Arc-an Angel (Chapter 5) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

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Taylor (Chapter 5) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

Yay an update! I love that old tree lol one of my favorite characters actually

Aijoinu (Chapter 5) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

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Aijoinu (Chapter 2) - Sat 30 Nov 2019

He he he, Kagome is caught off guard. I'm curious about your take on demon courting. 

Aijoinu (Chapter 1) - Sat 30 Nov 2019

Amazing imagery in the first chapter. You paint very vivid images and just enough emotion to convey what the characters are feeling. Well, for a dream sequnene, that is. Loved it.  

Kelly (Chapter 4) - Sat 27 Jul 2019

Okay, I really, really loved this chapter!  The idea that Kagome somehow figured out how to affect Sesshoumaru's dreams the same way he had been torturning her is brilliant.  Looking forward to more of this!  I do think it might be fun for Miroku to get an idea of what is going on and perhaps question Inuyasha about Sesshoumaru's intentions.  Poor Inuyasha should have known better than to mention that Kagome smelled like she was in heat last chapter.  LOL!

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I really enjoyed this chapter!  I loved Jakken's monologue after the battle with Naraku.  He does know how to sing his lord;s praises.  LOL!  I loved the way Sesshoumaru approached Kagome, and then the way he took her off to clean up like she said she wanted to.  Now I'm wondering if she asked Sango or Miroku about the things he had said.  I'm guessing she wouldn't be comfortable enough asking Inuyasha, even though their relationship has become strictly friendly.  Can't wait to read more!

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