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Arc-an Angel (Chapter 11) - Sun 07 Jun 2020

There's development between these two. Still twisted but I see a blending of harsh lines. Very interested to see where you take this story.

wonderbug (Chapter 11) - Sun 03 May 2020

Fascinating about the Inugami lore - I enjoyed it very much, and its contribution to the overall dark, brooding atmosphere of the story :) Gotta say I also found Sesshoumaru's poison claws a little ranom in the canon, but now it makes a lot more sense!

*Whew* what a chapter!! I like to re-read them a couple of times before reviewing so I can try to get my thoughts in order - plus on the first read I tend to devour it like an animal LOL - but after 3 read throughs, I'm still having trouble with the whole coherency thing....!! Wow, just wow. More than well worth the wait I must say! I'm loving this twisted intimacy of theirs to pieces, and you've conveyed so well and believably how they've both started to lose themselves to it. Simply superb story-telling :)

Absolutely loved this line: "There isn’t anything she missed more than her previous life." That one hit me like a punch to the gut D: Poor Kagome... The way you're revealing her predicament in bits and pieces has been fantastic - agonizing lol, but fantastic!

Very curious to see what Sesshoumaru's proposition is... Take care, friend, and keep up the amazing work! I literally squeal for delight every time you update <3 <3 <3

Neelixonee (Chapter 11) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

Absolutely loved the tale at the beginning!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 10) - Thu 02 Apr 2020

I am delighted that some physical touch has entered the chat!!! These two definitely have a sexy dark twisted vibe going on that just heightens everything! excited to see where else things go.

And she ain't slick lol sliding them fingers in his mouth like 'you're gonna taste it one way or another!'

wonderbug (Chapter 10) - Wed 01 Apr 2020


OMG I'm having trouble containing myself..............OK, breathe!

First off, I'd like to share some of my fave lines from this chap:

“Why don’t you pick up your knife,” I said, touching my chest. “Why not place it here and turn it?”


Hers were eyes leering at prey.

But so were mine.


AhI said the quiet part out loud. 

(LOL I died at this XD)


Second off, THE HOTNESS!!!!!!!! @-@

Whew boy!! *fans self* That was some sublime sweet torturing, there. A line has been crossed, and I'm chomping at the bit! Hahaha YESSSSSSSS!

(Also, I would just like to say that with regards to Sess thinking that Kagome's bathtub is too small for him to get into: where there's a will, there's a way, buddy. ;) )

Thanks a million for the sizzling update! So glad to know you're doing well in these crazy times - as a fellow introvert, I feel the same <3 <3




Mecca (Chapter 10) - Tue 31 Mar 2020

Well goddamn, that made me simultaneously hot and bothered. If only because poor Sess is not the edgelord he would like to be, but Kagome's wanton cruelty just makes the End that much more worth it. He was a Good Boy and needed rewarding. I'm glad he got his bone, in a way. Hopefully he gets to bury it one day ;) Also quarantined to our homes here, so I am so grateful you took the time to update! Absolutely such a big fan of you work. Stay well!

wonderbug (Chapter 9) - Tue 03 Mar 2020

Cue the Britney Spears song - I'm ready for toxic! Lol

Take the f*cking shards.” 

...bahahaha! Man, that may be my fav line thus far. Just...perfect XD

Thoroughly enjoyed the fight scenes in this chapter!! The descriptions and fast pacing were truly gripping and really ratcheted up the tension. Brutal, chaotic and absolutely nail-biting when they took that final plunge! I also really think you nailed Sesshoumaru in beast form - more savage and instinct-driven, but still chillingly self-aware. It's really a shame we didn't get to see more of dog!Sess in the canon. Sigh

Anyway, I can't say it enough that I'm on the edge of my seat - I guess by now it's like the nano-edge haha. Last thing - I'm in terrible suspense for a confrontation between our protagonists and InuKik. The tidbits about them in this chapter were highly intriguing....!

Once again, an awesome update! Thanks for sharing!! <3 <3

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Thu 27 Feb 2020

I am in awe of your talent, such powerful imagery and the way you set the stage for this fight, I was on the edge of my seat. I have read too many fics already with an angelic, saccharine sweet Kagome. I've come to find I prefer the ones where she is more raw, more worldly with splashes of cruel and cold-hearted. In this way, I think she would be more than a match for Sesshomaru, who is similar to one infamous fallen angel, without having ever been angelic in the first place. Gah, that fight scene was so good. I can only imagine how mangled Sesshomaru is though. I hope Kagome can heal him, or at least appea to his sense of pride and push him to and beyond his limits so that he realizes only she has that power, and the only one he would fight for if nothing else. 

Meldrymoon (Chapter 9) - Tue 25 Feb 2020

This was the best surprise to find you had updated. ??????????????
I'm SO excited to see where this story goes! Keep up the amazing writing! ???????????????????????????? 

wonderbug (Chapter 8) - Sat 11 Jan 2020

Woohoo! Dark intimacy is right!! Loving the exquisite tension and the way Kagome is so subtly getting under his skin - absolutely cannot get enough of that ;)

And the morsel of backstory was just as intriguing. Waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next! <3

Mecca (Chapter 8) - Fri 10 Jan 2020

Give ya all the dark intimacy, I am eating it all up! In absence of romance, I'll take dark intimacy any day. I am so pumped to see how they work together to bring in the shards and maybe, avenge whatever foul thing Inuyasha did (amongst all the other foul things) to Kagome that I'm suspecting happened. And ugh, Kagome should be able to have more power than Kikyou, if only because her soul is bigger, she just needs to be trained. Love it. Please keep going!

klee (Chapter 8) - Mon 06 Jan 2020

Love it!

witty (Chapter 8) - Mon 06 Jan 2020

WHEW! What a chapter. Kagome and sesshomaru are a match made in hell and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

wonderbug (Chapter 7) - Tue 24 Dec 2019

Ha, I know the feeling about editing...sometimes you just gotta cut yourself off lol. But man, this was a fantastic chapter! I swear each one is getting better and better - there's so much depth to this story, and you're doing an excellent job of just feeding us little morsels at a time. It's still killing me not knowing the backstory of how Kagome ended up alone with Shippo, but all in good time, right? :) In the meantime I'll just continue to savor the anticipation and delicious tension, OMG. Fanning myself as we speak, because those little explicit stabs of language in the midst of all that lovely, darkly poetic introspection from Sesshoumaru just really does it for me, girl! Hahaha. 

Oh, and just wanted to point out this line from Sess, because I found it so very poignant (especially when reflecting on Inuyasha's circumstances, too): "Then you should know a demon raised by humans can only hope to live a tragic life."

;_; Yeah, that one really got me...poor Shippo.

Anyway, lovely update as always! Thank you for sharing, and Happy Holidays!! <3

witty (Chapter 7) - Mon 02 Dec 2019

I love Kagome's characterization in this. Sesshomaru is in over his head me thinks

Neelixonee (Chapter 7) - Mon 02 Dec 2019

I absolutely love this story. Even his creep perv shit.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 7) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

I love and hate this story at the same time. I need some action between him and Kagome before I self combust. Even if it's just the tip...of a finger...or SOMETHING!!!! I'm as frustrated as he is lol Excellent job though. Loving the tone and characters (especially Sesshomaru's inner monologues or character contradiction)

wonderbug (Chapter 6) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

Ahaha, I'll bet that was a fun chapter to edit! :) God, that tension at the end nearly KILLED me... X.X  well done!!

Sesshoumaru's gripes about demonesses were amusing for sure, as well as his interaction with that hooker -LOL. Omg, though, as much as I *love* Sess's dark, scathing characterization in this fic, I gotta say Kagome's is amazing! Cooler than the other side of the pillow, that one. ;) I love me a strong and capable heroine!

In related news, I'm absolutely DYING to know what happened to cause her, Inuyasha, and the others to part ways. Could that lecherous monk she visited have been Miroku...? Can't remember if she mentioned something about him and Sango earlier on in the story - need to go back and re-read.

Anyway, thank you so much for this deliciously long chapter!! You're killin it with this story, girl - Keep up the fantastic work!! 



Midnight Cat (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Oct 2019


Dark, and so delicious, with a slow roast that threatens to turn into an all encompasing inferno. I love it. So far, it feels like a smooth drink, that you savor because you want to relish on the taste. 

I applaud you, and wish to encourage you to continue, but before I do so, I wish to thank you for sharing with us, for your time, and excellent work into creating your stories. Please continue to culture your gift, for not many can write as you do.

Mecca (Chapter 6) - Mon 21 Oct 2019

Oh man. Another dark chapter that is starting to stir the desire for dark things. I am reeeeeallly curious as to if Sess is gonna be SinSess or SaintSess, hehe 

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