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Cheyanna (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Feb 2018

I can’t wait to read more!!!!;) Thanks for the update!!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Feb 2018

Nice reworking of the background story.   Thanks for updating. 

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Feb 2018

I'm loving how open Sessh is with Kags. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows stronger. Keep up the great work.

Anna Grey (Chapter 6) - Sun 18 Feb 2018

I'm screaming right now!!! Sooo cuteeee!!!!!!

you did a verry good job, thank you <3 and you deserve more reviews and reads. Love you:)))

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Fri 16 Feb 2018

That was lovely fun. Thank you so much for updating. Almost got busted. 

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Feb 2018

Omg....the fluff!!! ????

Great job Author, keep up the great work!

zodiak023 (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Feb 2018

oh wow I love this this is so original squeal pls u have got to update this like right now wow really good with the teasing stuff and sesshomaru is very hot ....

Cheyanna (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the update and I can’t wait to read more!!!!;) 

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Sun 11 Feb 2018

Wonderful update! Thanks so much! I’m enjoying this reverse Little Mermaid. He is still Sessh?maru in all his haughty glory! 

Anna Grey (Chapter 5) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

This is so overly cute!! I love it so much <3 Can't wait till your next updates!!!

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 5) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

Adorable story! I like it a lot !

Cheyanna (Chapter 5) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

Can't wait to read more!!!! Thanks for the update! :)  I wonder how they'll  get passed the other girls;)

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

That was wonderful. I'm looking forward to more of this story. Thanks for the update.

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

I like this interesting change of position. Seesh is not the favorite son. 

Cheyanna (Chapter 4) - Mon 22 Jan 2018

I can’t wait to read more!!!! So awesome! The baby ray was adorable. Lol Sesshomaru decided the sandy bed was no good that’s why he’s in her bed now. :) 

The-infamous-one (Chapter 3) - Wed 17 Jan 2018

Love this story so far. Its an intresting take. Cant wait to read more

Cheyanna (Chapter 3) - Tue 16 Jan 2018

Thanks for updating. Can’t wait to read more!!! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 2) - Tue 09 Jan 2018

I can‘t WAIT till you update again!!!!! I love this story already!!!

Kanda (Chapter 1) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

ooh, i can tell this story is awesome already! i loved yer other story Hear Me Roar, so i know that i’ll love this one as well. you have an eloquent way with words. i can’t wait to see where this story will go.

Cheyanna (Chapter 1) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

I'm excited to read more!!! I already love this story!!!!

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