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DivaG (Chapter 48) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

It was nice that Sesshoumaru could come to terms about controlling his own fears regarding Kagome so fast, but not enough to save her from being taken by Naraku. But Naraku’s real plan is still a mistery. Through his web, it’s clear that he knows exactly what is happening inside Kagome and Sesshoumaru’s house in details, according to the conversation Kagome’s clone had with Sesshoumaru. thus, he knows that it is possible that Tenseiga can expel Midoriko’s soul from Kagome, and now the sword is missing. Could it be taken by Naraku’s web too? He purposely left Hitomiko’s forgiving nature out in the creation of the clone, which made it possible for Sesshoumaru to realize that it was not the real Kagome and even let him see that the real Kagome was still alive before taking her in order to give him hope to save her, knowing that he can trace the poison injected into Hakudoshi by his nova ants. I can not wait for the next chapter. This is really a great story. 

AthenianThief (Chapter 47) - Tue 24 Apr 2018

My heart is breaking. I just need another chapter to know they'll be okay! Poor Rin, how is she going to take Sesshomaru's news? And what about Kagome!! Ah!! How long till the next update? :D

DivaG (Chapter 47) - Tue 24 Apr 2018

So, turns out that Midoriko is the real evil in all of this. I can understand the Kagome's desperation to get rid of the soul hiding behind her light and having a simple solution for it, only for Sesshoumaru to show her that she could not rely on him, as Midoriko said it would Happen. His reaction to Kagome's story was disappointing, considering the fact that she never judged him for his deeds. He always said for her to trust her instincts, only to turn his back on her when she needed him most and asked him so little. He has serious problems with trustring others, but all her actions towards him should tell that he could at least give her the benefit of the doubt, but with his actions he only proved his weakness of character, and the fact that what really is important to him is only his own desires and false sense of security in thinking that abandonning Kagome he will be free of all this mess. He did not realize that Midoriko wants him in the jewel too. After all, he too had his part in it all by killing Midoriko all those years ago. I just hope that Kagome manages to get rid of her fears on her own, to prove that she really is strong enough to overcome all the trials thrown her way. Sesshoumaru was really a disappointment.

Crimson Rose (Chapter 47) - Tue 24 Apr 2018

A part of me is kinda disappointed in the way sesshomaru handled things. He was Able to explain his life and mess ups with Kagome without her judging him and listened with an open mind. the fact that he didn’t even draw his sword when she asked, and it was such a small thing to do for her, goes to show what he really feels. No ones Feelings will ever come before his. his tendency to protect himself only shows that his character growth isn’t enough. After this chapter and if they come out alive from this, I’d prefer if Kagome and Sess didn’t end up together. It’s an extremely unhealthy relationship. Both of them have deep rooted issues that they need to deal with on their own before getting together, IF they ever do. 

Blommie8 (Chapter 42) - Sun 22 Apr 2018
it's been long time....i can't read n review dokuga. finally the box open to me.... i still wonder why her name is kagome...

AthenianThief (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Apr 2018

This story is amazing, I’ve Been reading it slowly for weeks! I love your writing style, it’s mature and eloquent, something that sadly isn’t common. Update soon? :)

DivaG (Chapter 46) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

Happy to know that Sesshoumaru's mother is not their enemy. All this time she was only teaching him a lesson in humility for him to become a better person, and he recieved a powerful sword as a reward for finally achieve what was expected from him, with the addictional bonus of Midoriko's divine power to strengthen it. Midoriko was indeed trying to sabotage Kagome's light to get rid of Naraku and the jewel, maybe she really had ulterior motives to have never tried to kill either Naraku or Kaguya, always giving them esconde chances, although she had the power to end them at any time. Maybe she still wants to protect Naraku somehow, and Kagome really can not trust her. Kikyou discovered Naraku's secret and now he is aware that he is Kagome's father, but even so plans to kill her, believing that Midoriko is somehow influencing her soul. Really, Midoriko has done more evil than good with her so called selflessness. Great chapter.

DivaG (Chapter 45) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

Sesshoumaru seems to be enjoying himself a little too much with the idea of spending all his time protecting his frail and innocent wife from all the cruelties of the world. The notion seems to please his instincts to protect greatly and he may come to the conclusion that spending eternity with Kagome within the jewel may be tempting, meaning he will have her forever under his wings. This is worrying. I just hope he comes to love her enough to realize that if that happens he will be just another enemy for her to face in the jewel, because she will see it as betrayal, and she will never be able to forgive him for help trapping her in that place.  According to what happened in the fight and some of Kagome's memories she has inherited some strange abilities from the many demons that her father absorbed, and it seems that Kikyou is not too sure  that Kagome is one of Midoriko's incarnation. Good to know that Kirara stayed with them and the fight's scene was great. Very good chapter.

klee (Chapter 44) - Sun 15 Apr 2018

OMG! I absolutely did not see that coming! Naraku is her daddy! I had to read it twice and remember to close my mouth from the shock! lol! I absolutely love this story. all the plot twists and turns make me giddy and impatient for the next chapter. Excellent writing!!!!!

Shizuka Asano (Chapter 44) - Sun 15 Apr 2018

HOLY ASDFGHJKL!!!! Omfg!!! Just when I thought things were leveling out.

This is so wonderfully written. I'm glad to have been able to read the original but your rewrite is simply to die for. I'll be eagerly awaiting the finale! <3

DivaG (Chapter 44) - Sat 14 Apr 2018

Great chapter. Once Kagome began to read that book for the children, I suspected that it somehow was telling her own story and that her real parents were not who she believes al all, and I was sure that her real father was Naraku. So this is why he ordered Biakuya to take his own memories, but the smart boy has found a way to reveal the truth in the future for Kagome and I think for Naraku too, by the deal Naraku has made with Kikyou. Glad that Sesshoumaru managed to get Kagome to give up her suicide and that Biakuya intends to protect his little sister too, by helping Kagome to destroy the jewel. I am anxious for the next update. 

DivaG (Chapter 43) - Wed 11 Apr 2018

It is interesting to see how Biakuya is getting attached to Inukimi. He really admires her and values her gifting him the meido stone, intending to not abuse it out of respect for her. Now Kagome knows what Kaguya's intentions were even before she was born, and It has everything with the name she was given, it was decided  long time ago. Now she only needs to believe that she is the main person that can prevent the jewel to acommplish its desires. 

Blommie8 (Chapter 40) - Sun 08 Apr 2018

DivaG (Chapter 42) - Sat 07 Apr 2018

Well, I think that Kagome's light do not have anything to do with her desire to be submissive, more to do with things that she knows or think are selfish, and affect another person' life. Sesshoumaru has to learn to be more careful when dealing with Kagome's fears, he needs to remember that she grew in a cult and had to deal with situations that he do not even had known existed. So now the mistery of Kikyou's pregnancy is revealed, she gave birth to the darkness of Kaguya's soul. Creep. Let's see how all of this will unfold. Great, as always.

DivaG (Chapter 41) - Fri 06 Apr 2018

Now that Kagome has learned to deal with her fears, her light came back, and once she decided to stay with her husband no matter what, she came to understand that he wants children with her to have his own good memories from the time they shared together in the future, and that Rin is OK with that. Sesshoumaru has also to face his own fears accepting Rin, because he has learned that she is more like Kaguya than he thought, and he needs to trust that she will not behave like her biological mother trying to control him, showing that he is weak. As for Naraku, it seems that he is unsure of the motivation of his revenge, despite still intending to go after Kagome, after he was told that Midoriko did not betrayed him, and he already knows that his heart is what keeps him somewhat safe from the jewel’s influence. Great chapter.

DivaG (Chapter 40) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

It makes sense why Kagome has temporarily lost her power. It really was selfish of her to let herself be completely dominated by Sesshoumaru, what is what she always wished, risking to get pregnant by him, which also is one of her secret desires, to after blame only him for the result of their mating, claiming that he did not warned that this could happen. It is a way to get what she wants and at the same time blame another for it. Kagome is learning how Sesshoumaru works, but the same happens both sides, because he accurately is learning her way of thinking too. The same way he has learnt to face and control his fears, she has to keep an open mind and face her own fears without wanting to fun away from the aftermath. She needs to get out of her comfort zone to really grow up. Great chapter.

Dedge (Chapter 39) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

Just started reading, its a great fic but not sure for me. Maybe because she is a virgin and he is coercing her into things and does not really care of her feelings about sex. Especially the fact that it is all on her on pregnancy which i agree she needs to be aware but just the way he calls it out. Shoot i be concern to have kids if the wife was being targeted..... but just my opinion, great fic though goodluck!

Cherry (Chapter 2) - Sat 31 Mar 2018

Oh boy! I really love InuKimi! She is a hoot! Especially with the Twitter account! You're going on my favorite authors list! Now onto the next chapter.....

DivaG (Chapter 39) - Sat 31 Mar 2018

So, in trying to make a jewel to get stronger Kaguya ended up creating a new evil with its own mind and desires for power, that is consumming her to create itself. Interesting. Naraku is still keeping his plans, because, as Kikyou predicted, he does not want to accept that all this time his hate was directed to the wrong person, and he only lost his time in doing so. As for Kikyou, she deserved to loose her light for her selfshness, and now she will have to live with her guilty, and for nothing, because Kaguya already was somewhat dead. I do not know what is happening to Kagome’s light but it would be great if Midoriko’s light that has left Kikyou joyned to hers becaming one much more complete. And now enters Shippo and Kirara too. Great chapter.

DivaG (Chapter 38) - Fri 30 Mar 2018

It seems that the episode at the zoo was useful to both Kagome and Sesshoumaru. He now has a better understanding of Kagome and at the same time can see that the way he is treating her is not good, because he is trying to transfer to her what Kaguya did to him, in order to feel that now he is in control. This time he is trying a more healthy approach to initiate her and at the same time show her that she did not think things the way she should, to not be pregnant. Sesshoumaru want pups, but the time is not right with all the dangers they are in, but he is trying to take care of her anyway. Good chapter.

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