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hw (Chapter 30) - Mon 11 May 2020

Loving this story! I hope you post more chapters soon!

Elizabeth (Chapter 30) - Tue 31 Mar 2020

This is an amazingly detailed story that goes far above and beyond so many stories I read on here.  I just finished devouring everything for the first time, and may go read it again!  I hope you post more very soon!

KShadeslady (Chapter 30) - Mon 13 Jan 2020

It was so very nice to get an update on this story. They are getting ready for the next battle. 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 30) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

Ooooh, excellent chapter! Handles Koga beautifully, puts the current situation into perspective, lets everyone know that THIS Kagome isn't one to fool around, and sets the stage for their departure. Yes, indeed, very enjoyable... thanks so much!!!



danielle (Chapter 29) - Wed 11 Dec 2019

I have never been more intrigued by another story. Ever. From any author. Please, PLEASE continue this amazing story.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 29) - Wed 11 Dec 2019

I have spent hours reading up to the latest chapter! I can't tell you enough how much I love this story, your style of writing, this new threat and Sota! Suprisingly, I've never read a story where he showed up in the past but him having this amazing power that is different from youkai and reiki is just so fascinating. And the prophecy with each of their powers being a different color...I'm so invested and looking forward to more <3 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 10) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

OMG. I started reading this beautiful story this evening after dinner and got this far... and just HAD to tell you how incredibly wrapped up I am! This story is so intriguing, so involved, so riveting, I don't even want to stop to take the dog outside - but bad things happen if doggie doesn't go out. *sigh* Anyway, I'm gonna keep reading tonight until I fall asleep in front of the 'puter, and then finish tomorrow if that happens. Still... WOW. It's been a while since a story has so firmly grabbed my imagination and sucked me in like this. I can't thank you enough for posting it here!


Kay Jacobs (Chapter 29) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

Just binged read this whole fic. Absolutely brilliant. Engaging plot,  growth of characters, romance. Love it! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Faith (Chapter 29) - Thu 05 Dec 2019

Oh tysm for updating! I love this story so much! This is a lovely chapter too 

KShadeslady (Chapter 28) - Tue 23 Jul 2019

Bad dreams all around that night. But reassurances abound. I love it when they hit Kouga with the double whammy! So clueless. Very nice chapter indeed. Thank you for updating. 

Faith (Chapter 28) - Tue 23 Jul 2019

Ohhh poor Shippo! That nightmare was heartrending! 

I'm so excited for Sota, even if he was in pain from the memories, he finally knows and understands who he is and his power!

I really like Sessh The family/pack protector. So sweet and his usual badass self all at the same time, and Jagome of course matches him perfectly!

Neelixonee (Chapter 28) - Mon 22 Jul 2019

Aaawe, big papa bear!

Bernadette (Chapter 27) - Sat 06 Jul 2019

loving this so much wasn’t sure what to expect when she finds a new world in dreaming, I’m glad i gave it a shot, its really a great story, I love a strong Kagome, where another threat is taking over i love that you added S?ta, I’ll be waiting patiently for the next installment. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 27) - Sat 22 Jun 2019

That was a really good chapter. I loved seeing everyone in action. Even Inuyasha was working together with them. I also liked Sotas spirit weasel. Thanks for the update.

KShadeslady (Chapter 27) - Sat 22 Jun 2019

Great job Sota! Can’t wait to find out more about his power and his little manifestation. How cool is that! Thank you for updating. 

Faith (Chapter 27) - Fri 21 Jun 2019

Oh, poor Sota! Great chapter!

LovemeUsui (Chapter 27) - Fri 21 Jun 2019

Such a tease!

KShadeslady (Chapter 26) - Tue 18 Jun 2019

Lovely chapter! Nice that she was able to chat with Inuyasha. Looks like she will have a few surprises for him. it will be fun to see her show off her skills for him. Take your time and don’t rush. It will be all the better in the long run. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 25) - Mon 17 Jun 2019

Fabulous chapter and very sad. I love how she is using her newfound powers to help. I like how Sesshomaru is being her strength. Thanks for updating. 

Midnight Cat (Chapter 26) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

So... I just discovered your story, and I really have to ask: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? 

What an amazing story!!! What a great tale!! What a way to deliver!! I am in awe!!! I have been pretty sad because for the past few years I have found that my favorite writers of IY fanfiction have all but disappeared, and I just couldn't find anything to satisfy this awful thrist for good stories.

I was trully dragging my sadness all over the place, and decided to give this story a shot and OH.MY.GOD!! Did I discovered a true jewel!!

I am so happy to have started!!  Now that you have me absolutely hooked, please, pretty please!! Don't leave me here to wait in anxious anticipation forever!!! I will be counting the minutes until you update again!!! This story is worth any and all waits!! So just remember that your amazing gift to create such an amazing story has made me a follower and now I will be here, biting my nails until you update again!! 

Thank you so much for sharing this great story with us and I look forward to your next update. Please take care, I hope your allegies get better and you get a much deserved rest! 

Hugs and admitation:


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