Revang (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Aug 2019

Oh my, we’re just starting right at an 11 lmao woww she is certainly upset.

Aw her dress! What on earth happened? I love Miroku as a designer ahaha


He’s on vacation? Oh dear this does put a damper on that

Omg clinging to driftwood, in the middle of the ocean, somehow closer to Japan than where she’d started in China? Whatt on earth happened??

Lmao she was just in character that’s hilarious

Oh god the fish guts whyyy

Of course he doesn’t watch tv or movies ahaha But that’s nice that she can be herself~

Ahaha he just peaced out from a business meeting and escaped from his mom. Overbearing Sessmama is just such a great trope 

Oh nooo she’s so unhappy :(

Oh Jesus she threw herself from the dock or something?? The paparazzi are crazy. But she wasn’t all the way in China then at least lol 

“We’ve gotten reports that you launched yourself off a port to get away from the reporters” so now they’re gonna come harass her some more???

He saves her ahhhhh and she’s so happy!!

Aww the ending is very sweet and poetic with their hair down and free in the wind but also starting to intermingle with each other. A+ visual metaphor 

They’re gonna have a great time~

Toni (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Aug 2019

this is a great story  so sorry that it is a one shot  it would be fun to see how the story plays out  how many of us would just love to get on a boat and be away from civilization for a month or 2???

keep up your great writing 

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