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Meo Sunset (Chapter 10) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

It's always a pleasure reading your updates! There'd be sure to have new and refreshing materials, like sugar daddy? Amazing!! Wonders if Sesshomaru will be concious about being seen with her from now on lol

Revang (Chapter 10) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

I’m loving his form of torturing her lmao. Oh my god an electronic toothbrush?? That is just so extra and extravagant that’s hilarious!

Ohhhh who are the two little girls? One obviously is gonna be Rin but who is she to him?? 

Good she’s actually trying to make smart decisions finally.

Yesss you put that misogynistic bastard in his place Sesshoumaru!

Revang (Chapter 9) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Yeah it could be a little weird that Sesshoumaru suddenly cares that much about her wellbeing, but sometimes people just click. Humans are social creatures and sometimes it’s just like “yes you, you are a good and I shall keep you.”

 Oh god not her father! What’s that bastard doing there?? Wow what a bastard treating his own daughter that way smh. At least she has insurance though.

“By behaving that way you’ve caused me more problems than you would have if you just asked” he’s not wrong. That’s a lesson I also had to learn, though, and it took me till I was way older than 18. 

LMAO that’s how he’s gonna punish her? It’s actually brilliant, and it lets him get what he wants too.

Blommie8 (Chapter 10) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Ah sugar daddy!!!

The age of sesshomaru finally revealed.

Need more thank you!!

VS (Chapter 10) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Sesshoumaru has sure a unique way, what a lesson! LOL But it just shows that he knows Kagome even better than her father, because he knows what bothers her the most. Relying on others. That's the only reason why his punishment works.

I didn't know Sesshoumaru was 40. XD It's getting a bit akward here. And yay to jealous Sesshoumaru! I loved how he lost his coolness for a moment.

The pictures in his wallet are a detail I'm much interested to know about. Though my mind is coming up with some dramatic and sad events...involving Inu and the death of those two...

I'm looking forward to your next update.

SammyJams (Chapter 10) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Oh darn - can’t wait to see who the little girls in his wallet are!

VS (Chapter 8) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Oh my god!!! That was Sesshoumaru's way of saying "You are important to me!" How sweet! Though of course Kagome didn't get it . LOL She was being stupid walking in the cold, and I'm glad that Sesshoumaru found her. Even though Kagome doesn't want to be a bother, she needs someone who can take care of her, and show her the right direction. She is young and so naive sometimes. 

I hope Sesshoumaru made himself clear enough, and she won't do something that stupid again.

VS (Chapter 6) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Wow...what a JERK!!! And that after not contacting her for weeks! Who knows what he has been doing. And why didn't he just answer her question where he is/was working. Suspicious. Also why not hive the money to Kagome? She is actually living in a safe place, where no one will be able to steal it...

So, did he actually visit her because he missed her or did he just eanted to "bury his bone" and no one else was available? And what a way to "seduce" her...big turn off, Inu!

I loved the reference in the last sentence!

VS (Chapter 5) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

I just love how their relationship is progressing!!! Kagome has proven that she hates to depend on others and doesn't want to have his pity by just being herself. She earned his trust! And even got keys. What a milestone!

It's just cute to see how those two behave like a couple without even noticing! LOL And Sesshoumaru admitting to himself that he would hate dor Kagome to leave because he likes her presence was a surprise. ;) But even though he would like to keep her around he is helping her grow, helping her to get independent. That's something Inu could have never done!

Loving it so far, Tamasha!!! <3


KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

Hmmm...that last statement was a bit controlling. But she needs to know that she is worthy of his help and attention. She has made his life better too. 

Sammyjams (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Wow her dad is a douche!

Goldie (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Daaaaaaaaaaaaang. That hit me right in the feels. Poor Kagome. Having parents like Naraku sucks so much. 

Blommie8 (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

What does it mean? It is a way to sway her heart? Courting?

Neelixonee (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Oooh spoil her rotten...

See the light (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Kagome needs to wake up! i don’t completely agree with her father his teaching method leaves a lot to be desired but he isnt wrong in some areas 

Toni (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Love how this is going. cant wait for more chapters 

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Oct 2019

So? Is it love? Or just atraction?

Revang (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Oct 2019

“probably thinks a bum like me has never eaten in a restaurant before and wants to have another social experiment.” lmfao

“all Kagome knew was that she needed to go to work to get paid for her time so she could save money for her new life.  That was the only thing pushing her forward until she couldn’t continue” that is so real and I hope she’s okay!! ;-;

Oh noo and dreaming about the baby being taken away and Inuyasha not being there for her is so sad!

“I’m the one who is usually there for you.  Not my brother.” Ouchhh

Awww he wants to take care of her! What’s Kagome gonna think about that though?

Revang (Chapter 7) - Wed 09 Oct 2019

Awww she’s his warmth~

Nooo you didn’t walk into this life you were coerced and taken advantage of!! Stop blaming yourself ! ;-;

It’s sweet that he wants to keep her around, and is gonna give mer some “practice” with adulthood.

Revang (Chapter 6) - Wed 09 Oct 2019

“A real meal” oh dear... But what more can he do?

Oh no poor baby don’t blame yourself!

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