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Faith (Chapter 50) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

So many good moments. I hope you've gotten some work done for your clients, but also know how much the effort you've been putting into this story is appreciated.

Neelixonee (Chapter 50) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

Good luck with your work!  And thank you for all the updates!

Toni (Chapter 50) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

So totally enjoying this story. Cant wait for more. Keep the chapters coming.

Lady Artemis (Chapter 50) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

You are super talented. I'm hooked! 

Orotami (Chapter 50) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

*hands off more coffee and cookies* man, sesshoumaru's going to blow Kagome's mind on the possibilities of living for a really long time to make it to the future. I can't wait for more! BUT, get some real life stuff accomplished! You can do it! Then you can come back into the realm of procrasting and dealing with those of us throwing virtual goodies at you :-) 

Orotami (Chapter 46) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

Crank out some real life work so you don't tick off anyone. We all understand and will be patiently waiting for you! *hands off some coffee and cookies*

Neelixonee (Chapter 46) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

The sweet angsty moments get to me.  I love coming home from work for these :)

CookieAsylum (Chapter 46) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

Yoooooo! These drabbles are so good! I read 1-37 yesterday morning, and you’ve already updated to 46?!? That’s insane! I love it! The hurt/comfort is so well done. They’re both struggling and grieving in their own way. Even Sess letting Kagome seek comfort in him, it’s so touching. Gah! My heart!

Anyway, I love this fic! And I SUPER look forward to future updates!

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 46) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

I say update them but who knows. I really like this one. The slobbery baby kiss was absolutely adorable and I wish I was an artist just to draw it. 

Orotami (Chapter 44) - Fri 14 Jun 2019

Love, love, love and more LOVE! Can't wait for this rocked worlds moment for both of them. 

ashuhhleey (Chapter 44) - Fri 14 Jun 2019

I think it's safe to say they're friends now. Btw, I loved that scene with the baby. That was so cute!

Nilee1 (Chapter 36) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

”Did you know...” how annoying must that have been:-)

I love the fact that he does everything that he can to make her more emotionally comfortable. 

I so look forward to all your updates; thanks for a great story.

Orotami (Chapter 37) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

You don't realize how wonderful it's been coming home to read this drabble after a 14 hr work day. I hope you continue to have some procrastination scheduled into your work day to appease us readers who eagerly open dokuga to see an update! I loved this new set of drabbles. Especially the smirk and laughter at the end :-). Till next time!

Midnight Song (Chapter 37) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Uggggh I can't believe you only have one story. So great! Can't wait to read more! 

Neelixonee (Chapter 37) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Kagome raging and crying so quickly in succession is such a real and great detail.  Having Sesshoumaru sit it out as a quiet and understanding companion breeds a great friendship. 

Faith (Chapter 37) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

We're comrades in procrastination writing and me reading ;) who needs to do anything else? If I could live off of words, I'd definitely do it.

Orotami (Chapter 32) - Wed 12 Jun 2019

I can see why you cried writing the last drabble chapter. But this, this chapter is pure bliss. Till next time  :-)

Nilee1 (Chapter 31) - Wed 12 Jun 2019

Wow, she has a terrible decision to make. Surely, she must miss her family on the other side of the well. She is right that no one will understand the magnitude of her loss or its horrific nature. She could lose Sesshomaru if the well wouldn’t let her come back, and that would double her grief, double her loss knowing that she left him to continue alone, without her.

ashuhhleey (Chapter 27) - Tue 11 Jun 2019

This is so sad! =(

Orotami (Chapter 27) - Tue 11 Jun 2019

I'm bawling my eyes out! Such vivid imagery with this drabble. What a way to end the work day. 

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