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Taylor (Chapter 13) - Wed 27 Nov 2019

Very cute end I'm glad they ended up happy together 

Taylor (Chapter 9) - Tue 26 Nov 2019

Nooooo she didn't do it Sess!!

Taylor (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Nov 2019

I did love this first chapter and I'm excited to see where this is going, but I'm very disappointed that it included sessrin without changing when they met it feels too much like pedophilia to me...

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 13) - Fri 15 Nov 2019

I would just like to point out that the hormone thing is not a problem with pregnancy. I have children and I was never like tha. I also raisEd him alon. Just an excuse to be mean. I repeat not even after birth was I lazy and needy. I worked 2 part time jobs and went to school (college graduate) and we are all fine no hormonal problems at all except the usual maturity issue. I repeat I call bs.....

Koree (Chapter 13) - Wed 02 Oct 2019

Awwww great story !! Wasn’t expecting baby no.2 so quickly lol

LovemeUsui (Chapter 13) - Tue 01 Oct 2019

Oh no its over! I loved it

marisel (Chapter 13) - Sun 29 Sep 2019

I love this story.  Not too long or short, h@ve action, drama and love .  Just like I like them. Great job.

marisel (Chapter 9) - Sat 28 Sep 2019

Thai its, easy to judge and to think she slept with hi.  No more nuky for him.  I love yasha being a dog's.   So funny.

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 13) - Sat 28 Sep 2019

LOVED IT!!!; the lemon were WOW; i hope you get to finish your other stories so i can read them. keep up the great writing. c'ya'

marisel (Chapter 2) - Fri 27 Sep 2019

I love when kags is strong.

Alison (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 Sep 2019

I thought the ending felt a little rushed. But who cares in an ending and I enjoyed the story a lot

Annie (Chapter 13) - Thu 26 Sep 2019

I enjoyed this story.  I'm happy they found each other and settled down.

VS (Chapter 12) - Wed 21 Aug 2019


I have been following this story from the beginning and it's so nice to see how far you have come in your writing. The rustiness I "complained" about in the first chapters isn't that noticeable anymore. Welcome back! ;)

I love how the story is progressing! Every chapter brings up another question that has to be answered and that keeps the story alive and us readers interested. Most of the mysteries like Kagome's past or her absence has been finally solved, I couldn't handle to wait much longer. XD

I'm glad that the baby is healthy and Kagome's idea to name her Rin was super sweet! Sesshoumaru is taking well to his new role as father too! I like how he is able to talk talk her out of her depression. Kagome needs his support!

Inuyasha is annoying and sweet as always. I love how much he has grown. He is protecting his two females now. XD

I'm excited to read about SessMom's visit! It's going to be an emotional rollercoaster, of that I'm sure!

Koree (Chapter 12) - Wed 21 Aug 2019

Awwww amazing chap 

REDWOLF (Chapter 12) - Mon 19 Aug 2019

Good story! 

Minime (Chapter 12) - Sat 17 Aug 2019

Alright!  I'm glad Kags is not running away again. Looking forward for the next chapters 

Annie (Chapter 12) - Sat 17 Aug 2019

I'm happy that Sesshomaru and Kagome are together as a family.  I am glad she named their daughter after Sesshomaru first wife. Cannot wait for Sesshomaru mom to show up.  It will be quite interesting.

LovemeUsui (Chapter 12) - Sat 17 Aug 2019

I was so happy to see this update. Great chapter!

megan (Chapter 12) - Sat 17 Aug 2019

This story is great.  I look forward to the updates. =D.  The child you discribed sounds exactly like my second one lol.

Koree (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Jul 2019

Awww a little girl , I found out I was having a little girl in October lol anywho , I’m sad they were injured but happy Sesshomaru & the gang finally found them . Hopefully everyone walks away with no further injuries 

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