Reviews for His Miko by LadyoftheLemons

Kris (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 May 2020

Is this really complete? It doesn't seem like an ending.

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 4) - Sun 03 May 2020

i loved it!! but its too short. i need more!!! please add to this story. i want so much to see how this ends with sess and kags. i want to see how she adapts to court life in sess's care. how his mother will react to seeing him with a miko/human mate. the envy of all when kagome shows up mated and pupped, from both males(b/c sess found a pwrful mate) and from the females(b/c kags was chosen by sesshoumaru). i was surprised to see how calm inuyasha was when he found out his half brother took and mated kagome. i want to see if kags has one pup, two(twins), or three(triplets~2 boys and 1 girl). of course, the lemons are worth reading as well. so, i hope you come back and add on to this fiction. keep up the great writing. c'ya'

MomoDesu (Chapter 4) - Fri 01 May 2020

Gah! What did Kagome hear when she was about to clean her foot? And Inuyasha took that a whole lot better than I anticipated. I kinda anticipated a bit of a hissy fit. Looks like the boy grew up!

Valasaurus (Chapter 4) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

I wonder what Kagome heard? Also why can't Inuyasha ever just trust that Kagome is a big girl and is just having the time of her life getting dicked down by a god!?

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Feb 2020

Hey you! Steamy read!  I love how this shows after care and that he very seriously took to seeing her needs met and how he adjusted his natural tendencies to her comfort. I think my favorite part was that it ended with us knowing they'd be snuggled up comfortably napping together in the sun. Such a lovely image! <3

Kimmy (Chapter 1) - Sat 22 Feb 2020

oh My gosh such a great stories. Please continue add a couple more chapters I'd love to read about Kagome getting pregnant and what happens after the baby is born. 

Susy V (Chapter 3) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

A nap in the sun sounds fantastic

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 2) - Sat 08 Feb 2020

please come back and write some more. you can't end it like that!!!!!!


Kris (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 Feb 2020

 I love the sex scenes. I just love a possessive Sesshomaru. I can't wait tI'll they have pups. 

Harleypool (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 Feb 2020

Absolutely love this story, however, I have a small bit of correction to give you. 


The cervix does not dilate, nor can a penis of any shape push through it into the womb. It gets stopped by the cervix, which can feel slightly painful/pleasurable. But please STOP saying his penis pushes into her cervix. The female body does not, and cannot work that way. 


I know this is a slightly AU work and that's fine, but you're still working with a human female, and should remember human biology when writing the sex scenes.


Other than that, again, I think this is a great fic so far, and am loving the way you are having Kagome and Sesshomaru interact. 

Katrina Kee (Chapter 1) - Wed 05 Feb 2020

Wow!!! Now I need to go sit on an iceberg I am so hot now lol!!! Bring on more please!!!

LibraCourt (Chapter 1) - Wed 05 Feb 2020

Really good. I enjoyed it 

Samara (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Feb 2020

Hot damn....

Shanika (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Feb 2020


Toni (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Feb 2020

omg  too bad it's a one shot

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