Nallely (Chapter 7) - Thu 16 May 2019

I need interaction between Sessh and Kags, I need you to keep writing please!!!!!

Nallely (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 May 2019

This is very good, I like the turn you give to the Trojan base with the series, I want to see what happens with Sesshomaru and Kagome.

I also feel that Kikyo is going to do something stupid and then inuyasha will do something stupid too.


Please I need more!!!!

gildedglass (Chapter 7) - Sun 12 May 2019

This is a really good story!! Please continue writing. I can't wait to find out how Kagura will react to Sesshomaru and Kagome falling in love. Will Sesshomaru betray the alliance with Naraku for Kagome? So curious!! 

ToniB (Chapter 7) - Fri 10 May 2019

Love it!! Waiting for sesshomaru's reaction to Kagome. Or even her reaction to sesshomaru in a vision. Knowing things ahead of time (even when it's not a full picture) must be stressful!!!

hana sora (Chapter 7) - Fri 10 May 2019

i want more especially the interaction between kagome and sesshomaru

Katelin (Chapter 7) - Mon 06 May 2019

I’m so interested to see where this goes. Update soon please!!!

Katelin (Chapter 7) - Mon 06 May 2019

I’m so interested to see where this goes. Update soon please!!!

candy (Chapter 7) - Mon 06 May 2019

I'm enjoying your story. Keep up the good work.

Lady Artemis (Chapter 7) - Sun 05 May 2019

When are you posting next because these 7 chapters are not enough. I need more!!! Love the story. 

Nathaniel z Alexandria (Chapter 2) - Sat 04 May 2019

I'm loving the troy movie vibes so far

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 7) - Sat 04 May 2019

Ah I just love Kagome ???? she’s so selfless and human all at the same time ! I can’t wait until  Sesshoumaru meets her! It will be pretty interesting to see him give in to Kagome

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