kimzedd (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Oct 2019

Amazing! I didn't want the chapters to end.

Neelixonee (Chapter 2) - Sun 08 Sep 2019

Ooh!  Interesting!  I love pirate stories and I'm excited to see where this one goes!  Love it.

Toni (Chapter 2) - Sat 07 Sep 2019

omg I love this story  can't wait to see how you develop this story  

can't wait for more  please update soon

Steph (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Sep 2019

Great review!

Fye (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Sep 2019

Oh my, this story is looking very interesting. I love the setting too, don't know if I read SeshKag fics about pirates.

You have a lovely writing style, can't wait to read more. Thank you :)

Nallely (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Sep 2019

I'm you new fan! I stand for my previus review, it's really well written, the plot it's different but interesting and I really like the caracters so you have to update soon, I will be reading.

Nallely (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Sep 2019

I just read the first chapter, really well written, very interesting, I will be reading more of your story. Keep up!

Lammy (Chapter 2) - Thu 05 Sep 2019

This is going to be good!! Can't wait to read more.

CookieAsylum (Chapter 2) - Thu 05 Sep 2019

Oh man! I can’t believe how much I missed pirate AU’s! This is beautiful! Excellent job! I love that Kagome‘s a take-no-shit tavern maid, and Sesshoumaru is just as cold and ruthless. I look forward to future updates!

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