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Koree (Chapter 19) - Tue 14 Jan 2020

Awwww poor Shippo

Allison (Chapter 19) - Fri 10 Jan 2020

I totally was not prepared for the twist this took. I'm super sad about Shippo's dad. And just the way you worded it, I'm guessing Sesshomaru's mom is daring Kagura, and she adopted Rin? Connect the verbal dot cues is fun. Anyway, I love this, and am looking forward to more... I hope. Whenever that happens!

daapatemysoul (Chapter 19) - Fri 03 Jan 2020

I'm so, so happy to see this update! It's just the thing I needed after having semi-emergency surgery this week (discovery of issue to surgery was 2.5 weeks). Nithing major but still enough to be feeling both bleh and bored. This update definitely helped with both those problems! I'll have my fingers crossed that we get more soon, hopefully of the lemony variety, lol. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Thu 02 Jan 2020

Great chapters, Happy New Year!

Lauren (Chapter 19) - Wed 01 Jan 2020

Happy new year! I'm a little sad. I thought you'd let Shippou's father live. Poor Shippou... He'll be crushed. And then who will take care of him? This "friend" of his father's? I don't like it.


Did Sesshomaru's mother adopt Rin? Why was she in the hospital? Will these two ever get an uninterrupted day together?

LovemeUsui (Chapter 19) - Wed 01 Jan 2020

Omg yes! An update. 

VS (Chapter 18) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

I had finally timen to catch up with this fic! I just loved how it has been progressing so far! It was really refreshing to see a Sesshoumaru who held back penetrating her and wait until they had dates! Usually it's a shy Kagome that needs to be secuded by Sesshoumaru.

This chapter was my favourite so far too! The idea with the Feudal Fairy Tale role/cosplay was just amazing! I loved how you played with canon elements! And again you added a new dimension to Sesshoumaru's character with this hobby of his!

Kagome is not only over this sibbling issue but it's starting to become a kink of hers! The irony!

I can't wait to see how it goes when they tell their parents! InuPapa was very open to Kagome being "gay". Let's see.

Koree (Chapter 18) - Wed 27 Nov 2019

Great chap lol cosplay was a good idea 

KShadeslady (Chapter 18) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

That was hot! I'm fanning myself! Very nice lemon! 

LovemeUsui (Chapter 18) - Sun 10 Nov 2019

Such a great story! So steamy. Phew

FayeMegan (Chapter 18) - Sat 09 Nov 2019

Hot chapter ;) can't wait for more

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 18) - Sat 09 Nov 2019

Omg this is the best chapter ever XD 

Christina (Chapter 17) - Mon 04 Nov 2019

I'm loving this story, can't wait to see where this is going.

KShadeslady (Chapter 17) - Sun 03 Nov 2019

Wahoo! Great update! Nice lemon. It would be hard to concentrate with him around. Cheers!

LovemeUsui (Chapter 16) - Thu 31 Oct 2019

Looks for fan and ice and ob my

LovemeUsui (Chapter 16) - Thu 31 Oct 2019

Looks for fan and ice and ob my

KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Wed 30 Oct 2019

Oh my...that was extremely yummy! Sigh...

KShadeslady (Chapter 15) - Tue 29 Oct 2019

See...plans spoiled. But maybe some fun may still occur. Shippo is always one of my favorites. 

daapatemysoul (Chapter 15) - Tue 29 Oct 2019

You evil, EVIL woman!! That cliff hanger is just mean! I can't wait for the next chapter. Like, I'm going to be checking my phone compulsively for it, lol. 

Coastin (Chapter 15) - Sun 27 Oct 2019

These cliffhangers though

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