martha (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 May 2020

Hey there! 

I like those dark thoughts Kagome has and I kind of hope that she becomes a dark creature or even better a youkai.. :-)


Hopefully read you soon :)) 



Martha (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 May 2020

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