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Sayuri (Chapter 54) - Thu 20 Feb 2020

I so love the story! <3 Keep it up, you're doing great :D

Tilayha (Chapter 54) - Sun 16 Feb 2020

I am sooooo enjoying the role you have given Run, Hakudoshi and Kanna. Thank you for making them fierce fluff balls : D

KouseiJL (Chapter 54) - Sun 16 Feb 2020

You have given me a newfound love for Kanna and Hakudoshi as bunnies.  ...and I think I need to get video of my bunny huffing and giving side-eye etc. Because every time I read this, I see some of his personality coming out in those two. I always look forward to your updates! This short snips are perfect because it gives me something to look forward too between study/job hunt breaks!! Thanks Janees!! 

Lauren (Chapter 52) - Sun 09 Feb 2020

Such diligent roommates and babies! They're too adorable. And poor Inuyasha, again, being assaulted for laughs.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 52) - Sun 09 Feb 2020

'You're contaminated little brother' lmaoooooo

Lauren (Chapter 51) - Sat 08 Feb 2020

So Kanna still has her powers?! That's hilarious 

KouseiJL (Chapter 51) - Sat 08 Feb 2020


Seriously, bunnies give the best side eye, so Kanna as a rabbit with a soul stealing collar. I love you! ???? I love how non-chalant and just "this is how it is" she is. I'd swear you own a rabbit, because they are FULL of attitude like that! Thank you for the update and hope you're having a good day!


Gee (Chapter 50) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

It's going to be a big problem if the two of them can't share. Haha

Ceysna (Chapter 50) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

omg! I scared my dog and cats when I literally laughed out loud. These get better with every update!

Tilayha (Chapter 50) - Wed 29 Jan 2020


Tilayha (Chapter 50) - Wed 29 Jan 2020


Shanika (Chapter 50) - Wed 29 Jan 2020


Arc-an Angel (Chapter 48) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

I can never explain how much I adore this! Also, thank you for including the PMS suggestion <3

If it feels right, I'd love to see how the Dragons fair if Kagome spends a little girl/spa time with Sango and Kikyou. 

Ceysna (Chapter 48) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

To be honest, I donno which is more satisfying. The first cup of coffee or seeing you update. But it's both today! w00t!

Gee (Chapter 47) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

This fic is too cute! Been following fpr a while!


My request: can we have more cuddly/needy sess/naraku moments? 



Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 46) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

BEST CHAPTER YET!! Love puppy Rin. Can we have a chapter like this for Kanna and Hakudoshi

Lauren (Chapter 45) - Tue 21 Jan 2020

Such petty little boys ????????

bloodymoonrose (Chapter 45) - Mon 20 Jan 2020

Wait so was Sesshomaru the one who reported Naraku's page? 

Ceysna (Chapter 43) - Thu 16 Jan 2020

No no no, it's not being bullied. It's called karma. Naraku got his when her turned into a she. Sessh didn't seem AS upset, so.... vacuum.

Lauren (Chapter 43) - Wed 15 Jan 2020

Awww, Shippo is such a good helper! 

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