Faith (Chapter 3) - Wed 18 Sep 2019

I've had a rough few days so I don't have much to say, but I wanted to let you know I'm still reading and enjoying this story, and the effort you've put into writing it! Thank you for indulging us! :)

BittersweetSauce (Chapter 2) - Sat 14 Sep 2019

Awaiting to know what he did and thought during her discovery and stabbing. Really curious about that time.

HulahopTwist (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Sep 2019

Pretty amazing story.

On my opinion, it could be read as a stand alone, you obviously miss a lot of things and get a lot of spoilers, but it surely works as a stand alone.

In fact, I think that it could be the other way around, I mean, once finished, it could be read before the other two stories and still work, like with some mangas where you first get a one-shot story -as a trial,  a test- and if it works among the reales, they draw a whole series about it.

Surimi (Chapter 2) - Thu 12 Sep 2019

I like your stories so far. Very much. Very well written. Very interesting all these points of view. Sesshomaru's specially. It explains so much of his behaviour, and adds a lot of new layers to the original story,  in a pleasant non-repetitive way. About the lemons, up to you. 

Amelia (Chapter 2) - Sun 08 Sep 2019

lemons are kind of a must at this point.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 2) - Sun 08 Sep 2019

Thank you for the update! It’s still interesting to see Sesshoumaru’s POV on all this, and lol to Kagura ruining all the things. I don’t think you necessarily need to add lemon scenes, esp. if you have a hesitation on it. You write what you’re comfortable with. It’s fine as it is if you want to leave it that way! This is your story. The quickest way to turn it into something you may no longer like is to deviate from your intentions and try to please everyone. It’s impossible to make everyone bappy, so let your creativity flourish as it naturally comes.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 1) - Sun 01 Sep 2019

So interesting to see his POV! Very much looking forward to more of this—even if I’m back to wanting to scream at Sesshoumaru for the time being. Lol

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