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longing... (Chapter 4) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

for an update!! ganbarre!!

T__T (Chapter 4) - Fri 22 Jun 2018

anxiously awaiting your next update!!

8( (Chapter 4) - Wed 11 Apr 2018

*paws* when will update OTL

Karichan (Chapter 4) - Tue 06 Feb 2018

Aww this is such a beautifully written story, i shall await more madam!

Just tears (Chapter 4) - Fri 02 Feb 2018

tears every where omg just such emotional writting!! Also thank you for giving Shippo the artist trait, in all my years i cant really recall any one using that/incorporating it so well into his character, thank you for making such an emotional scene!  Waiting for the next chapter!

saffi (Chapter 4) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

ASHDFHASD. i cried. the flashback tho. <3

halfpastfive (Chapter 4) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

omg I haven't been on for ages and now you're back with a new fic ;_; looooove this. also enjoying that these chapters are longer than your other stories lol. Hiro is <33

Mia (Chapter 4) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

This story is kicking butt so far. I'm excited for more!!

Skylar (Chapter 4) - Wed 31 Jan 2018


Aki (Chapter 3) - Sat 27 Jan 2018

So good!! I'm hooked on this story like you have no idea. The way you write and the characters you've created give me moments where I'm grinning like a dork or so invested that I'm at the edge of my seat. I'm in so much pain thinking about how long till the next update, but it's so worth it. I kinda wished I didn't stumble upon this simply for the fact that I just wanna binge read it when it's completed. Seriously. Amazing job and I can't wait for more!!

Ao (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

oh my god i have waited so long for something to rival my fave authors, rosieb and forthnight bless, i hope to see regular updates for this story i'm hooked!

snow (Chapter 3) - Tue 16 Jan 2018

you have made me cry with this story T_T.. so far its really interesting but the last chapter so far is sad he was like a son to her and hes all grown up that must be painful :( good story though i cant wait to read the rest of it.

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 3) - Tue 16 Jan 2018


a/k bajgh


I need moar chapters! 


Holy crap I LOVE this story already!!! Amazing job!!!! I LOVE the changes to Sesshy, too. 

Lucy Morningstar (Chapter 3) - Tue 16 Jan 2018

I rarely review stories, but I'm here and helllll damnnnnn I just got hooked from your first sentence! Wow! I'm just absolutely enthralled by your story--fantastic story-telling, interesting characters (I'm loving Hiro already XD) and an intriguing, almost suspenseful plot so far. Those heart-wrenching memories with Inuyasha though. And whuttt she's reunited with Shippo who's all grown up and smexy, I hope. I can't wait for the action to start between Sessh and Kagome. Hahaha waiting patiently for the next chapter! 

Cheyanna (Chapter 3) - Tue 16 Jan 2018

Thanks for the update!!! Can’t wait to read more!!!!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

This was a good chapter.  It's starting to get very interesting and intriguing.

Could that person with the long sword be Inuyasha?  Is it possible that maybe one of the children may be related to him, if that is him?

Getting excited to read the next posting...please update soon.

Excellent writing!!!


Inudemoness (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

Ohhh the suspense!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

SammyJams (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

So into this story! I absolutely love it!

Cheyanna (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

I’m so excited to read more!!!! Also you misspelled a word, you were saying the boy was emaciated but instead the word spelled was emancipated. Other than that I enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to read more!!!!

nicole (Chapter 2) - Wed 03 Jan 2018

This is vetting very interesting 

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