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KShadeslady (Chapter 17) - Mon 22 Apr 2019

That was such a wonderful chapter. Thanks so much for updating. Poor Sessh in the co a very determined miko. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for them. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 17) - Mon 22 Apr 2019

That was the cutest thing ever! I love it! 

Sessygurl (Chapter 17) - Mon 22 Apr 2019

I know I have said this before but poor Sesshoumaru. He is really missing her and want to make love. The attraction is definitely still there. I wonder how many times he will see her before the jumps stop.

As far as taming a much younger Sesshoumaru, I think she can because did so once before. I think they are meant to be but just a different time. I love this story so much. I get so excited when there is a new post. Thank you for updating.

Neelixonee (Chapter 17) - Mon 22 Apr 2019

This chapter made me tear up.  So sad. 

Orotami (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

Simply beautiful and complex. So much angst and love for what is to come with a touch of the here and now. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more. 

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

another awesome update. Always worth the wait and leave me wanting more ! Such intense emotions and commitment to the unknown. Love it.

Mary Biehl (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

Ahhhh!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this chapter and now I’m dead! Oh I can‘t wait for more...this is one of my favorite storie.

Isha (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

I'm glad. I'm truly, truly glad that there isn't another mate hanging around. This chapter was amazing and totally worth the wait. Kagome and sesshomaru finally got to meet and they did have a sleepover!! Eagerly awaiting your next update!!!

Sesshomaru-inulove (Chapter 16) - Sat 06 Apr 2019
I hope you update soon i love this story soo much

Angela (Chapter 16) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

Ok, I need To know where I can send my therapy bills because I seriously need it now. What an awful place for me to catch up! But maybe we can work out a deal where you just put out some new chapters instead. An awesome bargain, right? ;) Of course it is! 

On a completely random note, I hope Sesshomaru takes her seriously and Holds a sleepover with her lol...seems like taking her words at face value is something he would actually do. 

I will do my best to wait patiently for more chapters. In the meantime I might go check out your other finished story. Because finished stories are safe, even if the plot has me a little wary. I can deal with creepy (I love s good ghost story) but mind-bending twisted reality where you can’t even figure out what is real and what isn’t creeps me out in a completely different way. My cousin tried to get me and his sister to watch Inception once. That went over about as well as you might expect from Disney addicts. We stared him down, then watched Wreck-it Ralph. Anyway, I guess we will see what kind of creepiness you have! 

Angela (Chapter 15) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

Omg I think I am going to be traumatized. I am going to need therapy by the time I finish the next chapter and realize I have no resolution to this story. Gah! What was I thinking? Your Halloween story suddenly seems like it might be a walk in the park in comparison lol...truly I think once this story is finished it could qualify as one of the great Sess/Kag epics That could draw in readers for years to come, so I hope you don’t give up on it! There aren’t enough stories that achieve this level of quality, drama, mystery, romance, and angst. I seriously wish there were more. I hope my leaving quite a few reviews not only inspires you to write more, but I hope the higher review count will draw more people to this story. It definitely deserves it.

Angela (Chapter 13) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

I really enjoyed that chapter, but I couldn’t forget your warning about the upcoming angst. Noooooo...

While I am thinking about it, I think your summary really doesn’t do the story justice. It does a good job of describing the first chapter, but there is nothing to hint at the wild ride that eventually follows. You should really add to it a bit to give a fuller picture of the plot.

and while you are at it, maybe post five or ten more chapters? Pretty please?

Angela (Chapter 12) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

Haha, ok, that ending was unexpected! And just after she had spent all that money on him and even got him into a pair of shoes.

And gee, thanks for the tease about Buyo lol...and of course I am wondering what was meant by “not himself.” I am running perilously low on chapters darn it.

Angela (Chapter 11) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

This story has more twists and turns than Jim Hinson’s labyrinth! I can hardly keep up. she goes back after only a week, stays a while, gets sucked back, and now Shippo Has shown up and I am suspicious of Buyo lol...

I loved the naked in the courtyard bit BTw. I just knew she should hav specified, walk slowly lol...

Angela (Chapter 8) - Thu 04 Apr 2019

Ok now I am really struggling to figure out where this is going. First I thought she would go through the well and not go back. Then it was suggested she could get the item from him in the future then go back, so I was like hey what a nifty solution! But somehow I also knew it probably wouldn’t be that easy. And then the well thing happened and then the mysterious gift from her grandfather and the 50 year thing...the mystery! It is obviously too soon for her to be back for their plan, so what in the world is going on? You have me intrigued. I am actually kinda glad I am home sick today, lol...

Angela (Chapter 6) - Wed 03 Apr 2019

Omg, I cannot decide if I like you a lot or don’t like you at all right now. My worst fears happened! Well, ok, not worst, since they have a solution, unsavory as It is. I do have to give you kudos for originality since that isn’t a scenario I recall ever seeing in another story So far. But beyond all the angst and melancholy, at least something good did happen!

Angela (Chapter 5) - Wed 03 Apr 2019

What? A hot spring scene where they behaved themselves? I am equally amused and crushed. I am enjoying that poor Seshoumaru was struggling to keep his hands to himself. Looks like he is in a hurry to clear any hurdles. I am curious to see exactly what this hurdle is. Hopefully I can make it there, although my pesky, hyperactive cat is doing his absolute best to distract me.

Angela (Chapter 4) - Wed 03 Apr 2019

Quite an eventful chapter! Angry Seshoumaru, meddling mommy, and the dreaded reference to time. While I love meddling mommies (especially when she is mischievous rather than malicious), I always get worried when the subject at the end of the chapter comes up. But of course he will make time itself yield! If he doesn’t, he just wouldn be Sesshoumaru. Right? Come on, agree with me! I have a vested interest in getting you to agree lol...

Angela (Chapter 3) - Wed 03 Apr 2019

I can’t believe she ran off! I assume she is going to face some sort of reckoning for that in the next chapter lol...and I cannot believe he stole her stamp! Too funny!

Angela (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Apr 2019

I loved all the symbolism in this chapter! I wasn’t expecting that when the face paint came out. But I have to admit while I loved the intense little moments between them, my favorite part was the end where Sesshomaru had a petty moment, flashing his stamp really fits with his character, because as stoic and serious as he is, he also has a petty, impulsive streak when it comes to JaKen and Inuyasha.

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