Reviews for Doll Maker by NovemberDoll

Blommie8 (Chapter 2) - Thu 18 Jul 2019

More please!!!


TekoloKuautli (Chapter 2) - Fri 05 Jul 2019

Wow. I can feel little butterflies in my stomach just from reading of Sesshomaru's attraction, it's interesting how Kagome can in some form feel it too in her but she is so geared towards distancing and reject any kind of feeling it's giving him a torture haha

By the way, Sesshomaru misunderstanding her profession and getting slapped was so hilarious and so Kagome. I hope her true self resurfaces more and more, it's an intriguing role reversal where Kagome is the older jaded immortal and Sesshomaru the younger sheltered boy (man but he hasn't fallen in love or been in war or been alone for centuries and it shows).

TekoloKuautli (Chapter 1) - Thu 04 Jul 2019

Interesting. Immortality in this world seems like a curse, on the other hand if this is completely hereditary I can imagine small pockets of settlements around the world completely isolated from the 'mortals', because despite a low rate of natality they would live through illness and time, and endogamy would be encouraged. To keep to themselves and try not to tie yourself to someone who will die so early.

Gee (Chapter 2) - Sun 30 Jun 2019

Anither fic of yours I'll be subscribing to! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 2) - Sun 30 Jun 2019

Thanks for updating!!! Can’t wait to read more!!!:) 

Keo (Chapter 2) - Sun 30 Jun 2019

I'm happy that you're back!

Hexxe (Chapter 2) - Sun 30 Jun 2019

I don't think you have any idea how happy I was, when I noticed that you posted another chapter. I really enjoyed reading it, though it only made me even more excited for future chapters for this story and now I have to calm myself down first, before I can read anything else without being disappointed, because it's not another new chapter of one of your stories.

I know it probably seems like a small detail, but I really love that Kagome is much older than the other characters, especially Sesshomaru. By being older she seems more mature and it seems impressive. She was really alone all that time and still she kept on going, she didn't give up. Sesshomaru may also feel lonely sometimes, but he has his manor full of immortals and he is still young in comparison. So he really acts a bit like a spoiled little boy - because yes, Rin, I think Kagome sees him like that at least for now. 

Could it be, that the feeling they get, when they are with Kagome, the feeling, that they have to pay attention to her, is another of her abilities, though she doesn't know she does it? Because she was born to an “old family“?


Ok, you know, I'm already excited for the next chapter, so I betrer start to calm myself down.



hana sora (Chapter 1) - Fri 21 Dec 2018

interesting i love to read the next chapter ????

Lonelylulaby (Chapter 1) - Wed 14 Nov 2018

How neat! So Kagome is older in this story. I wonder how long Sesshoumaru thinks it will take to pay off her debt. Also were was Kagome going in such a rush? She has all the time in the world. 

Ja ne, your worlds are always inspiring & unique

Toni (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Nov 2018

omg  can't wait for more chapters 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Nov 2018

Very intriguing and fascinating.  I love it.  I am to see the slight connections to the other story.

Was Kagome on her journey to maybe find a long lost relative, perhaps her brother, Souta?

Wonderful writing and can hardly wait for future updates.

Cheyanna (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Nov 2018

I really liked this! I hope you continue it!:)

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Nov 2018

It will be interesting to see how this story connects with the ‘sequel’ :-);-)

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Nov 2018

This was incredible... I don't know whether you are planning to continue this but I would love to read more about Sesshomaru finding out about her and trying to make her stay with him :-)...

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