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Lauren (Chapter 17) - Wed 25 Mar 2020

Yikes. Proposing to Kagome is like pulling teeth. Poor Sesshomaru has to explain every iota of his plan and his practice wife is so wary. I am a bit paranoid and do feel like this is small bump and everything will run smoothly after this, until Kagome somehow finds out aout Kanna... probably from Koga.

Yourfriendlyneighbourhoodgoat (Chapter 4) - Thu 27 Feb 2020

As a caribbeam person, i felt so atteacked about the seasoning and the pressure cooker. i missed it the first read but now that im reading it over i noticed it. i am not a huge commentor (rarely do i ever do it) but i am in love with your story and would love to see it continue.

Midnight Cat (Chapter 17) - Thu 27 Feb 2020

I just found this story today, and I must say that I am most plesantly surprised!

Original, engaging, emotional, and well done!! I am in awe! Thank you so much for writing this jewel and choosing to share it with us!! It is such a great story, and I am so looking forward to see how this developes!!

Great spelling and grammar makes it such a joy and increases the enjoyment without being distracted by erroneous words! This means that you really care about your work and pay close attention to how you present your stories, and this makes the difference between most writers out there!!

Congratulations on being a most excellent writer, on your amazing attention to detail, and your very awe inducing inspiration!!

I will await for your next update, hoping it will be soon and I get another taste of this yummy story!

Please receive a great hug and my best wishes hoping that all is well with you!

Untill next time:

Midnght Cat


Kitsune Diva (Chapter 17) - Sat 22 Feb 2020

I am enjoying your story very much. I love it. It is very well written and I like the complex emotions invovled between Kagome and Sesshomaru.

Revang (Chapter 17) - Fri 21 Feb 2020

“claiming he was only advising her not to” Lmao okay sure Sesshoumaru.

“Kikyo had been an addict alongside InuYasha once, and if she was unable to help him Kagome certainty wouldn’t be able to.” That’s a fair point. Also an addict will be a terrible influence on her child, but she only just made the decision not to be with him so she’s not ready to go there yet I guess.

“I don’t know where I’d be without you.” Aww

“If her being shown kindness was her version of torture than being thanked was his” lmaooo

“he’d become angry and jealous when hearing InuYasha proposed” He liiiiiiiiiikes her~~

“he knew how badly she wanted to create a nuclear family for her child” And he understands her too~

“I will not give him that ring for him to sell for drugs.” “Either he gets his life together and I’ll give it to him or it goes in his coffin as a sign of respect towards his mother.” I knew it!!

“I respect that it is your own path that you must walk on your own, but I’m here for support.” He respects her and wants to give her emotional support that is the shit right there yesssss

“His home immediately felt warmer and brighter” Awww~

“like some old romantic poet or something.” Cute~~ And then he proceeds to be all poetic again lmaooo

“Kagome was confused since there were now three rings” yeah lmao that will get confusing won’t it?

“after a taste of all this I don’t think marriage is for me.” Oof

“Wrong.” Um. Excuse him indeed lmao

“You love the idea of marriage” LMAO

“whether it’s mine or I fell for you as is” *cough* Which he literally did 

Aww he pulled out the chair for her~

“What makes me so special that I’m worth that ring over there?” Ohhh we’re getting into dangerous territory now. For Sesshoumaru anyways.

“One is not arrogant when they are correct” lmaooo he is full of himself isn’t he? He kind of has a right to be though

“I’m already regretting that decision” Lolllll

“He enjoyed all these moments with Kagome just talking and analyzing one another” He looooooooves her~~~

“they truly did meet when they cooked together in the kitchen, the moment his mind put together that she was a woman who was trying her best” Aww

“Because you’re beautiful” Eeeeeeeee! But ofc Kagome isn’t going to take it that way sigh.

“It was entertaining, but she almost preferred how much more real his strange slip ups were.” She likes his weird quirks aww

“You really need to get out there and start dating-“ Sesshoumaru’s just like ‘moving right along...’ lmao

“When did you fall in love with me” “When we met each other cooking a meal.” Omg he’s serious

“You smiled and were happy and somehow I loved you for it” oh my god I’m sobbing over here helppp

“he shook his head finally reaching towards the ring box on the counter” OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING. NOT FOR REAL BUT IT’S STILL HAPPENING


“both rings weren’t too different from one another” Whattt that’s so weird!

“and not have it unceremoniously shoved onto her finger.” Literally

“For you though? No. Something that stands out” Ahhhhhhh

“Kagome will you be my practice wife in a fake marriage?” Lollllll

“Romantic scenes in the movies have nothing on you.” Lmaoooo

“because I knew you’d ridicule me” Aww

“she gave him another genuine and beautiful smile” Ahhhhhhh he loves herrrrrr

“there will be nothing fake about your happiness” Ahhhhhhhhh



Koree (Chapter 17) - Thu 20 Feb 2020

Is it me or was Sesshomaru hinting at something every time he said " cooking " hmmmm

Ardis (Chapter 17) - Thu 20 Feb 2020

Kagome's distrust of Sesshomaru is really frustrating considering she is willing to give Inuyasha the benefit of the doubt who is actually a no show. I do understand the slow burn is key to her character development and cant wait to read more. This is a great fic ! Please keep it coming.

Paperwing (Chapter 17) - Wed 19 Feb 2020

Unbeknownst to her, he was being utterly serious and unironic. Thanks for the update!

Revang (Chapter 16) - Mon 17 Feb 2020

Also I'm so glad she stayed strong and didn't regress because of Inuyasha proposing to her. I don't want Kagome to keep struggling, I want to see her start thriving!

Revang (Chapter 16) - Mon 17 Feb 2020

“She had yet to see what kind of ring he picked out as he kept saying that would ruin the surprise.” Omg he’s really gonna do it isn’t he? I’m so excited~ Even if it’s pretend it’s still that good fluff

“he then regretted being so protective over something minor” Aww I love him being all protective of her~

“I didn’t think pregnant women should be working so closely with chemicals.” My mind immediately went to bleach and ammonia, but since Kagome has been working with cleaning chemicals so long I’m sure she knows.

“Sesshoumaru would be left having to make up a story when all of this was about helping his reputation” That’s a good point

“why was she so quick to lie about their relationship being way more than it really was?” Because she secretly wants it~

Oh boy, what does Inuyasha want now?

“I’ll allow you to see her in the basement for just this night.” Oh thank goodness. No sketchy dangerous parks at night in the snow.

“But who was looking out for Sesshoumaru?” She cares about him~

“I’ve witnessed his rages before and I don’t want you to suffer it.” Yikes

“I won’t have him hurting you.” So protective~

Ouch, roommate-zoned lmaooo. They’re at least friends, damn Kagome.

“his eyes were constantly darting everywhere and his fingers constantly twitching at his side” Oof. He really needs help, doesn’t he?

“he didn’t give her many options as he forced her into a warm hug” Wow hello boundaries??

“InuYasha might as well have been a ghost” Well she’s not wrong!

“A simple push could make all of InuYasha’s problems and responsibilities pertaining to her go away” Oh christ, scary.

“She was the one working and saving money to prepare for the new life while he wasn’t doing anything other than making her worry.” Literally, what the heck!!

“Sesshoumaru had been the one that rescued her and stayed by her side through that whole thing while InuYasha had been MIA, so what right did he have to start calling her out?” Yeah!!

“They had this conversation already when she found out she was pregnant.” That’s been literally the whole point of everything??

“he softened his voice and gaze before lowering his body to the floor” OH HELL NO

“It was then that she went into shock as she watched InuYasha place a ring on her finger.” First of all did he want to maybe ask??? Also where the hell did he get that from when the last thing he did was ask to borrow money? Even if he got it honestly, that money should go towards the baby.

“She needed more than a ring. She needed InuYasha to have a job and show proof he was trying to get his life together.” And maybe to even be in her life at all???

“Marriage was just another form of a promise in name, and InuYasha had been failing at keeping promises.” Ding ding ding! Correct.

“He is just trying to poison you against me because he’s an asshole.” “you honestly think he cares about you?  A man like that taking interest in a single mother? This is just a game he is playing” Oh hell no!

“She recalled the truth of why he was taking care of her” Good girl

“It’s why I’m giving you a chance to tell your side of the story InuYasha!” “if you’re on drugs I’m not going to judge you I want to help you.” Kagome is just too good

“I’ve broken in once or twice to try and steal it back cause it should be mine, but during Rin’s funeral?  I don’t remember that.” Lies. Sesshoumaru values inheritance and sentimental items. He’d give it to Inuyasha if it was his mother’s ring.

“InuYasha stood up and began shouting at her” Real romantic, trying to intimidate her into doing what you want....

“but I can’t if I have to take care of the two of us” Exactly. You set those boundaries, Kagome.

“His voice went scary low taking the tone Kagome recognized from when he became obsessed with something he hated.” Oh gosh

“however he had no intention of hitting her as he struck the wall of the basement instead.” Didn’t he though? Hitting something else in anger is still intimidation and abuse

“you were too drunk I shouldn’t have- I’m the one who ruined you” Well at least he has some self awareness. But being self-pitying to make the other person comfort you or ignore your abusive tendencies is the next classic abuse play so I’m not buying it.

“Sesshoumaru’s eyes had been locked on her the moment she returned and followed her through the home alarmed by her defeated looking stature.” He actually observes and understands her body language and cares about her as her own person~

“Kagome and Sesshoumaru then both had a moment of fear.” Oh no, poor babies!

“Then you have a home here Kagome.  Always” So sweet~

“you’re not alone unless that’s truly what you want” Aww~ Kagome needs a support system, especially since her family is the way it is!

Esnix (Chapter 1) - Mon 17 Feb 2020

Eeek! I'm so in love with this story ! I can't wait for more! 



KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Mon 17 Feb 2020

I'm really glad she didn't go down that road with Inuyasha. She stayed strong. I was worried that her resolve would crumble. Really nice chapter. Thanks. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 15) - Mon 17 Feb 2020

Nice couple of chapters. I like how you have woven the story title into their thoughts and comments. Interesting twist with Kikyo. Could make for a very interesting party. 

Paperwing (Chapter 16) - Sun 16 Feb 2020

I think you really write Inuyasha well when it comes to the kind of antics and dishonesty friends and family have to go through when someone is in that situation and refuses to change. 

Koree (Chapter 15) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

My my my Sesshomaru " to my warmth " how daring of him lol amazing chap 

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 15) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

Glad you updated. I can't help but wonder what you have planned. Thanks for the update

Niomi (Chapter 15) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

What a sweet Valentine's Day treat. Thank you for another pleasant update

Revang (Chapter 15) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

“he was certain some of the things he said could have possibly harmed whatever small relationship they had.” Aww it’s sweet that he’s worried about that

“now that he had her as a partner in this he didn’t want to lose her.” Aww, he can rely on her~

“She no longer looked like the terrified pregnant girl that blamed and hated herself for her situation.” I’m so happy for her~ She deserves to have a happy life

“A ring or a necklace?” GASP! Even if it’s supposedly for pretense, it’s still a gift of jewelry!!!

“despite it being quite a welcomed addition to my home” so sweet

“he couldn’t tell if she were happy about that or disappointed.  Oh how badly he wanted to know.” Ahhhhh he’s pining! Such good content~

“men like you don’t go ‘unattached’ for long” Men like him? So she does think highly of him and sees him as attractive then.

“The woman I’ve invited is named Kikyo Yamada “ Oh fuck he’s inviting Inuyasha’s ex? How is that a good idea?? I thought this was supposed to be a way to get Kagome’s mind off of things and give her a chance to play a totally different role.

“she was pretending to be strategic about this whole thing” Uh-huhhh she’s totally digging it!

“She asked but didn’t make a motion to take her hand back.” Things are getting spicy~~

“Apparently she warped it into part of the little game they were playing now.” Oh these two dorks are both totally into this “game” of theirs

“I want it to say ‘to my warmth” Awwwwwww so sweet I’m dieeeeeeee

Blommie8 (Chapter 15) - Wed 12 Feb 2020

I hope the truth between kikyo and inu reveal soon to kagome. So she wouldn' t wait for him.

Paperwing (Chapter 15) - Wed 12 Feb 2020

Aww that's sweet. I wonder if we'll have a baby mama revelation at the dinner or mercifully avoid it until she and Kikyp go out for a coffee date and Kagome spills that she isn't actually his fiancee...

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