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Koree (Chapter 6) - Sat 27 Oct 2018

Woooooooo new fav story alert lol , amazing so far 

ashuhhleey (Chapter 6) - Sun 09 Sep 2018

Ya know, I actually liked your previous portrayal of Kagome in the earlier chapters. There's no need to turn her back into an annoying, whiny little girl. I actually like the foundations of an adult Kagome.

Jamie (Chapter 6) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

So the "gremlin" is parasitic in nature? And Sesshomaru is understanding... logically speaking, that wouldn't be too far off, since it's in his best interest not to be a jerk. Still loving these developments! Eagerly awaiting your next chapter. 

Jamie (Chapter 5) - Tue 21 Aug 2018

Okay, I am absolutely in love with this concept. Time travelling gremlin popping over a slipstream and getting Kags all tripped up? Also very much enjoying your versions of Sesshomaru and Kagome, so far! They seem like a better fit, this way. 

SammyJams (Chapter 5) - Sat 11 Aug 2018

I was at the edge of my seat reading the end of this chapter! Don’t leave me hanging for too long!

Nilee1 (Chapter 5) - Sat 11 Aug 2018

This was an insanely good chapter. Clifchangers are great if you don’t leave us hanging too long ;-)

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 5) - Sat 11 Aug 2018

Now this is fascinating! Excited to see what happens next!

mikaelalucine (Chapter 4) - Sat 04 Aug 2018

I liked the story when I first started reading. I wasn't sure how exactly it was going to pan out with how different Kagome is (and I love OOC stories, but this seems different from the usual). I hope we get some cool cover art for how Sesshy looks with his hair tied up <3.

This latest chapter has pulled me back in, and I love the way that you wrote it. It definitely gives a little more insight on Kagome and Sess. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Lammy (Chapter 4) - Thu 02 Aug 2018

I am enjoying your story! Can't wait for the future chapters

SammyJams (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

Such an amazing update! I was so surprised by their time travel to 1945. I honestly thought they would stay feudal or go to her future.  Are we going to get resolution about the entity she sees in the feudal era? I can’t wait for another update!!!

Inuyaoi (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

Well I didn't see that coming. It's funny because I can imagine the world falling apart and sesshomaru taking it stride. Nevermind the impending bombs, are you wearing pants? Lol


Oh and Heres the thing about Kagome from what I've noticed after re-watching the entire series this year--she is literally as nice, sweet and caring as she is mean and petty. Like some of the stuff she does to inuyasha, of course the sits, the scolding, hurting his feelings-she has done it without apologizing. Kagome is kind of all over the place. I think the episode that really sticks out is the one where inuyasha breaks the hand me down bike her mother gave her to eplace the old one. Both sota and inuyasha had the fear of God in them and sota didn't even do anything.

So Idk. I can't say I'd be all that sweet and forgiving if someone "touched" me while I was in treatment either. I'd imagine I'd be a bit jaded. 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

I am playing catch up with this story and I have enjoed reading it.  It is well written.

I like your development of both Kagome and Sesshomaru's characters.

I think that thing that keeps blinking in and out of Kagome's sight might be messing with their time traveling from place to place but question would be why?

Between June to August 1945 about 10 major cities were fire bombed and Osaka and Tokyo were a couple of those cities hit and later Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit with the devastating  A-bomb. Millions of people died from the radioactive poisoning. So I think Osaka where S/K were was in June 12, 1945  being fire bombed by conventional weapons.  I believe. I'm sure I got this wrong.

Wonderful story...looking forward to more chapter update.

Excellent job!!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

Wow, I loved that chapter...  So when do we find out what that creature was?  I'm glad someone wrote about the second world war even if it was a small bit.  This is the second story that had a reference to 1941 to 45.  I can't wait to read more.


Update soon

Natalia (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Aug 2018

To tell you the truth  I feel conflicted. First of all I do love your writing and your portrayal of a traumated female. Second I fail to recognise Kagome in your character since she is so different from the Canon Kagome  Don't get me wrong it's brilliant and the fact that you took the challenge to go this way is worth of praise. It's just we are so used to that sweet forgiving Kagome that I literally can't imagine what exactly happened to make her this way. Since I don't know if this is Canon or you added some happenings at the battle with naraku or something else I really keep thinking what horror happened. And her males in rotation ... This literally is blowing my mind.  Its really make me feel uncomfortable  Ignoring the fact about the belief that a miko needs to be a maiden to have her power  which I never believed, her soul is not at peace to have the control and power you suggest  she has. A conflicted Kagome controling the air and such....

I really mean No disrespect I am just stating my opinion  I am intimately known with stress depression and anxiety  I am myself a victim of them so I will never make fun of it. Its just we are so used to a certain type of Kagome that it's hard to look from a different angle. When it's a new character please  but when you borrow one that has his character already created its harder to rewrite and rebuild her from anew. So good luck with that and bravo for taking this challenge. Miss little sunshine is becoming a Tragic character. We, me actually see Kagome as strong and beautiful and such a heartfelt person, so I look forward to seeing your version of Kagome. Please do not take it as negative  I just state my opinion. Just hope she won't accost Sesshomaru the way she did inuyasha lol. Its just I hope for a beautiful relationship between them not based on sex but on trust and understanding  But like I said its strictly my opinion  you can easily ignore it. Take care of yourself and good luck with your fic  

Redleopord (Chapter 4) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

Like how you set up falling into the well. Does that creature have something to do with the new activity? Fat Boy and the end of world war II! Did not see that coming at all!! I think Sesshomaru is handling time travel well all things considered. Even though he had just a hint of a minor little freak out! Never seen a Kagome like this. No tears and merciful deaths. Are there any cracks in that protective wall she has built around herself? Big plans! I like it! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

Toni (Chapter 4) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

interesting take on the story I like the story line  looking forward to more chapters 

Redleopord (Chapter 3) - Tue 24 Jul 2018

All I can say is wow! And I love that there will be no demon references in this story. Supernatatural or mythical being has a much better sound to it than demon. I like it. Got to researching after reading this chapter and there are several conflicting storylines between the anime and the manga and misenterpretations in general with the English dubbing. I am guilty of falling into the trap of calling them demons because I became a fan from the anime. And also referring to Sesshomaru as Lord of the West from so many fanfics depicting him as such.A lot of great stories but there is actually no reference of him being any kind of ruler. Well..... at least not in the anime!!! Heh heh! I think you have this under control! Awesome chapter! Kagome isn't gonna be so grabby with Sesshomaru, right??LMAO! Hope not!! Can't wait to see what happens next. Really enjoying this! Thank you!

SammyJams (Chapter 3) - Mon 23 Jul 2018

Holy shoot that update was AMAZING! Everything I wanted! I was so sad when it ended lol! Your writing is amazing and I’m excited to see what you have planned next!

Inuyaoi (Chapter 3) - Mon 23 Jul 2018

Oh, this is good. Reaaaal good. Gritty and dark, just how I like it. This jaded, pain loving Kagome is just delicious, her and her men on rotation. Leaving inuyasha dumbfounded, not to mention high and dry...uh...stiff? Cold blooded, doing it just because she could. Gah! I can't for her to really interact with Sesshomaru and to find out how he'll process her clearly grown up ways. 

maria (Chapter 2) - Sun 22 Jul 2018

I'll normally dont read stories with few chapters but bbbbaaaabbbyy listen I love this...your style of writing is beautiful...keep it up.

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