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KT (Chapter 1) - Thu 12 Mar 2020

Love! I truly hope you finish the story!

Dylan (Chapter 13) - Mon 03 Feb 2020

Oh no! Hiatus?! No one ever comes back from those :( I hope you do tho this is one of my favorite SessKag stories yet.  

Phynyx (Chapter 13) - Thu 30 Jan 2020

Is the story done???? I want so much to see the end of the battle and where sees and mags go!!! Author please don't have abandoned us! ( I thought I clicked completed but now I'm hooked) 

Phynyx (Chapter 13) - Thu 30 Jan 2020

Is the story done???? I want so much to see the end of the battle and where sees and mags go!!! Author please don't have abandoned us! 

nicole (Chapter 13) - Sat 25 Jan 2020

You should draw a picture

Carlyn (Chapter 12) - Sun 29 Dec 2019

Haha! Sesshomaru, the teasing perfection. Thank you for this! Merry Christmas!!!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 12) - Fri 27 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas, indeed!! What a lovely chapter to liven up the holiday! Thank you so much for posting it, and for gracing our site with this intriguing, entertaining story.  Hope your holidays are as sweet as this chapter has been! 



Carlyn (Chapter 10) - Fri 27 Dec 2019

LOVE that cliffy! Can't wait to read how sesshomaru handles koga! Hahahaaaaa

Carlyn (Chapter 9) - Fri 27 Dec 2019

Wooooooowwwww. . Hojo being the bad guy, eh? I always did think he was a little TOO nice to be real. Lol

Carlyn (Chapter 8) - Fri 27 Dec 2019

Oooh! I really liked the beast in this one. Very well written. Gave me shivers imagining his voice, among other things. Haha

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 12) - Wed 25 Dec 2019

Lovely love everything  about this fic

Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Mon 23 Dec 2019

I've been waiting sooo long for this chapter. It was nice to see Sesshomaru and Kagome have some alone time even though they weren't alone. I'm so excited for the fight with Naraku. 

Carlyn (Chapter 6) - Sun 22 Dec 2019

I love this story! Wonderful work!

Anna Grey (Chapter 11) - Sat 21 Dec 2019

i love every single damn chapte!! Tomorrow they're fighting!!! And nooo you left me hanging on the cliff. So sad

Ps: I'd love a side story but I want a new chapter more, well bc I'm hanging, remember?

Nena (Chapter 11) - Sat 21 Dec 2019

Good chapter. It is entertaining to see Koga get his butt kicked by Sesshomaru. 

Sesshomaru being understanding of Kagome's kind nature and not being cruel to her for it is a nice thing. His reprimand on the other hand is so downright naughty and way more fun.

So, how exactly does every one know that the fight is supposed to be for tomorrow?

Will Sesshomaru and Kagome have more alone time before the big fight? Where will the kiddies be for the big fight?

Glad that you updated. Look for forward to the next chapter.



Catie (Chapter 10) - Wed 20 Nov 2019

I cant wait to read more ?

James1996 (Chapter 10) - Mon 18 Nov 2019

Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.

Nena (Chapter 10) - Tue 12 Nov 2019

I am so happy that you updated! I'm enjoying this story so much.

It is great that Sessh and Kagome finally talked over some of their miscommunication or lack of it.

Ohh, Kouga shows up?! Let the drama escalate, ha. It is fun to have him around to ruffle some feathers. I am so curious if Kagome is going to realize that the situation calls for her action  or inaction? The possiblitiies! Will she upset Sesshomaru? Will she surprise in a good way? Will she need to ask for forgiveness for not understanding?You have me thinking of all that can happen!

Seriously, this story has me so hyped for whatever happens next :)

You are doing a great job.


Nallely (Chapter 10) - Tue 12 Nov 2019

Hahaha hoo Kouga, I can't wait for the next chapter, this one was so much fun.

Nallely (Chapter 9) - Sun 10 Nov 2019

Where is the next chapter??!! I need more of this progressing relationship and the last part of this chapter left me smiling at the image of an horrified and pained Hojo. I Will be reading the next one so please update soon!!

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