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Inuyaoi (Chapter 4) - Thu 10 May 2018

No this is great, don't worry . Your writing is beautiful and motivating. I love it when people take the time out to go in depth regarding how sesshomaru would react if he were thrown in Kagome's world. 

Ryo chan (Chapter 3) - Wed 09 May 2018

Very curious as to where you'll go from here, this is very interesting and has a kinda weird dynamic wondering how you'll make them closer 

VS (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 May 2018


this was a really nice chapter! I totally liked the idea of them playing with each other: while Sesshoumaru wanted to get her slowly to think logically, Kagome was trying slowly to introduce him to her world - and both fail in a way!!! :D

On the one hand I can totally understand Sesshoumaru, she is denying the facts and hopes that her hero of a husband is coming for her rescue, but on the other hand he is not able to emphasise with her. She said her goodbyes to this world and lived a life where she was beating herself up for this decision, only to get thrown back with no way back to her new life she sacrificed so much for!!!

And Sesshoumaru is kind of a hypocryte: while he is trying to find a solution for their situation, he keeps forgetting that his first idea was to choose the way of a coward and to just not acknowledge his child - after all the pregnancy was not his doing!!!

I'm curious to see how this couple is going to work together!


I look forward to your next update!

DivaG (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 May 2018

Despite being completely out of his element, Sesshoumaru is more level headed than Kagome about the situation they are in. He is aware that the well will not open and rake them back to the past just because they want it. He is not even sure if this present world is really the future of the world they were before, what is possible, because they do not really know how the well works. He did not forget about the curse and he is already thinking about how to deal with it in case it comes to happen. He needs Kagome’s help to get back to his world but she is in complete denial, refusing to deal with their situation, insisting that the well is there to obey all her wishes because, according to her, it is how the well works, and that Inuyasha will come to rescue her yet again. She does not want even think that she can be pregnant with Sesshoumaru’s child because the curse and the well is controlled by another race altogether. She needs to get real. Great chapter.

Natalia (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 May 2018

Wow you managed to shock me in a good way. Never thought I would be annoyed at Kagome's behaviour but I sort of dislike her now in a sortsof annoying and frustrating way and like sesshoumaru more. I want myself to shake her and tell grow up! She is sort of going with the flow and waiting for mana to fall from the sky. I really like this take on her. Something refreshing from her strength usually. Here she is more like a brat. Hahaha. Hope she will accept reality and responsibilities soon. Like seriously couldn't she put her feet down and tell inuyasha that she needed a house? Annoying...

Thx for updating. I an enjoying it quite a lot!

princess of the western lands (Chapter 2) - Mon 07 May 2018

Wow now this is a bit different. Who is this amethyst person? Where is she from and who does she work for? This interesting and I do think sesshomaru would act that way because his senses are a great deal more sensitive than Inuyasha's. There are a few spelling errors here and there. 


What will they both do when Kagome begins to show that she's really pregnant? Will they be allowed back once the data is collected?


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

VS (Chapter 2) - Sun 06 May 2018


well we have our answer now, why Kagome isn't pregnant yet ... Inuyasha you jerk, you really denied her children???

I'm really happy to see, that you let Sesshoumaru feel a moment of absolut panic, even losing control when he got confronted with the first impressions of this new world, instead of letting him be the cool and confident one...your version feels much more realistic!!!

Though I had my eyes rolling when Kagomes comment about Inuyasha had him snapping out of his panic

I like it that you use the organisation you created in Marriage of Convenience in this fic!

And I feel pity for Kagome...again...she will carry only 38 days?!

There is just one thing you might want to rethink, when this demoness recorded her speech: in the end she made a few comments like: this is once again a new trial for Kagome, and stuff like ,will she overcome it or give up'...but you made it in the first chapter clear that the interest of the demoness lays somewhere else - in the creation of the perfect hanyou species,  and not necessarily how Kagome will deal personally with the situation, or if she will see it as a trial.

So maybe this questions are better off outside of her speech?  It is just a suggestion :)


I look forward to your next update!

VS (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 May 2018


I feel pity for Kagome, she did not only leave her family and her own world behind to marry Inuyasha, but she isn't even living a real marriage, and now she got messed up by some strange dog demoness, who is playing god and trying to create a perfect hanyou species...Kagome sure had always the ability to draw all the strange things to her :)

I was really laughing when Sesshoumaru thought about pushing Kagome down the well and get it over with :D

Let's see where you will be going with this story...I'm so excited :D

I'm off reading the next chapter!

DivaG (Chapter 2) - Sun 06 May 2018

Poor Kagome. just when she thinks she is control of her life, that she is where and with who she chose to be, although she was not in an ideal relationship with Inuyasha, everything turns upside down and now she is thrown in a really bad situation, having to babysit Sesshoumaru to keep him from causin havoc in her world. Not to mention she is pregnant with his baby. And the fact that the demon bones disappear inside the well is a good question. Are they collected by the mysterious demons and are they the ones who truly control the well's power? It seems very cruel to mess with other people's life only for the sake of experiment. Good chapter.

Natalia (Chapter 2) - Sun 06 May 2018

Well I don't like this amethyst and her organisation.  At all! I wish someone would throw them into s difficult situation and let her get out-of the mess on her own, stripping her of her gid like powers which she doesn't deserve at all. It's a specific of mine to not like manipulative people. Curious to see sesshoumaru's reaction when he'll sniff the pregnancy.  Boy it will be awkward! 

The for updating! 

DivaG (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 May 2018

Great start. It seems that this alien demon is specially targeting Kagome and Sesshoumaru for their experiment in creating a perfect hanyou, and it will be interesting to see how Sesshoumaru will adapt to the modern times, and how Kagome will react to her unexpected pregnancy, once the well is sealed and neither can return to the past. 

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Sat 05 May 2018

Sorry didn't realise I wasn't logged in.  That's me with the previous review!

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Sat 05 May 2018

First of all compliments on reworking your fics. It takes courage time and work. Second I like the premise. Even if it is cliché, if the author can present it well it doesn't matter 

 And you certainly added interesting bits to catch attention.  I personally love canon au!  

My first big question is those situation is,  who the heck is that? How does she have such power that everyone seems like toddlers playing in sand? I am literally 'scared' by too overpowered villains that I don't know how they have such power or if they have weakness. 

Second I so frustrated on their behalf.  Hate when someone is trying to control their lives making a mess of it and taking away their decision. Bit it's fiction and I do hope for a happy ending even if your sesshoumaru portrayal is too cruel at times in my opinion. 

I must admit with shame that I read the last chapter of marriage of convenience a peak so to say out of curiosity, and didn't review , sorry! and saw the theory with a organisation playing kami and messing up universes so I am wondering if that us the case here and they are another pair of Kagome and sesshoumaru? 

Hm curious...

I am really curious and eager to see how you will spin this. Sesshoumaru should be too out of his depths. Just please don't make him too cruel without reason . Many authors don't try to dig deeper and see reasons why he is cold and just go with the flow. Not saying it's bad or anything,  just stating my opinion. 

Also I want to compliment you on writing such length chapters. I never wrote more than error let's say seven eight thousands?  Yours are long and consistent. 

Good luck on your journey. 

Take care! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 1) - Sat 05 May 2018

I can’t wait for more!!!! This sounds super interesting. 

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