Arc-an Angel (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Dec 2019

That was adorable. I love stories where Sesshomaru learns about modern customs and tries to apply them for our little Miko.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

Sesshoumaru and winter are a pleasant combination. Thank you for the fun read!

Angela (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 Apr 2019

I’m back! This was a super cute story. I do question the wisdom of giving a tree something so dependent of batteries (she didn’t even warn him that they will go out!) so I seem to be stuck on overthinking that part of the story LOL...I loved how confused (and resigned) they were at her weirdness. 

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Jan 2019

This is just so lovely! So much sweetness, it's exactly what I needed to read right now. The ending is perfect.

insomniac_amy (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Jan 2019

Such a sweet story! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Jan 2019

This one shot was so innocently sweet and romantic.

I loved it and I love your writing style too.

Excellent work.

Happy New Year!!!

VS (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Jan 2019


I just loved this one shot! Bokuseno the Christmas tree, how adorable!!! I especially liked all those humorous moments you worked into this story! Just to name a few: "big juicy boar youkai",  "I am ancient enough to get away with it" "Sesshoumaru in the privacy of his mind was...daydreaming", "No, but I'll be upset if you don't.".

You found the perfect balance between humour and romance. The ending was super sweet! And Kagome's gift for Sesshoumaru was really nice. I personally would had preferred it to be Kagome's handmade scarf, rather than a comissioned one. But that's only my personal opinion and only a small detail.


All in all a lovely one shot! And I'm sure that you made Kaoruhana really happy with this gift! 


Thanks for sharing. :)


And Happy New Year!

Annie (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Jan 2019

I love your story. It is so romantic.  I hope you will continue to update. 

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