VS (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Aug 2019


You did an amazingly good job with this one, and I feel honoured that someone like you would give me such a gift!

The story is funny and sweet at the same time! I love all of Sesshoumaru's comments about why Kagome isn't just birthing the young ones, or when he left that she shouldn't give birth in his absence!!!! Like, hello? Is that something she can control? XD 

And Rin's barking is just too funny!!! Sesshoumaru is an excellent teacher! ;) And that he took his time to fulfill Rin's wishes just shows what a good and loving father he is.

That's what I meant by funny and sweet at the same time.

The wrestling part was hilarious! ;) And yes Rin, they were annoyed when you tried to "help"! LOL And Sesshoumaru's explanation didn't help much, that's for sure! But hey, Rin knows that she has to ask Sesshoumaru for permission, before she attempts any wrestling with her husband... *burst out laughing* And the idea with the secret box was super sweet too, only Sesshoumaru can come up with such a way to explain business. XD

The midwife was really crazy, lol. What evil spirits, when Sesshoumaru is there?

And of course the baby has blue eyes, because Sesshoumaru wanted it like that. XD

The ending was really sweet and romantic! You have mastered the humour, Stormie!!! And I'm looking forward to your next work!

Thanks again!


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