Reviews for Duality by DelphinieN

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 Oct 2018

Please stop!!!

VS (Chapter 2) - Mon 01 Oct 2018


nice to see an update for this story! I like the structure of this chapter. It started with the beginning of her fairytale ("opening the book") and ended with "flipping the page" - nicely done. I absolutely love the message of this chapter in the end! That is how we should live our lifes!

You described everything really nice. I was suffering with Kagome. Well done! There is only one small mistake, you probably wanted to write, that she would *not cry out, that she would *not give him the satisfaction - you forgot to write "not".

I personally don't see this chapter as a continuation of the first one. Here you used magical beings with wings and something secular like a gun doesn't fit perfectly in this kind of concept. But that is of course only my personal opinion.

Anyways I would like to see this continued. And I'm super glad that you were brave enough to write something like that for the fairytale prompt, instead a happily ever after!

I'm looking forward to your next update!

VS (Chapter 1) - Tue 11 Sep 2018


this was quite an interesting read! I was partially holding my breath while reading!!! So well done, though you should honestly reread your was sometimes tiring to read, especially your constant change between past and present tense made the read difficult.

You asked for our personal interpretation. So here is mine:

While reading I had all the time Mukotsu (the poison master from the Band of Seven) as the male character in mind. I think he fits perfectly, because he shows in the anime three main characteristics which are identical with your male character: first of all his sick desire for Kagome, secondly his easily evoked brutal side (he hit Kagome in the face when she attempted to flew) and his strange view of what is normal (he wanted to combine his rape attempt with a wedding ceremony).

I could imagine that Mukotsu and Kagome were friends, and he developed this sick obsession. He wanted to have her all for himself, that's why he manipulated her relationship with others, so that everybody else left her and she started to feel insecure and like a failure who doesn't deserve love.  Mukotsu planned it like that, so that he was the only constant in her life. That's why she started a relationship with him. But Mukotsu got often very upset with her, when she didn't behave the way he wanted her to and he showed his brutal side by hitting her. Kagome was so depending of him that she not only accepted his way but copied it also.

I could imagine that Kagome met by coincidence some people from her past and that the manipulations of Mukotsu were discovered. Kagome couldn't believe it at the beginning but started to realize with time that Mukotsu is sick and that he destroyed her life. She saw only one way to free herself and pay Mukotsu back for what he has done to her:

shoot him OR shoot herself. Either way Mukotsu has no power of Kagome anymore.


What do you think of my interpretation?


Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 1) - Tue 11 Sep 2018

This was a whirlwind of a one-shot. It makes one want to know what happened to get to this spot. With the story being here on Dokuga it makes one insert Sesshomaru in to the hot seat. But having read you author's notes and being told that you left it blank on purpose can make one think of all the people who it might be. But I have read many stories where Sesshomaru has lost his love or will not let Kagome leave because she is his. Just like the male in this story kept saying. 


My mind keeps playing what it could be if you chose to add more chapters to this one-shot. Could it start off with Kagome get released from jail for killing her husband Inuyasha or maybe Naraku? Or maybe it can start from the beginning of a happy newlyweds and watch it slowly degrade. I know what ever you chose to make of this that I will be there to read it.

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