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VS (Chapter 18) - Sat 18 May 2019


you did it again! You surprised me with some totally unexpected twist in the plot. So someone else from Eclipse is messing with that timeline? Great! It has been far too easy for Amethyst so far. She needs to suffer a bit too. ;)

The whole house searching part was really enjoyable to read. Sesshoumaru doesn't like dem police, that true! XD

I just love all those small funny elements you work into your chapters: the dictionary, "baby daddy", and oh the PEN! XD When all is over Sesshoumaru deserves to get his own pen with his name on it.

And his birthday...89. LOL. Although I can't get over his social security number! :'D  He really restraint himself there, labeling himself only as the second. Who's number 1 then?

I think I'm ready for the dog guru and youtube star Sesshoumaru. AND for the meeting between Sesshoumaru 1 and Sesshoumaru 2. This is going to get sooo interesting!

It's super sweet to see how Kagome and Sesshoumaru are getting closer and closer. Step by step. I love it.

I'm looking forward to your next update!


Peridot Miko (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 May 2019

Yes! Thank you for updating. At the end of chapter 16 I was thinking oh boy don't let this new development turn into some kind of crutch where Kagome's lingering guilty desire to be with Inuyasha is spurred on by blaming a new entity. You crushed that idea nicely! On to more good stuff!

VS (Chapter 17) - Thu 16 May 2019

You.are.a.GENIUS!!! That was such an unexpected twist in the plot again, and it changes everything!!! I actually feel bad for how I criticised Inuyasha at the beginning and now it turns out that it wasn't Inuyasha's fault but the beast's in Kagome! :O

Funny, how every new information changes out view....

This chapter wasn't horrible, you stupid. It was amazing. I love how Kagome and Sesshoumaru made some sort of truce and start to trust each other and at the same time it wasn't cheesy! You found the perfect balance!

The soul eating phone is not getting old! :'D And that dump ass is even afraid that it will transport his thoughts to Kagome! XD

I"m eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

VS (Chapter 16) - Thu 16 May 2019


it's so nice to see an update for this story again! And what a chapter it was!

I imagined Sesshoumaru as some sort of lawyer with glasses when he talked about being her lord and declaring her marriage to Inuyasa as invalid. XD That moron was reading the wrong books, poor Kagome. :)

He was really sweet in this chapter although it wasn't his intention and Kagome surely wouldn't agree with him. But all this "I'm your guide in the darkness" stuff and laying on top of her to shield her from potential danger was just adorable.

Ans their bickering about the light kind of reminded me of old couples who fight about the thermostat. :P 

Kagome might have pushed him into the right direction with that story about earning money and buying a ring. Sesshoumaru finally has some real motivation to understand the world and try to blend in, if only to prove her wrong.

The transformation at the end was more than unexpected. I will have to reread some older chapters, 'cause I don't remember much about Naraku's fight or the presence in the cave. Though the idea is really interesting.

I'm going to read the next chapter now!

Purple Rain (Chapter 2) - Tue 14 May 2019

Wow, I think this story is interesting so far and I have read enough of the reviews to know that it will continue to be. So, with that said, I'm not sure how I feel about the violation of Kagome. I'm aware similar and more horrific situations occur in our reality but at this point I'm hopeful that Sesshomaru is at least able to maim/kill this half breed that cursed them. She should suffer for her callousness. Furthermore, I'm curious if Kagome can purify the curse since its made of demonic energies and bones. I think it is horrendous for her (the half-breed/ hanyou) to refer to a child as a curse and normally I'm pro life, but this is fiction so I'm wondering if they can't put a barrier around it and extract it from Kagome. Would it survive outside of her body?

I see what you were going for here and I'm aware advanced technology and all so I have to say that you are doing an excellent job of setting up the drama and a plausible villain in the first couple of chapters. I can't wait to read more as you are definitely doing a wonderful job of keeping me excited to follow this story to it's conclusion. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Please keep up the good work.


P.S. if the half breed turns out to be their offspring or descendant, I'm not opposed to her only being maimed but comeuppance is definitely in order????



Ree-san (Chapter 16) - Tue 14 May 2019

The story seems to open a lot of plot holes, contradictions, and too many layers. The last chapter contradicts some of the previous chapter it seems like, as well as adding more things that weren't needed for Sesshomaru to make his statement or for her to push back. Now she seems back to the idea that she's going to try and fix her relationship with Inuyasha whether he wants to or not. By the way, I don't think he wants any type of relationship with her and I can't blame him at all. Kagome isn't likeable really with how she treats people. She's so pushy about not being owned but she doesn't hesitate to discount the free will of others and telling everyone how they she be. Hypocrisy at this level is just a huge turnoff. Sorry for the rant. The story lines I'm interested in is this mysterious demon and how she could have effected everything, as well as how Sesshomaru does in the modern world. I really think Sesshomaru should bypass Kagome and get Souta's help. I don't like how she treats Souta or how she's holding back so much info from Sesshomaru. And the outright wrong info, like the new technology she knows nothing about but keeps Souta from explaining. But, I don't want to rant again. Looking forward to the next update, hopefully with more about what's really going on with the experiment or Sesshomaru getting knowledge that would make him update his goals. But I feel like it will be grandpa going to the hospital and Kagome feeling guilty for how she has been acting towards family? 

Courtney (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Sep 2018

When will you be updating again?

DivaG (Chapter 15) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

So, the reason why Sesshoumaru does not want to go back to his world is because he is afraid to watch Rin die again. He believes that not being present when she dies he will escape suffering. But although he has his own agenda regarding this new reality, to even survive in Kagome's world he has much to learn. He does not know about technology, the military, scientific experiments among so many other things that can make him basically a laboratory guinea pig. Between Takemaru and Sesshoumaru, Kagome will have her hands full. Great chapter.

Peridot Miko (Chapter 15) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

I was hoping for some action in this next chapter and got it! What's wrong with Rin?  That's a flashback I definitely was not expecting.  Keep up the great work.


DivaG (Chapter 14) - Wed 08 Aug 2018

Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship was really complicated and it does appear that it was over even before Kagome was pushed into the well. And it does seem that the fact that she is seeing things now and feeling guilt and despair has something to do with what Naraku did to her inside his body. Maybe even helped ruin her relationship with Inuyasha changing her behavior. It really was  a kind of curse. Great chapter.

Nilee1 (Chapter 14) - Tue 07 Aug 2018

Wow- so Sessh?maru has been Kagome’s protector to a degree no one is aware of. How is Kagome’s mom figuring out that the baby may not be Inuyasha‘s?

Loving this story!

VS (Chapter 13) - Mon 16 Jul 2018


this was a really nice chapter! So Takemaru und Sesshoumaru know each other...that makes the future meeting even more interesting! I hope you will write more about Takemaru's life in the modern world. For example how long is he living there? How did he adapt and built up all this business, stuff like that.

I'm really sorry for Hojo! It seems that Takemaru has bigger plans for him. The poor boy for sure doesn't deserve such a fate. And I'm really curious to see, how far you will let Takemaru get in his plans. Will Hojo really get in contact with Sounga?

I'm looking forward to your next update!

DivaG (Chapter 13) - Tue 10 Jul 2018

The fact that Takemaru came from the same world that Sesshoumaru and is bent on revenge against all his family members and everyone that is connected to it will complicate things for Kagome and Sesshoumaru. And what is happening to Kagome? Is all the problems involving her own family and the fact that she is apart from Inuyasha altering her perception of things?  Great chapter.

VS (Chapter 12) - Tue 26 Jun 2018


finally!!! I was waiting for it to happen, because that is what makes your storys so exciting ... your ability to twist and turn the plot so many times ... it was what has drawn me so to MoC! Every chapter was like Christmas, you mostly think to have an idea of what the package contains, only to be surprised by a totally different content. I have stopped to try to predict how the plot of your storys is going to unfold, because I just know that at the end your strange brilliant brain will come up with some absolutely unexpected idea and crash all my thoughts I might have had! And that is finally happening with this story too, welcome back, I have missed you ;)

So we have two teenager/adults who thought to be super intelligent and hire a suspective private detective, because they found it fishy, that their friend Kagome, - who I might add had over the years the strangest illnesses and was all the time missing from school  (and they didn't found THIS fishy) - decided to leave the country and marry her boyfriend, whom her friends had actually met. And they pay their debts now by whoring and transporting drugs...way to go!

This is a total mess!!! And it's totally not helping that this Takemaru hates women so much and has a fixation on Kagome now! Also as long as the gang is in town I see no way for Kagome's mother to get out of her situation...BUT Sesshoumaru has a chance now to prove all his talking about protecting Kagome and the pup plus his talking about adapting to this world. So Sesshoumaru, how are going to help them with this issue by playing along with the rules of this world? Let's see!

Kagome has been in the last chapters very melancholic, which I can totally understand, but as soon as her family and friends are in trouble, she shows, that she is no way a silly, naive girl! She takes matters into her own hands and helps as much as her abilities allow.

I found it also very interesting to read a bit about this Eclipse thing, and that she has actually missed the last meetings. So if I got it correct, there might be the possibility that someone else is going to mess up with this world too, simply because she has missed the meetings and hasn't told someone about her work/project? My had is spinning ... 

Anyway I loved this chapter with all the drama, though you did create a total mess!!! And I'm looking forward to see you untangle it :P


Samantha (Chapter 12) - Tue 26 Jun 2018

I actually don't think Kagome is being more bratty. I think this is her naturally. If you think about how Inuyasha always annoyed the crap out of her, she basically was stressed 24/7. Also, I like Amethyst. I am interested to hear more about who she answers to as well. 

DivaG (Chapter 12) - Tue 26 Jun 2018

So, now we know that Sesshoumaru still is somewhat in the path of supreme conquest, but realized that having someone to protect will give him strenght instead of weakness, and decided to use Kagome to fill this void. And to achieve this goal he needs that she feels for him what she felt for Inuyasha as soon as possible, and getting rid her necklace with the photography of them he thinks that will hastes the process, all the while hiding his true motives. At the same time, Kagome's family and friends are in a terrible situation with a dangerous gang of drug dealers because of her sudden desapearance and now, to save them, Kagome will have to rely on Sesshoumaru's demonic skills, aware that he will want something from her in return. All this situation seems to aid his plans, but the fact that he is hiding the existenche of Sounga from her will greatly complicate things in the future. It seems that Aimee will have a great time watching this plot unfold. Great story.

Karichan (Chapter 12) - Tue 26 Jun 2018

Their bathroom time will be my favorite scenes.

My gawd did you Sesshomaru a lowkey pervert- I love it! Im trash lol

Anyways, love this story and the narrative your taking with it. I was also thinking of doing one about alternate realities/worlds and the well just being a doorway, since we dont see thoses. You can really do a lot with that theme~

Keep it up!! Cause I love what you're doing!

P.S: I'm  just waiting to see Kagome finally give in to pervy Sesshomaru~~~ 

DivaG (Chapter 11) - Mon 25 Jun 2018

You know, I really never thought much about Kagome's actions, but analising all of them, she is not a really selfless person. Everything she did was about having what she wanted, without taking into account what could happen to others. Did she even think what difficulties her mother would have to explain her sudden disappearance? And Souta was right, she was always yelling at Inuyasha and when she could not have her way she would bring him into submission with the beads, causing him great pain. Now she is trying to command Sesshoumaru to do only what she wants, trying to hide him from the world, still believing that one day the well will be allowing her to go back to Inuyasha for her to live her dream life. Does she even think in the possibility that the well could send her to a different world altogether? Maybe to face reality will help her grow up and see that every action has consequences.

Geisha Tactics (Chapter 11) - Mon 25 Jun 2018

This story is just getting better and better. I love the chapter title, it's a perfect fit. I'm so greedy for more!!

Ree-san (Chapter 1) - Mon 25 Jun 2018

I agree with Souta actually.  He hasn't said anything that's a lie and he is entitled to his own feelings.  He's not obligated to pamper and shield Kagome.  He's his own person.  She certainly wasn't thinking about him before, just what she wanted.  She's quite judgy and still demanding that everyone act or meet the expectations she has regardless of them being an individual.  Also, I always thought that she abused the beads.  Imagine if Inuyasha had backhanded her everytime she said something he didn't like?  I think a lot of people have a double standard with that.  I don't think she ever took the time to imagine that Inuyasha had things that he himself wanted or what his life was like, she just focused on what she wanted him to be.  

And how is it just up to her to decide that he would never leave the shrine?  Think about that for a minute.  He's not a pet.  And that's is crazy and unreasonable.  Maybe Souta should help him some?  I don't think Sesshomaru is being that awful to her.  He makes a lot of good points.  She's not in reality.  She could actually do both, try to get back to the past and deal with the present.  Like how long does she expect her mom to support her and the pup she's having?  Also, it's not her house.  If her mom is into drugs, that's not awesome.  But she is grown folks.  Typically I'd tell someone that if they couldn't put up with someone's lifestyle they should get their own place, but Kagome wouldn't even know how to do that let alone have the resources.  I'm really starting to get into other aspects of the plot and the other characters.  I'm not crazy about Kagome right now.  

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