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witty (Chapter 7) - Mon 02 Dec 2019

I love Kagome's characterization in this. Sesshomaru is in over his head me thinks

Neelixonee (Chapter 7) - Mon 02 Dec 2019

I absolutely love this story. Even his creep perv shit.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 7) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

I love and hate this story at the same time. I need some action between him and Kagome before I self combust. Even if it's just the tip...of a finger...or SOMETHING!!!! I'm as frustrated as he is lol Excellent job though. Loving the tone and characters (especially Sesshomaru's inner monologues or character contradiction)

wonderbug (Chapter 6) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

Ahaha, I'll bet that was a fun chapter to edit! :) God, that tension at the end nearly KILLED me... X.X  well done!!

Sesshoumaru's gripes about demonesses were amusing for sure, as well as his interaction with that hooker -LOL. Omg, though, as much as I *love* Sess's dark, scathing characterization in this fic, I gotta say Kagome's is amazing! Cooler than the other side of the pillow, that one. ;) I love me a strong and capable heroine!

In related news, I'm absolutely DYING to know what happened to cause her, Inuyasha, and the others to part ways. Could that lecherous monk she visited have been Miroku...? Can't remember if she mentioned something about him and Sango earlier on in the story - need to go back and re-read.

Anyway, thank you so much for this deliciously long chapter!! You're killin it with this story, girl - Keep up the fantastic work!! 



Midnight Cat (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Oct 2019


Dark, and so delicious, with a slow roast that threatens to turn into an all encompasing inferno. I love it. So far, it feels like a smooth drink, that you savor because you want to relish on the taste. 

I applaud you, and wish to encourage you to continue, but before I do so, I wish to thank you for sharing with us, for your time, and excellent work into creating your stories. Please continue to culture your gift, for not many can write as you do.

Mecca (Chapter 6) - Mon 21 Oct 2019

Oh man. Another dark chapter that is starting to stir the desire for dark things. I am reeeeeallly curious as to if Sess is gonna be SinSess or SaintSess, hehe 

Anonymous (Chapter 6) - Mon 21 Oct 2019

I'm still trying to process what I just read O_O Lawd have mercy.

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 5) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

I am loving this new chapter this is such a interesting  take on this 

Mecca (Chapter 5) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

OoOoh. So good and so dark. I am very curious as to where you’ll be taking this. I can see them meeting up with Tamamae, and Kagome helping him break the curse. You said no romance, but I’m thinking maybe it’ll be super dark and delicious however way you do go with this story. Please update soon!

wonderbug (Chapter 4) - Sat 24 Aug 2019

Ah, the plot thickens! This chapter was such a delight to read - absolutely loving the tension between these two, and of course, the dark gritty atmosphere of the story in general. The dark humor is so spot-on. Sesshoumaru's sadistic musings had me tickled and anxious all at once haha.

Waiting on pins and needles for the next installment!! I have so many questions brewing and can't wait to see how Sesshoumaru adapts to his new role...


Arc-an Angel (Chapter 3) - Fri 05 Jul 2019

Fascinating. Looking forward to reading more!

Sally (Chapter 3) - Thu 04 Jul 2019

Your a really skilled writer. Seriously, it's like your painting a picture.  

Not sure why Kagome is actiing the way she is, maybe it feels good abuse her power because she's hurting and emotional pain can make people dangerous.  I hope she isn't going to turn into a rapist, no matter how much of a creep Sesshoumaru is.

I was really worried about that while reading this chapter.  She's obviously in a situation that's not really in her control, unless the well is still working but I can see her staying for Shippo. Rape is the ultimate powertrip.  I was almost releaved that the ending NSFW was Sesshoumaru's fantasy. Man entitled people have issues and I'm glad he can't act on them.  Not just because of the potential added trauma to Shippo.

wonderbug (Chapter 3) - Wed 03 Jul 2019

Bahaha, that last line...holy smokes. XD

Don't you DARE even think of holding back!! The hard left turn at the end builds the tension perfectly. TOO perfectly, because now I'm even more on pins and needles! D: Needless to say, I'm terribly excited to see how the "dark intimacy" between them progresses ;)

I have to wonder, is the curse affecting Kagome too?


LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 3) - Tue 02 Jul 2019

Noooooo this is hot as fuck yes yes yes

Saeko (Chapter 3) - Tue 02 Jul 2019

Sorry, this OOC-ness is too much for me. Rape/ slavery may be well within HIS personality, but not in hers. I could see her being a domme with him being willing. Actually, I have, and loved it. But saint Kagome?? No. This is not a flame. Your writing is pretty good, and you set a scene nicely, and I didn't notice many typos, so you're pretty good. You've just lost me for this story. Bye.

wonderbug (Chapter 2) - Sat 22 Jun 2019

Ohhhh boy, here we go! So excited to see how the curse progresses... Darkness? - Bring. It. On. You built up a fantastic sense of foreboding with the first scene.

Loved the interaction between Sess and Kags in this chapter. Very much a fan of her tough-girl characterization and intrigued to learn more of her backstory leading up to the present. In short, you’ve got me hooked ;)

Also at the risk of sounded demented, I really enjoyed by what went down with that wolf youkai. Cracked up a little at Sess “venting” to him post...well...don’t wanna spoil anything lol

Anyway, thanks so much for the update!! Haven’t been this stoked about a fic in a long time <3

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Fri 31 May 2019


Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 May 2019

Loved it!  Definitely looking forward to more!

Tessitura (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 May 2019

this is an awesome begining, can't wait for the next installment.

wonderbug (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 May 2019

OMG - I love it. "No romance" you say? Well you may have just alienated 90% of the dokuga general population, but I'm so on board. Haha

Anyway, this is such a fresh take - in like SO many ways. First off, brilliant choice of 1st person POV. Most people wouldn't (shouldn't) dare, but you pull it off flawlessly - and it's SESS POV on top of that! I was sucked in right from the start. His voice is so crisp and cool and perfectly demonic - exactly how I imagine it would be.

And, oh, the atmosphere. So richly and vividly depicted! I could *feel* the magic simmering in the air - and the tension. A dark forest, an ancient enemy...Tamamae is an intriguing character, and their battle got my blood up for sure. ;)

Love it when someone manages to get one over on Sesshoumaru - but it has to be convincing. And you've got me convinced. Absolutely cannot wait to see where you take this captivating dark tale...


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