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Lammy (Chapter 30) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

I'm trying figure how this story ends. I don't think it will be a happy ending for Kagome.  

The-infamous-one (Chapter 30) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Oooh my.  That was a darker turn then I was expecting.  But like always, I'm hooked.  I wonder how kagomes going to handle being pregnant  with sesshoumaru  showing his darker nature. 


Best regards, TiO

Neelixonee (Chapter 30) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Well the only reason I can think of someone pushing food on someone else for their good, after a chapter of Sesshoumaru scenting her Ovulation....??

Anonymous (Chapter 30) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Don't tell me the head priest is Naraku reincarnated and Sessh is about to take his ass out for a promotion. Also, terrorism and pears!!!! I don't know what to make of Sesshomaru right now!

KShadeslady (Chapter 27) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

That lady chapter was pretty dark. I hope they don't all go there. This was fun. I'm surprised that Hana didn't hit on him. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 26) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

That was some WOW! chapter! Well he is a demon but I was surprised that he went after Ichiro so hard. It's not like the poor guy really understands. I wonder if Kagome will explain it to him. 

Tee (Chapter 29) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

I should have seen that coming! Wow. Seriously I am loving your story. I think it's great that it took a dark turn. I love being suprised!  I can't wait to see what happens next. Although it seems like Kagome won't get a happy ending at this point which makes me kinda sad. Still, everything is very intriguing. Keep up the amazing work :)

KShadeslady (Chapter 25) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

Yikes! A mad Sesshomaru is a force to be reckoned with. Does he know who Ichiro is or was. Nice chapter! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 24) - Fri 11 Oct 2019

Oh my goodness! That was beautiful! I hate to say it but I really wanted Sessh to put a little bit of intimidation on Hana. What a cow! What a sweet night they had. Perfect song BTW. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 29) - Sun 06 Oct 2019

I knew he was about to get it. Putting his sweaty ass palm on that freshly shined table. Lucky Sesshomaru ain’t snap his neck right there lol No but on a serious note, it’s fascinating how i’m seeing certain pieces fall together and even though Sesshomaru seems to be outwardly more playful and open, inwardly he’s quiet and calculating. There’s also an obsessive/possessive quality he has towards Kagome and I don’t know if that’s because of the binding or was developing before hand in the past.

Neelixonee (Chapter 29) - Sun 06 Oct 2019

Oh damn, fam!  Sesshoumaru is wreaking out that evil mojo that haunting tales are made of!




KShadeslady (Chapter 23) - Mon 23 Sep 2019

Sad chapter but nicely done. Cheers!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 26) - Thu 19 Sep 2019

Whoa, I thought for a second there was about to be some murder. But honestly I feel so bad for Kagome. I couldn’t imagine the identity crisis that Kikyou invokes in her. Geesh. Oh and that lil sex scene at the end, okayyyyy now!

KShadeslady (Chapter 22) - Tue 17 Sep 2019

Such a beautifully written chapter. Thank you. RL is never what we expected. 

Lular (Chapter 25) - Mon 16 Sep 2019

Ahhhhhh! This is getting so good! I knew you would put some weird fucked up shit in here! I love ittttt

KShadeslady (Chapter 21) - Sat 14 Sep 2019

That tiny apartment was interesting but the toilet in the kitchen...ugh. That’s not right. When I lived in Seoul, a friend had a tiny place but the shower and the toilet were together with a drain on the floor. Tight but tidy. Very nice update. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 20) - Sat 14 Sep 2019 much as I dislike Hana, I’m afraid I agree with her on the eating habits. Um...ladies...stuffing good in your mouth is gross...what are you 2? Sorry it’s a pet peeve with me, nothing more disgusting than poor table manners. Hmmm..that Hana...she is trouble. I love schwarmas, they are yummy. Middle eastern fajitas. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 25) - Sat 14 Sep 2019

A mannequin of Kikyou! Kagome just can’t get away lol But to hear it call her name...I’m just so curious where all of this is heading.

KShadeslady (Chapter 19) - Fri 13 Sep 2019

Congrats on your wedding! 

I tend to like bittersweet stories. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. A little mix of both is lovely. This was nice, his memories of Rin intertwined with a nice day with Kagome. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 18) - Fri 13 Sep 2019

Great chapter! Geez that girl is scatterbrained! Finally! A bit of self introspection. Oh she named that cat Shippo! Cute! 

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