Jennifer (Chapter 3) - Sat 16 Mar 2019

Amazing concept!!!! Update soon!!!

Deana (Chapter 3) - Tue 12 Mar 2019

Good Chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next.

VS (Chapter 2) - Sun 17 Feb 2019

Awhh, I'm melting here! I just love they way you portray the relationship between Sesshoumaru and Rin!!! And I'm happy to hear that Rin still has some family...although that means that she has a place to stay...but maybe she likes him so much that she is going to follow him secretly? ;)

I'm looking forward to your next update!

Sessygurl (Chapter 2) - Sun 17 Feb 2019

Swoons*love this so much. I cannot wait for more. Thanks for the update. 

marisel (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 Feb 2019

Unlike seas going to the past from the future but why strip his power s¿

Deana (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Feb 2019

Love the concept and can't wait to see what happenes next.

Sessygurl (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Feb 2019

I'm adding this story right now. This is so good. Thanks for adding it to the site. I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

VS (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Feb 2019

I'm soo looking forward to this story! It is quite an interesting concept and I'm curious to see how much of the canon you are going to work into this story. I was a bit "disappointed" that Sesshoumaru is a demon. But you did take his powers. :) Did I get it right, that every energy ball that left his body, has some particular powers of Sesshoumaru? Like the one Sesshoumaru found is only his appearance, and the one Lord Kage found is only the acid?

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Feb 2019

Interesting  twist! Can’t wait to see what happens 

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