*Rukiafighter* (Chapter 9) - Sun 03 Jun 2018

You repeated kagura in Welcome to Tashio Inc. in this chapter.By the way like your story so far

princess of the western lands (Chapter 8) - Thu 22 Mar 2018

Great chapter. How is she going to be able to keep shipppou if his scent upsets sesshomaru? Will he calm down after Kagome claims shipppou as her pup? What happened to his family and how did he find Kagome? 


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

SammyJams (Chapter 8) - Thu 22 Mar 2018

Excited Ship showed up!

witchy_woman (Chapter 8) - Thu 22 Mar 2018

Just a quick question as to why since this is set in modern era, she didnt call CPS when she found Shippo?

Sessygurl (Chapter 7) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

Get her Sesshou!!!!! He is gonna be pissed when he finds out that he reminds her of Inuyasha. Thanks for the updates.

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 5) - Sun 11 Feb 2018

I'm liking this story. But I was wanting to know if there will be a explanation to what happened between the two other then the inuyasha cheating?

KyraTekak (Chapter 5) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

Good story 6

Sessygurl (Chapter 4) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Hold up! How did Sesshoumaru manage to mark her as his mate? 

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 3) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Can’t wait for more! 

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Feb 2018

Loved the first chap looking forward to seeing more

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Feb 2018

Smells like a great story is cooking!

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