Amber (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Apr 2019

 I literally just binge read this story in less than 12 hours. I absolutely love this story. I literally filled and sympathize with every conflict and emotional trial throughout the whole story. I feel like the characters are well developed and are very reflective. I love your portrayal of Kouga‘a character in the story. He is literally the friend everyone needs!! Thank you so much for this story. I cannot wait to read the sequel!!

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 22) - Mon 15 Apr 2019

Thank you wasn't enough to say on how much you made me fall in love deeply with this story, the plot, the characters and the emotions that you stirred up in me,I'm inlove , laughed and cry with the characters and even brought tears of joy in my eyes...So happy for sess and kagome and to sesshomaru's mom as well. Hope to see more of you stories here. God bless!

Ana (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Apr 2019

Good story! Just started reading it 2days ago and i couldn’t stop. ????????????

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 1) - Tue 09 Apr 2019

This is my first time reading this story! But god this first chapter is so good! Really caught my interest! So if it's ok I'll just gonna read all the way.thanks for sharing this wonderful writing with us.

Quvonda (Chapter 10) - Mon 08 Apr 2019

Okay. I like this story a lot more now. Pretty funny and good plot.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 22) - Mon 08 Apr 2019

I forgot to tell you that I re-read the whole story this weekend. *happy sigh* Again, I enjoyed all the ups, downs, twists and turns... sooooo satisfying! Thank you so much for posting it here and letting us enjoy the beginning all over again - now move LITTOK here too, 'k?



Quvonda (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Apr 2019

First chapter and Kagome is a rude little bitch. Sigh. I'll keep reading though.

kagsbigfan (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Apr 2019

Reread your story again And it felt like the first time. Any chance that you’ll be working on the sequel? It’s been incomplete for a while. Please update and it’s good to know your still alive and well. Always wonder the reason behind stories remaining incomplete for some time.

Miss C (Chapter 22) - Sat 06 Apr 2019

I remember reading this years ago and it is still great!!

Faith (Chapter 22) - Fri 05 Apr 2019

I just binge read this and cried my eyes out. Thanks for the catharsis ;)

Looking forward to the promised sequel!

Nallely (Chapter 1) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

I read your story on, I liked it a lot, it's one of my favorites. I hope the full publication here.

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