Reviews for Fate’s Reprise by Revang

TamashaToko (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

Wow, refreshing.  I thought I was the only way that felt this with Kagome, but then here is your first chapter, the introduction to the post canon world you're creating where Kagome seems to have anxiety about the expectations being put on her.  Every fic and all these villagers always calling her the shikon miko, but was she ever really a miko?  Does she even wanna be a miko?  Sure there isn't a huge job market for females in the fuedal era but it just never seemed to be her and I have a feeling all that's going to be explored with Sesshoumaru constantly impressed by her education and her seeming to be goalless, but then again I could be wrong as it seems there is going to be an adventure coming her way where she can prove herself again, tho I do appreciate these questions being asked.


What's Inu's deal?  Is he not happy she's back?


If this were a modern day party Sesshoumaru would be the introvert in the corner and that kind of guy seems like the perfect guy for someone like Kagome to spend her time with in a moment of insecurity.  If I had one grip with your chapter it's that there little personal party was mostly Kagome rehashing the story we already know word for word.  Instead you could have summed up their convo leaving room for a bit more personal chat but the rest is pretty spot on the readers know what kind of post canon world this and where everybody's head is at.


Sesshoumaru's going to hold her to that, can't wait to see where things go.

Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Sat 08 Feb 2020

What a cute beginning!  I looks forward to the progression and the mystery!

witty (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Feb 2020

Loving the first chapter! I'm excited to see where this goes:)

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Feb 2020

Amazing start! Oh I'm so excited for this story! it's wonderfully written!

VS (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Feb 2020


what a prologue! You did well, rev! I was so excited to read this.

I absolutely loved the beginning! And I think that was even the strongest part of this chapter. You described Kagome's inner side very detailed. Her being overwhelmed and confused and all tbise movements, lights and sounds were just too much! I liked how you played with the syntax too. I could relate to Kagome because of the way you wrote this scene. Fantastic!

Sesshoumaru was super sweet with Rin and handled Kagome surprisingly well. I really see him being a good listener too. He kniws when to ask a question and when to shut up. He was so sweet supporting her and making her feel good by reminding her that she is more than a title. And he is super smart. I think so far he is the only one asking why the well opened again. And it seems that his "bad feeling" about it is going to come true.

It was also interesting to hear some of his thoughts. Okay, I loved that he tried to reach the moon when he was younger and failed. LOL

The constant change in POV is something I will have to get used to.

Inuyasha is being weird and I can't figure out why. I mean yes, she was away for a while and things bound to be awkward at the beginning. But he does not want to touch her at all or is not even trying to be near her as in standing next to her. Something is going on, maybe another love interest?

Great first chapter, Im looking forward to your next update!


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