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VS (Chapter 9) - Sat 26 May 2018


the bathroom scene was just hilarious!!! I loved that Sesshoumaru wanted to be praised for successfully brushing his teeth, he can be such a child sometimes :D

I think I can understand Inuyasha a bit better know. His fear of repeating past mistakes and loose his happiness with Kagome is in some way understandable, as is his wish for not having children, after all he nearly killed Kagome on their wedding night because he lost controll of his demon blood.

I would really like it if you could focus in a chapter on Inuyasha. What is he doing now? Does he try to find a way to bring her back? Or does he think that her place is in the modern world even though she is there with Sesshoumaru? How will he live his life now?


I'm looking forward to your next update!

Geisha Tactics (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 May 2018

This is great, But I'm left wondering how dirty is Sesshoumaru's shower runoff ? Like ewww!! How often did you bathe before going through the well and have you never heard of soap!! O.O

Fun story! I'm really enjoying it so far!

DivaG (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 May 2018

Sesshoumaru really has to have some kind of reason to accommodate himself to this time, his natural curiosity aside. He is showing signs of wanting to build a life with Kagome and his child in this time, he wants to train Kagome to match his expectations, and already told her to not be too comfortable with him to keep her on her toes, to always expect the unexpected from him. But I think that now he knows that Sounga is a real threat to Kagome, and consequently to the knew life he wants to achieve, whatever his motives. Let’s see how he deals with it. 

VS (Chapter 8) - Sun 20 May 2018


I loved the funny moments in this chapter! Like when Kagome was thinking about how disrespectful Souta is and Sesshoumaru had only one thing in his mind: Souta did break a social rule by taking the last soda can...the can he wanted to have :D or his comment that Kagome made rain :D

I still don't understand Sesshoumaru's change in mind concerning his stay in the modern world...and his argument that he don't want Inuyasha to interfere with his curiosity about the modern world is just a lame exuse! He sure has a bigger goal in mind than just to statisfy his curiosity, after all he doesn't have to stay in the modern world forever to learn some things about it!

And why did he had to molest poor Kagome? I hope she will not drop this topic so easily...Kagome had been too forgiving so far!


I look forward to your next update!


DivaG (Chapter 8) - Sat 19 May 2018

It seems that Sesshoumaru's curiosity is not the only factor preventing him to want to go back tothe past. He wants all Kagome's attention focused on him and is developing an interest in her in the process. But keeping Sounga a secret from her seems to be a mistake, because the sword can influence someone to wield it and turn this person as its vessel.

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 8) - Sat 19 May 2018

I like your story. I think Kagome and Sesshomaru's relationship interesting, I can't wait to see how it developes.

DivaG (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 May 2018

Sesshoumaru wanting to stay in the future was unexpected but he is a very curious being and in this world everything is new to him and he has much to learn, while in the past he was becoming bored. Also he seems to have plans for the future. In the other hand, Kagome wants to go back to the past to live the life she wanted with Inuyasha, although they hardly lived together as a married couple. Apparently she is so afraid of being alone that she prefers to stand beside Inuyasha even if only to keep company, she does not realize that she is living in solitude anyway. And Sounga is already manifesting its evil and will cause many trouble ahead.

VS (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 May 2018


Sesshoumaru surely got on my nerves in this chapter! What's going on in his mind? In the last chapter they decided to start over again, and know he is hiding Souunga while accusing Kagome to be deceptive! And what about all this "I prefer your world" stuff?! It looks like Sesshoumaru is the pregnant one with all his mood swings...

And I could slap him for his indecision regarding his child!!! So he will accept it as long as they are in the modern world, because there are no demons to judge him, but should they find a way back, not??? How can he even have the guts to accuse Kagome of being childish when he is not even able to make a clear decision and stay by this devision?!

I fear what Sesshoumaru is planning for the future. While he was talking with Souunga he said stuff like "it's not the right time yet" and if he will start to talk about shit like conquering the modern world where no demons exist, I hope Kagome will purify his ass!!!

You got with this chapter really strong emotions out of me, so good job! :)


I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


Nilee1 (Chapter 6) - Tue 15 May 2018

Sorry that should’ve read “not a likable character right now”

Nilee1 (Chapter 6) - Tue 15 May 2018

I’m glad that Sesshoumaru finally called Kagome out for her rude and childish behavior.  She is a very likable character right now. She has no regard for her elders and does even try for the pretense of caring about their feeling.Props to Maru though for being a grown up????

VS (Chapter 6) - Tue 15 May 2018


I'm glad to see that they had some kind of conversation without really fighting each other. There will always been differences in their view of things, because even if Kagome thinks her home is the feudal era, she was born and raised in modern Japan and has therefore a lot of views/opinions, which are not compatible with Sesshoumaru's.

I really like that you let Sesshoumaru talk so much, and your story about his clothes was interesting. You made me smile when you let Sesshoumaru ask her if she was pleased by his story. It was kind of sweet :D

Let's see how they will get along as roommates!


I look forward to your next update!

DivaG (Chapter 6) - Tue 15 May 2018

Nice chapter. For someone that carries all his possessions with him, it does seem that Sesshoumaru is adding more items to his collection. Soon he will need a place to store his things. Kagome seems to be reluctant to accept better  accommodations in the house because she thinks that she will return to the past soon, and there she will have to sleep in the open again. She does not want to feel part of the future again. 

Inuyaoi (Chapter 6) - Tue 15 May 2018

That's so ironic, I just finished watching that movie with Sounga on netflix recently. Definately don't see it mentioned much in stories, at least the ones I've read. And just where is Sesshomaru going to keep that sword since he doesn't have any "stuff" that needs to be kept anywhere? lol


Natalia (Chapter 5) - Sat 12 May 2018

I am glad they had a talk and actually listened to each other! 

Sesshoumaru seems rational and is not going on a killing rampage lol!

i am also glad Kagome thought deeper and realised that there are other priorities except for Inuyasha. 

thx for updating!

VS (Chapter 5) - Sat 12 May 2018


I'm glad to see that they finally had a real talk, where they did clarify their thoughts and positions in this situation - they can now start over again!!!

I like the way you let Sesshoumaru explore Kagome's world. One step after the other ... like a child :D

I'm also somewhat happy to see that Sesshoumaru did change his mind about recognizing his child - though this decision is based on a wrong motivation (in my eyes).

I'm also happy to see that Kagome realized that Inuyasha is an important part in her life, but not the only part that mattets!!! She can now focus more on her situation, Sesshoumaru and her family.


I'm really curious to see how you will let Sesshoumaru deal with this new world in the next chapters and look forward to your next update!!!



DivaG (Chapter 5) - Sat 12 May 2018

I like the way you are portraying Sesshoumaru's behaviour in this fic. It is more compatible with that of someone from the past, never been in touch with the comforts of today. He is being curious and wanting to know how this new world works, and he seems to be developing a liling for diet coke. He has much to learn, is aware that he is now living in a world without knowledge of demons and is dealing with everything in a rational way. It is good that Kagome and Sesshoumaru have come to an understanding too. Good chapter. 

DivaG (Chapter 4) - Thu 10 May 2018

Sesshoumaru is fully aware of their situation and trying to get Kagome into acction to try and solve their problem. But I can not help thinking that Aimee is somewhat holding information about what is really happening, and I can not believe that she is going through all this trouble simply for the sake of observing and recordando data. There have to be something more going on. Goodchapter.

VS (Chapter 4) - Thu 10 May 2018


Sessoumaru sure ruined it all!!! "I cannot leave her unattended while she is with pup"??? Well Kagome is in deep shit ... as is Sesshoumaru...that was a great ending for the chapter :D

Kagome has to be honest now not only with her family but especially with Sesshoumaru. I do believe it was a mistake from her to keep lying to him about the demons in her time. The little trust and respect he held for her is in danger now.

I'm excited to see how her family will react to all the news, especially  Kagome's pregnancy and if they will actually meet demons in her time while they will be on a journey!!!


I'm looking forward to your next update!

Natalia (Chapter 4) - Thu 10 May 2018

Ah I mean cameras in her room or bargbath. My phone is acting up sometimes and the autocorrect function gets weird.

Natalia (Chapter 4) - Thu 10 May 2018

All I feel is frustration. Amethyst, kagome... Sesshoumaru's behaviour...

The whole thing seems more like a reality show for amethyst's entrentertain and I can't stand reality shows. Never liked watched or understood them. Being like monkeys behind a glass for Aimee to watch and have fun. Really?

Bad taste... And the way she speaks arrogantly.... I hope sesshoumaru finds a way to ar least scratch her.  Sorry but I feel so frustrated, repeating again. Does she have csneracin her room as well? Bathroom?

Sorry about my reaction to all this. No disrespect or anything. Hope the next chapter will make me like that again.

Thx for updating.

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