Reviews for Affection by mythicamagic

Faith (Chapter 1) - Mon 08 Jun 2020

awww Sessh is just so cute trying to communicate and Kagome is so clueless. LOL

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 1) - Fri 10 Apr 2020

This was adorable! Really loved the use of the love languages and the differences between their actions and meanings <3

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 1) - Sat 22 Feb 2020

Aww… gosh! Sesshomaru is so sweet, a little bit dorky but very sweet and cute. I love the story very much.

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Feb 2020

Affections, indeed! This was so cute and fluffy, heartwarming and sweet. Sesshomaru encompassing perfection in other ways besides killing; if only he knew Kagome's love language ???? I've yet to decide what mine is. It changes every day ????

FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Feb 2020

This was very cute. Happy Valentine's day!

witty (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Feb 2020

Awww! I love courtship stories! Thanks for this beautiful fic:)

sesshomarupatrick (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Feb 2020

This is sweeter than the black sugar bubble tea I drank yesterday! T_T I always loved court ritual in the inuyoukais way, but, you know...Kagome and we all are human, after all. :P When we had a boy or girl we wanted to date, just as he or she would have to know about his or her favorite movies, food, or books, he would have had to know about the way people are courting in order to date her. Many cute things happen in this process. And I think it's all in your fiction. Great Lord Sesshoumaru was nervous. Great Lord Sesshoumaru was thinking about something other than his father, Tessiga, Tenseiga. Great Lord Sesshoumaru was learning how to make human woman happy. So Great Lord Sesshoumaru was brushing her hair willingly, admitting that he was want her.....Fluffy as marshmellow. Lovely as kittens and puppies. Satisfying as when I poke the jiggly slime. <3 <3

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Feb 2020

Okay, first time he kissed her cheek - straight up pterodactyl screech. Then I giggled, outright laughed, and even legit spoke gibberish through the rest of this story with a big ol' stupid grin on my face the whole time. So freaking cute. Shippou dropping the truth bomb on her was a riot. Sesshoumaru's awkward attempts at communicating his interest are just the best thing ever. Esp. his frustration when Kagone remains clueless. Inuyasha flipping out about him hugging her had me near rolling. I loved this. Such a nice fluffy read for the SessKag Valentine's Big Bang! Can't wait to see the accompanying artwork! Great job!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

Yay! Loved it! Fav part: Yes it is not a friend hug

Poor Sesshomaru. I love how you torture our otp. 

Good job!! 

Itsumademo (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

oh i loved this! it was absolutely adorable and sweet and humorous, and somehow so them (^ 3^)

i can't imagine how odd it would be for Sesshoumaru to just be up and doing Kagome level friendly affection acts, and in Sess fashion, with no apparent ackwardness though there should totally be awkwardness (from him at the very least) because o-o  but anyway, loved this, so cute. one thing in particular, very randomly, was how Sesshoumaru just immediately redacted his thought that maybe they could 'just be friends' simply upon seeing her again. loved that a lot for some reason <3

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

Ooooooh, how beautiful!!! I love that he's all confused about how to approach her and that she's confused when he mimicks her actions with her friends. Beautiful story, and just sweet enough to make my teeth tingle!!!!! <3



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